horror hosts and creature features

The haunted radio (free, online) is coming along nicely and assuming it doesn’t destroy the company (it won’t), we’re going to launch a similar version with old/cheesy horror movies (free, online).

The blog is fully built and mostly designed, I’m illustrating away at the headers. All the stories will be available for easy browsing.

I feel this constant push to release of free stuff because the entire reason we can exist is a weird wrinkle in reality. The same wrinkle means the company will always operate in the “tiny business” world, and that’s fine.

One of my early idols growing up was the creature feature horror host on Saturday afternoon TV. It has been a layer in my brain since I was five or six. “This is what the best possible life is: cheesy, weird, all-year Halloween.”

I’ve dealt with a lot of business-folk in my day, they wanted “bigger/better/faster/richer.”

And I wish them the best of luck.

I want “sillier/gothier/brighter/more fun/more haunted.”

Anyhoo. Back to work. I’ve got mermaids to draw.