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why do some dog residues sell at different prices at the tem shop?

(undertale spoilers)

While it may seem like Dog Residue is Dog Residue no matter how one looks at it, this isn’t the case in the code. In terms of game mechanics, Dog Residue is handled as six separate items, each with not only their own separate flavor text, but also separate sell value.

This means that whenever the game fills out your inventory upon using Dog Residue, it actually picks from a pool of seven items (Dog Salad and the six types of Residue), rather than just two. This is why not all Dog Residue are sold at the same price.

Note: The Dog Residues are in the same order as in the previous screenshot.

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Conting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle / The Bitter End - Placebo / Blood - In This Moment / War Pigs - Black Sabbath / This Is The New Shit - Marilyn Manson / Kids With Guns - Gorillaz / Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore / Happy Together - Filter / Zerstören - Rammstein / Beast Within - In This Moment / In The Room Where You Sleep - Dead Man’s Bones / The Nobodies - Marilyn Manson

The Children of War 〉Chapter 1

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(Inspired by the Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun).

🎶  CHEN(첸)XPunch(펀치) _ Everytime l 태양의 후예

“Doctor, am I going to die? Mom and dad won’t tell me anything. I’m scared.”
As my team prepped her for surgery, I gave the little girl my most brilliant smile.
“Do you know who I am, SooJung?”
“You’re Doctor Lu?…”
“That’s right. I’m Lu. I’m 25. The youngest surgeon to ever graduate from Seoul National Institute. I’ve cut open more patients than the oranges you opened in your entire life, and every single one of them survived. I made so many miracles, people calls me Jesus Christ!”.
“Tsh, she’s lying”.
Hanna, a 29 year old anaesthesiologist and also my best friend, said with a smile. “Well, just about the Jesus Christ part. Everything else is absolutely true. These surgeries have a 100% survival rate”.
I smiled, holding SooJung’s little hand.
“You hear that? As long as you are under my knife, you will definitely not die!”
Her eyes sparkled. For the first time in that day they didn’t show fear.
“Wow, you’re so cool! I want to be just like you when I grow up!”
“Well, why not?” I smiled, presenting the most confidence face I could.
In the operation room, there is no room for errors, no room for doubt. We are gods that try to make miracles happen, but we know within every God of live, there’s a God of death. Even if I’m the fastest and most skilled surgeon in the world, as long as I keep practicing, chances are quite big that one day, someone will die in my hands.
SooJung yawned slightly, her eyes closing. Hanna looked up at me and nodded.
That’s right. One day someone will die in my hands.
But today is not that day.

Something warm and dry brushed my cheek and I stirred. There was a hiss and the sounds of footsteps scurrying closer to me.
I heard someone speaking something, but I didn’t recognize who it was.
“Did she just collapsed here?”
Now, this voice. It was a tone that I could recognize anywhere.
“Taehyung?” I blinked but my eyes felt so heavy. I couldn’t even recognize the faces before me.
Shifting, I tried to lift myself up but my entire body gave out on the exact same spot. My cheek hit the floor with a little thud.
Oh right. I fell asleep on the floor didn’t I?
Together with my team, the surgery was a success.
It had taken 8 hours of nonstop work. As soon as I left the operation room, I fell asleep on the corridor.
“Good job Taehyung. You woke her up. It’s not like she needs to rest or anything.”
I could practically hear Hanna rolling her eyes.
Before my brain could cooperate with my eyes, I felt my whole body being lifted up.
Strong arms held me tight against a equal strong chest. It was so comforting and warm.
“Just go back to sleep, Lu”.
Kim Taehyung, my boyfriend, also a surgeon, 25 years old, an incredibly kind, gentle and empathetic person.
As Taehyung whispered against my ear, I could feel his chest rumble. It seemed like he was a giant cat.
I sighed, nuzzling my face into his shirt. It smelled like our bed at home.

