horror hotline

BTS Reaction Masterlist

BTS Reaction To…

Cheering Up Their Girlfriend After A Long Day

Their Girlfriend Being A Fearless Rock Climber

Their Girlfriend Being A Well Toned Kick-Boxer

Discovering Their Girlfriend Has Anorexia - Possibly Triggering

Liking A Girl With A 3 Year Old Child

Their Girlfriend Checking Out Another Idol

Their GF Getting Her Dream Job And Being Able To Live With Them

Another Idol Hitting On Their Girlfriend That They’ve Gone Public With

Their Girlfriend Being Obsessed With The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Based On Hotline Bling By Drake

Their GF Building Instruments In Her Own Business

Receiving Their Fan’s Mixtape

Their Crush Rejecting Them Because Of Their Fame

Their GF Being Vegetarian

Their Girlfriend Not Knowing How To Ride A Bike

Their Girlfriend Telling Them To Smile More Because She Likes His Smile

Seeing Their GF’s Girl Boss Side

Their SO Being Insecure About Their Teeth

Their Wife Saying She Wants Kids

Looking After Your Horses And It Not Going Well

Their GF Donating Her Hair

You Being Nervous About Your First Time

Their GF Wanting To Work At A Travel Agency

Realizing Your BDay Is The Next Day


Their GF Having Superhuman Strength

Being Tired While Their SO Is Hyperactive

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When you’re out with bae and see your side dude/chick and just stare at them like...

“bitch you betta not say a word”

Hotline To Hell

“You called?


If you really want to take revenge on his enemy, should undo this red tie

Doing so will be an official contract with me

The one who wants revenge will be immediately sent to hell

However … If I carry out revenge, you will have to pay a price

When a person is cursed, two graves are dug

When you die, your soul will fall into the abyss of hell

Well, only when you die

The rest is up to you “

In the darkest corners of the internet, there is a website with the name of Jigoku Tsushin. This page can only be accessed at midnight and only by people who keep a lot of hatred and resentment by someone else. After writing the name of the hated person, Enma Ai delivers the customer a wicker doll with a red ribbon around her neck. When this tape is removed, the person who had the name entered will be taken to hell for the girl and her helpers, always reminded of it with a mark on your body as a tattoo. However, the one who hired the services of Maiden Hell must also pay a price. After you die, your soul will be taken to hell.



So last night I made a bunch of Jacket GIFs because I was challenged to cosplay Jacket! I’m wondering now if they’re a bit dark, light wise, as on mobile they look veeeeryy dark so.. View on PC/laptop for best affect. :P I kinda want to cosplay him to a convention or something now. All tagged with ‘jupiter cosplays’ if you want to block it.