horror gem

“Shard? Meet, Shard!”
“See? You don’t even need to form! You have each other!”

Here’s the full version of the piece I did for the @gemdreams zine! I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what to do for this but I’m happy with what it turned out to be in the end :>


todays au dump from hell is a puella magi madoka magica au!! because if i have to suffer you ALL have to suffer and also i felt like drawing yuuri in skirts alright good night

Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art of their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry



This girl made a cosplay based on my cluster Design, I’m so happy! She looks really cool and I frecking love it!

I felt like drawing some defective gems ;w;
This one is a Baroque Pearl that’s composed of five Pearls that are stuck to each other. While they share a single physical form, they all have separate consciousnesses even if not all of them have a face. They all have to collaborate to move around since each Pearl can control a different body part. Often times Legs Pearl gets the whole system in trouble since she’s very curious and combative. They tend to argue often, which isn’t ideal since they’re all permanently fused. They go by they/them pronouns since they are multiple gems who share one body, but the individual gems use she/her. They can also communicate through telepathy since they share a nervous system.

The components of the system are:
Legs Pearl - curious and combative, runs around without listening to the others. She controls the legs.
Left Pearl - aloof and bossy, usually starts arguments. She controls the left side of the face and left arms (our right).
Right Pearl - very shy and insecure, kind of a pushover. She controls the right side of the face and right arms (our left).
Eye Pearl - quiet but nice, like a big sister who gives a lot of advice. She controls the central eye and mouth and the face on top of the head.
Torso Pearl - snarky and constantly salty. She sometimes takes over Right Pearl to speak. She controls the torso.

i kind of imagine fluorite was the first off color gem, starting out as two gems who were shunned for fusing, and as the next few gems she found fused with her so they could feel safe 

so just consider: early, kinda wonky versions of fluorite hiding in the kindergarten, keeping herself company

like a big never-ending hug

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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