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Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art of their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry


synthetic gems created by scapolite!

geneva ruby-2F4 cut-SAA was scapolite’s first successful synthetic gem. she’s made from the shards of 3 rubies and is just as strong. if the diamonds like her enough, they might grant scapolite more resources and even a team to continue this research.

remember those kindergarten gems, amethyst and citrine? scapolite came back to earth toncollect fragments for her upcoming research. these two gemstones in the prime kindergarten were mostly intact and because she hadn’t done much work on synthetics, scapolite simply melted the two together like this, making ametrine. scapolite got the data she needed and went home, leaving her there because nobody could know that she went to earth. ametrine is okay though, she’s just chillin with those gem mutants! citrine and amethyst were best friends, so its not the worst situation :y

i kind of imagine fluorite was the first off color gem, starting out as two gems who were shunned for fusing, and as the next few gems she found fused with her so they could feel safe 

so just consider: early, kinda wonky versions of fluorite hiding in the kindergarten, keeping herself company

like a big never-ending hug

moonbow-gem  asked:

Hey there! :D Here's a keyword for you.... Crocs. (Yes, I do mean those God awful Satan shoes.)

-bows down to great headcanon submitter- 

noooooo not the crocssss XD

Keyword Requests

  • Yuuri owned pretty simple red crocs.
  • Yuuri loving them because they were so comfortable and practical and easy to wash. 
  • He didn’t realise how god awful they were, and just thought it was some weird accident that he kept finding them put out with the garbage (Mari did it, she tried, okay?). 
  • The triplets hiding the crocs on numerous occasions, until Yuuri thought it was the bright colour that was attracting them, so he stopped wearing them to the Ice Castle. 
  • Victor seeing Yuuri in them for the first time when they went out for dinner and actually clutching his heart and stumbling back into a wall in terror as he realised his crush was a huge nerd - and not in a cute way this time.
  • Victor telling Yuuri outright they were horrible, but Yuuri assuming he was just being overly picky about fashion. 
  • Yuuri coming home to the big bonfire of his clothes and being extremely confused and Victor holding his gaze as he tossed the red monstrosities onto the top of the burning pile. 
  • Yuuri finally giving in and having to admit that maybe people really did hate them. 
  • Yuuri giving Victor a pair of fluffy pink ones for Christmas one year as a joke, and Victor crying until Yuuri threw them out. 
On Eyeball Ruby at The Trial

It took me a while to collect my thoughts on this but here they are.

Initially I thought the purpose of calling Eyeball as a witness was because she was a witness at the shattering, but this was not the case. Zircon (prosecutor) called forth Eyeball Ruby specifically to confirm “that thing” Steven is Rose Quartz. It didn’t even register because Steven never denied being Rose Quartz. Nobody did. Blue and Yellow D didn’t question it. Why was this a thing??

Why was Eyeball, a witness of THE SHATTERING, not called forth for her plot purpose and instead used for something redundant?
As she said herself in Back To The Moon:
         “I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I saw the leader of the Crystal  Gems, Rose Quarts, SHATTER Pink Diamond!”

Why refer to confirmation of identity as a “WITNESS”? Steven saying he is Rose is not witnessing anything? An EYE witness even when all she does is quoting Steven on something he SAID. Nothing “Eye”. What a waste of pun!
Also hilarious as what led up to this Steven = Rose revelation was Eyeball accepting a whole lot of hogwash but lets not mention that!

This was why I was confused they didn’t call her forth again when Zircon (defense) made her case. Eyeball being there at the event itself is not mentioned. But this should be a known fact from her records and reports? What Diamond did she fall under. Why was she there? Why didn’t she do anything? If there has actually been a cover up, how come they didn’t “cover” Eyeball?
It would have been GOLD if Zircon (defense) would get in a discussion about this. About the likelihood of what Eyeball saw and how she interpreted that information. But for us as an audience, what has Eyeball seen?

It’s unlikely Eyeball was bluffing. She was aware this is painful to talk about to Jasper and would not risk such a thing. She tried to really push the “we’re in this together” closure-seeking war veterans. This is about herself too.

And that’s another thing. This case is relevant to Eyeball. She has stated in Bubbled to be confused about something as she hoped Jasper to have the answers to the closure they both seek. Knowing this with Zircon (def.) theory, her questions can only be tied to the events of the shattering and after.

With the Light House Gem in Horror Club and Pearl’s holographs, it seems possible for gems to visualize memories. It would have been cool -assuming Rubies are not able to do this by themselves- that Blue D ordered to have Eyeball harvested just for this purpose. And thus this being her cue to flee and join the rebellion. The most valuable Ruby. The most sought-after Ruby. Oh dang, would she love this. She wouldn’t shut up about it, I’m sure.

Because of her misuse as witness and personal lack of relevance to the case at hand for her character….THAT is why I felt like I wasn’t looking at Eyeball. I was looking at some holographic caricature. (also to blame on cheap animation)

What was the overall writing idea here?
Eyeball exposed a lot of valuable information and gave context to what Jasper cried about and actually started the entire PLOT of this show. The Shattering is more of a topic than the rebellion freedom fight itself. This led up to Steven doubting himself/Rose more, especially with his decision of throwing Eyeball back into space.
Later on when saving Greg, they crash into Doc, Navy and Army and mention they will pick em up. They don’t. No reason given.
Navy crashes, takes justified revenge and her ship back and saved the squad. (we actually do not have confirmed Navy saved em, still. Nothing of the matter was mentioned.)
The choice to make Navy take the ship now seems solely to have Eyeball appear at this trial only for her to not be used where it’s relevant for the issue and her as a character because that would complicate the writing.

So this is just….incredibly bad writing. Nothing logically leads up, has no purpose of development or depth and we are thus left in the dark what to make up from what we know and how this will be put to use in the plot.

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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my steven universe theory is that steven’s just gonna keep befriending villains until there’s just no villains left. he’s gonna have all those gem monsters flocking around him like puppies. yellow diamonds gonna come over for dinner on holidays. steven’s gonna hug whatever eldritch void horror created the gems. this is how galactic peace will be achieved