Falling asleep at the hospital is not uncommon. I’m the best example of that.
I woke up a few hours later, in my small room at the hospital, shared by me and other two doctors.
I was alone. I groaned and turned over, my face rubbing against the soft sheets. So smooth.
“Hum? Ricky?” I grabbed the small teddy bear in my hands and smiled. “How did you end up here Buddy? I thought I left you at home.”
Ricky is my teddy bear. I have it since I was like one year old.
Finally, I noticed something on the table next to my bed.
A note?
I grabbed the piece of paper and rubbed my eyes before reading it. I could feel my face relaxing into a warm smile.
Taehyung never failed to cheer me up.
“Hey Lu. If you’re reading this, it means I’m still in the operation room doing the bypass. Ricky was so alone in our bed this morning, I had to bring him along. If you get home before I do, there’s chicken nuggets and rice in the fridge. It’s already in a container so you can just put it in the microwave. I love you, see you soon”.
Instead of a signature, there was a chocolate placed on the side of the note. I smiled and touched my own cheeks. They were hot, I was blushing.
It took all of my power not giggle and jump like a little school girl.
Is this guy even real?

I ended up calling my best friend, rambling at her like always.
“Who the heck does that? Seriously. I am in cloud nine.”
“Just Mr.Perfect Doctor Dreamy Kim Taehyung”. Hanna said, laughing at the other side of the line.
“He carried me to bed! And didn’t forget to bring Ricky and the bed smells like him, and he also left me a chocolateeee”.
Hanna made a “ew” sound and I rolled my eyes.
“I’m getting diabetes just listening this.”
“Don’t be such an ass just because you are single hum?”
We continued to talk and laugh while I walked towards the terrace on the last floor. It was a beautiful night.
“It’s not fair Hanna. I feel like I don’t deserve him? He is like perfect, everything he does. What can I do to top this?! Our future kids are totally going to love him more than me.” I faked a crying sound, mouth full of chocolate.

Suddenly, and I swear to God I don’t know what happened, I heard a loud thump and a hiss, and a crying sound too…`
It was one of those horror movie moments where everything seems to move in slow motion.
“Who are you? Last time I checked this is the last floor. How did you get up here?” I asked horrified.
There was a young man, with military clothes, with  slight tanned skin that glowed in the night.
Shadows pooled under his naked collarbones, the muscles rippling under his bruised skin.
BRUISED. Why does he seem like he just arrived from war?
“I’m an angel. I flew”.
I blinked a couple of times, looking at him.
His blood was dripping, yet he was smiling like nothing was wrong. Should I help him? But like, maybe he is some hallucination. I’m too tired lately, maybe it’s exactly what he is.
“I heard your sweet voice and before I knew it, I was here. You’d be amazed at how efficient jetpacks powered by attraction are.” He winked at me, which resulted at me giving a step back in response.
“You’re bleeding..”
He looked down at the blood on his clothes and then back at me and shrugged. Like what? Doesn’t he feel any pain at all?
Before I could say something, a crying sound arrived to my ears.
“That's… That’s a baby on your back?”
I stared at him in disbelief. He started unrapping the bandages that were tying the baby to him, using only one hand. I saw the other one was bruised, injured.
“Oh my God, what is going on?” I asked desperate, as I helped him dealing with the baby, instinctively checking her over to see if she had injuries.
“Come with me”. I said in a hurry, pulling him by his wrist.

We immediately arrived at my small bedroom on the fourth floor and I laid her on the bed, heaving a sigh of relief.
“Is she alright doctor?”
“She seems unhurt.”
He gave me the exact same smile again. “I’m glad”.
He was pretty weird. It was like he was bulletproof.
“She needs a closer examination, but you…”
Before I could finish my sentence, he lost his balance. Instinctively, I took a step forward my arms getting ready to support him. He held my gaze for a brief moment before collapsing on me.
I stumbled backwards, taking his entire weight with my small body.
I knew I should’ve take him to the operation room.
His rapid breathing felt hot on my cheek. The tips of his dark hair tickled my skin.
I could feel his blood seeping down through my white gown.
“It's…cold..” His soft, trembling lips brushed against my ear. At that moment, all the events caught up to my brain.
He was going into shock. If I didn’t do anything…this boy was going to break, for sure.
A scream ripped out of my throat.

