horror movie!

Pardon me, Losers

As much as the new film crushed my expectations and established a demonic, eldritch monster/gorgeous clown as the love of my life, there was one teeny tiny bit that left me wanting.  It was the lack of mention of Pennywises’s human name: Robert Gray, or Bob Gray for short.  I sucked it up as unnecessary for the first film, leaving me hopeful for a mention of it in Chapter 2.

That brings me to this afternoon, when I was watching a pirated version of the film (BITE ME), when lo and behold, at precisely the 1:41:15 marker this quick image flashed through the screen as a transition frame:

It’s the bottle that Richie picks up at Neibolt as they prepare to go in for the second time.  We all know what happens: He picks it up and smashes it, hoping to use it as a weapon, and ends up shattering it to smithereens.  I took a screenshot, cropped it, flipped it and zoomed in:

THERE IT IS!!!  The bottle says BOB GRAY’S something something, but that is a beer bottle . Not only was Bob Gray mentioned in the movie, but get this…


English actor Boris Karloff was born 130 years ago today, 23 November 1887, in London. Best known for his roles in horror movies, and in particular as Frankenstein’s monster in three 1930s Frankenstein films, he starred in more than 160 film productions in both Hollywood and his native England. After a career spanning sixty years, Karloff died in Sussex, England on 2 February 1969, at the age of 81.