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Jack & Sally as Gomez and Morticia Addams by picasso dular

*i cleaned up the original

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Vivan los mashups (? No se esta fusión me recordaba demasiado a esta pareja (? El AfterDeath y sus malos ratos (? Y el tsundere de Geno venga a darle y Reaper moriendose (? BADUM TSS (?

Bonus completamente random (?:

Dancetale!Sans y su 24 k magic (?

Transylvania (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Title: Transylvania

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 2076

Summary: Alex loses a bet, and the punishment isn’t really a punishment once it’s all said and done. (Also, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!!!)

Request: #3 I may be an idiot but im not stupid with Alex please?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Rocky Horror!!! Nothing else can be said at this point except if you don’t know what Dr. Frank-N-Furter looks like, LOOK HIM UP BECAUSE THAT ADDS THE BEAUTY TO THE STORY (Little self-promo, I have another piece combining Hamilton with another popular musical, & the story is called Land of Thomas, in case anyone likes Kinky Boots)

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Horror Movie Mashup Masterpost

TrastucaT ProductionS

Trent Duncan


Imagine a Horror Movie Night with the Assassins in a Modern Day Setting

Y/N inserted The Human Centipede DVD into the player and pressed play. Then she took a seat. In the room were her favourite people. Aveline sat nearest to the screen. She loved horror movies and wanted to miss nothing of it. Next in line was Ezio, wanting to appear less anxious about the scary scenes than he really was. Altair and Connor were in a cozy, quiet corner, sharing a big bowl of popcorn. Edward made loud noises in the back of the room while his best friend Adewalé chuckled at his jokes. And in another corner next to the door, Desmond and Arno smiled and sipped soda. Everyone was ready to have fun.

Aveline laughed after some minutes into the film, “What? A flat tire in the middle of nowhere? Don’t tell me these oh-so-normal girls are going to discover a house with a weird creepy owner! It’s like a parody of a parody!” Despite her rant, however, she was more amused that annoyed.

Edward, on the other hand, is frowning. “If nothing happens soon, I swear I’m going to switch to Saw.” He didn’t have to wait for too long. Soon, the mad doctor was chasing one of the girls around the house.

As soon as Ezio saw that, he scooted closer to Y/N. “Are you scared?”

“Not really.”

Ezio looked a little disappointed. He was hoping to impress her. He always thought that horror movies were a fine way of flirting, but not this time, it seemed.

Then the mad doctor started his sick operation on his victims. Aveline ooh’ed and ah’ed at the gruesomeness of the scene. Edward involuntarily grabbed Adewalé’s arms, and the latter, equally bewildered, didn’t seem to mind. Ezio winced and no longer cared to act brave. Desmond was a little conflicted. On the one hand, the film terrified him, but on the other hand, he was entertained by others’ reaction. So he just made a weird face with a pillow in his arms. Altair and Connor just sat quietly as before. Arno didn’t. He stood up and walked over to the restroom, and everyone could hear him retching. After a while, he was back and was a little pale.

“Being so close to Sade, one would think you have a higher toleration of gross stuff, Arno,” Y/N stifled a laugh.

“I’m not that close to Sade!” Arno protested.

Then the movie went on. The mad doctor tortured his victims, who cried, yelled and wailed. Y/N heard a few loud sniffs from Connor’s corner. She turned towards him and saw that his eyes were a bit red. “Are you okay, Connor?” she asked as she moved near him.

“I was hoping no one would notice,” he replied, giving her a wry smile, “It is just so sad to think of the agony these kids are in. But I am okay.”

Y/N gave Connor a friendly hug, which made Ezio cry, “It’s not fair. I want a hug too!”

“Oh, shut up, Ezio!” Y/N laughed. Then she turned to Altair, who hadn’t even said a word since the movie began, and asked how he’s doing.

“Don’t… talk… to me…” he muttered, and that’s how she knew he was simply too horrified and frozen in fear to speak. She smiled, and thought that she would never regret her choice of tonight’s movie. The schadenfreude was just too delicious!