I could see what was going to happen next. Images playing in my mind. My team would be alerted. Nurses would take the baby. We would rush him to the operation room, stop the bleeding and replace his blood supplies, talk to him later to see what was wrong, and fix that too…
Care for him until he wakes up, then tell him how cheesy his pickup lines were, and teach him some better ones.
One day, someone would die in my hands.

Today would not be that day.

some thoughts on horror movies in 2016

The best 10 horror films of 2016:

6. The Invitation - This one had the plot of a thriller with the atmosphere of a horror movie. It’s not traditional horror movie but it feels like a paranoid fever dream all the way through.

5 Ouija: Origin of Evil - I was going to skip watching this one until I found out that it’s the same person who directed Oculus. I gave it a try and it surprised me. It had a couple of really great Horror Movie Moments that make it work really well.

4. Southbound**** - Southbound is not the best movie on this list but it was by far my favorite movie of 2016. It’s an anthology horror film with segments that are connected with each other. The Accident Scene alone would make the movie–it’s got just the perfect amount of genuine creepiness and gore.

3. The Autopsy of Jane Doe - I don’t know exactly what to call this one but it’s so much fun. It’s set in a private morgue that feels like it’s built like a maze and takes place over the course of one night. It’s both scary and clever.

2. They Look Like People - If it hadn’t been the year of The Witch, this movie would have gotten the top spot. I loved everything about it; the characters are relatable and easy to fall in love with. At the same time, it’s actually really scary, and the ending turned the story into a wonderful piece of art. 

1. The Witch - This one is one of the top 3 best movies of the decade so far, hands down. So well-researched and atmospheric, it really sets itself up for the hard-hitting ending, one that has stuck with me since I saw it. 

Movies I didn’t understand but ok:

February - I think there was some sort of time loop happening or something idk?

Baskin*** - Literally my least favorite movie of the year. What the fuck

This is the shit I don’t like:

Blair Witch - I cannot tell you how excited I was for this movie. The original Blair Witch Project is still one of my favorite found-footage films. But this one just didn’t make any sense?

Don’t Breathe - This movie was just bad. 

Lights Out - Just watch the short film.

I don’t know where to put these movies: 

The Shallows - Blake Lively and a shark, bitchin. It’s cool if you like sharks. 

10 Cloverfield Lane - I liked it but I wasn’t wowed. It didn’t stick with me at all except I worship at the altar of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

(Before we get into the review proper, my big thanks to @gretchensinister for funding my ticket to see this movie. She wanted me to suffer and she got exactly what she wanted.)

So. For the first children’s movie I have reviewed in over two years, Boss Baby was one hell of a way to get back into it. Wow. The concept of the movie is, initially, bizarre and actually watching it in action was more so. Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a comedy, Dreamworks really knew how to frame things to make it like a horror movie. A common problem/theme I have with children’s movies are their breakneck narrative pace and Boss Baby feels like the fastest one I have seen in recent memory. However, due to their fun animation style it was actually an enjoyable watch despite feeling incredibly rushed. I’ll get more into that later however. 

So, plot summary of Boss Baby: Tim Templeton, 7 and a half years old, has the perfect parents and the perfect life.  They dote on him, support him, and they give everything his little child heart could desire. It’s great! Until Alec Baldwin as the titular baby arrives. Then everything turns into Parental Neglect: The Movie! For a good 20 or so minutes. Along with a delightful dose of baby gaslighting. (Yes, you heard me right, baby gaslighting. There’s a good portion of this movie where both the parents and the Boss Baby blatantly deny happenings around them in order to make Tim stop questioning what is going on.) Despite it all Tim manages to put together that this baby (which arrived in a suit, in a taxi, in the middle of the day) is not your regular baby. 

After some various sleuthing Tim comes upon Boss Baby in the middle of a late night talking into one of those little play phones for a corporate meeting. Tim is caught in his spying and that’s when he and the audience get the reason as to why this well-dressed infant has come to upset Tim’s life.

The Boss Baby was sent by a company called Baby Corp, the company he was hired for before birth to figure out why the love for babies is decreasing in the world. As it turns out, you can blame dogs (specifically puppies) because apparently love is finite and can be put into corporate pie graphs. So the reason Boss Baby blatantly invades Tim’s life is because Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co, a company that makes new puppies. Yes, makes. Like they genetically engineer new dogs. They never say the word puppy mill, but the fact that there is an entire company devoted to making the “perfect puppy” is a… very unfortunate implication. 

Moving forward, this makes puppies and how cute they are a direct competition to babies and how cute they are and how much love they get. So Boss Baby has been sent to glean any and all information out of Tim’s parents in a strange bout of nursery corporate espionage to uncover the latest creation of Puppy Co., which is promised to be the perfect puppy that everyone will love.

As you can probably guess, Tim reacts to this entire thing very poorly. He tries to out this encroachment on his previously idyllic life and It goes about as well as you can imagine, with babies being thrown into car explosions, through a bedroom window, and high speed chases through backyards while the adults mysteriously don’t see a thing. Tim ends up grounded because he tried to slingshot his “baby brother” out a window and of course that’s the only thing the adults manage to catch. So he ends up grounded and in his room as punishment for child endangerment. 

After a period of time, the Boss Baby himself comes to Tim in his “lock up” (as they refer to it in the movie) and tells him about how if he doesn’t get this info on puppies, he’ll be fired from Baby Corp and become a legitimate part of Tim’s family, something they both agree they don’t want. So they decide to team up to try and stop Puppy Co. from releasing the cutest puppy in the world. 

Boss Baby was a fast-paced spectacle of honestly really fun animation but I wasn’t lying about my earlier comment about some shots being like a horror movie. In some scenes it felt like certain camera choices and styles were direct call backs to famous horror films. (I would go back and try to specify which ones other than the one reference I noticed, but since I am not much of a horror enthusiast, that would require more research than I am particularly willing to put in at this time.) One scene in particular when a group of babies are sent from Baby Corp to have an in person meeting with the Boss Baby seems to emulate tropes from Paranormal Activity, with its infrared glowing eyes and jerky crawling across the ground.

Now the concept of a Boss Baby was already bizarre in the beginning, but to add the entire body of office humor to an infant really puts this entire concoction of odd decisions to the test. This movie was almost uncomfortable with how much it played around with your perception of a baby and boss and the concepts therein. At one point there was a joke made that you can absolutely read as discussing the sexuality and sex life of a /baby/ but for the sake of my sanity and your sanity, dear reader, I will not dive into it more than that. 

The overall plot was pretty predictable, I saw the ending coming a mile away and the big twist was a surprise only because the spectacle of the rest of the movie distracts you from thinking about the plot too much until the plot is thrown in your face. I would applaud it for its successful misdirection but there is a difference between skilled writing gently turning your head away from a twist without you knowing and writing that distracts you by blowing an air horn in your ears and a flashlight in your eyes until its time to see the twist.  

Now a sad usual is that it hit the casual transphobia that a lot of children’s films implement of a big burly guy in a dress, though I would be bereft to not mention that the transphobia plaguing most children’s movies is specifically transmisogny, since it frequently mocks a masculine looking person in traditionally feminine clothing. While we’re on the subject of questionable set ups, Boss Baby also hits an uncomfortable racial dynamic of having three black babies be the “yes men” to the white boss baby while the one baby girl (who is Asian) is a bit demure and also subservient to Boss Baby. Then there’s the vaguely ableist other “minion baby” who blindly followed anything the Boss Baby had to say and played quite easily into the “lovable simpleton” trope. The problems listed here are not terribly overt at least so that’s something the movie has going for it. 

To sum up, the animation for Boss Baby was actually a lot of fun and easily captured the childhood whimsy of daydreams. They were very bright, very vibrant, and not afraid to go for it, a quality that I always appreciate. The imagination sequences with Tim and Boss Baby were some of the best in the film, other than the horror movie moments which get an honorable mention all their own. 

Of course they had to have the fart jokes, as every kids movie does, but the slapping theme associated with Boss Baby was disconcerting to add to that.  The impression of low level sexualization I got while watching this movie has me questioning whether I read too much into things, if they actually put that in there or whether it was an unfortunate accident born from transferring an adult role and the jokes that go with it onto an infant character. As a side note, if I ever see a baby in socks  and garters straightening an undone tie again as he waves around pie charts, I will rip out my own eyes. 

Speaking of unfortunate accidents, there are also so many ethical and moral problems with what went on in this plot. Why are babies judged for management jobs before they are born? Why is it based on tickling a baby? Why is it if a baby doesn’t laugh when tickled they don’t get a family? Why is love able to be measured in a way that implies excess and scarcity in a business model? What do these babies DO with all of this love? WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM IF NOT SEX? There are so many more questions to be had with this movie, and I haven’t even mentioned the part where the baby tries to drown a man. 

All in all, Boss Baby is a wild ride that barely gives itself enough time to have it’s completely expected formula of plot to develop. Though I assure you that when the added details of the world around it are put in, it does well to make the formula palatable. 

I’d give Boss Baby 3 out of 5 stars, with a special nod to its animation. It uh. It sure showed me who was boss.

(I hate myself so much right now)

Deciphering Mycroft at the Movies

We already have the recurring imagery of projectors to hint at the theme of ‘doctored’ footage.  (See Remind you of anything? A facade? (Please let the projector light be our smoking gun)

And now, right after the opening credits of The Final Problem, we see Mycroft watching a film noir. Well, alright, he has to have some hobbies. Except, it’s not just a film noir, it’s a film noir that’s COMPLETELY MADE UP BY MARK AND STEVEN:

This is a massive Red Flag, meta within meta. To me, this scene is Mark as a writer watching a ‘film’ of his own creation play out…

^To begin with, he’s in his element, really enjoying the film. And what’s it about? Well, there’s two people, and they’re talking by using criminal language like “arresting” and “pressing charges”, but it’s clear it’s still a romance. #TRMOJAS <3 

There’s an even a nice dig with Mycroft/Mark mouthing along to the line of Adam and Eve, the representation of the “”sacred union”” of “”man and wife”” being “the beginning of all human misery.”

So, our film continues, and it’s obvious that the couple are looking forward to “searching each other thoroughly.” They’re just about to get the hell on with it, when the tape is replaced by the Holmes’ childhood/creepy I’M BACK video.

Guess who doesn’t look happy about that:

The entire tape burns, we don’t get to see the ending of the film:

It’s a Nightmare!

So opens Mycroft’s ‘Horror Movie’ moment. Except, the real horror movie is already happening: the love story of both the film noir and John and Sherlock has been interrupted. See @thegamesafucky‘s post on The Final Problem as one big interruption.

Viewing Mark as Mycroft here, I wonder if this could also be his horror at The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes losing its most key, revealing romantic scenes? 

The audience is not meant to like it at all. Even those who weren’t aware they were watching a love story are aware that’s something’s up, something’s crashed and burned. Give us back the real tape, the real show! they’ll demand, and then soon they’ll release that the ‘real tape’ was a romance all along. 

The movie will continue on and get its happy ending. We just need our ‘lights up’ moment, where the truth is revealed:

Brundle’s Top 10 Horror Movies (at the moment)

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