The Third Kind is an unsettling text based point and click experience that takes you on a short and surreal adventure that feels like a near-death nightmare.

Playing like a cross between a point and click adventure and a text based visual novel, you simply read the descriptions and choose one of the three options from the interface below.  The Third Kind manages to create a truly nightmarish atmosphere through it’s simple CRT-style UI, full of flicker and distortion effects.

There’s a dark and ominous feeling throughout The Third Kind’s short 10 minute playtime, and you’re never too sure what’s real and what’s not.  A creepy, freaky, fever-dream experienced though a half broken CRT monitor.

Play The Third Kind, Free (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)


Someone is making a PT-like game and it looks fantastic.

Need suggestions for horror games that do not rely on jumpscares!

I’m trying to find a horror game to play but everything I’ve seen so far is heavy on the jumpscares, and jumpscares kinda make it difficult for me to enjoy a game, because;

  1. They’re loud and freak me out a bit.
  2. They take away from the horror (my opinion)

A few things i like in the realm of horror;

  1. supernatural entities (always good)
  2. science stuff (still good)
  3. puzzles (my mind works in puzzles so i enjoy games like that)
  4. the unknown (SERIOUSLY. to me, this is a terrifying thing and i love it.)

Lurking is a freaky survival horror from DigiPen Students, where sound is the only way you see and enemies can hear your fear.

A little like our previously featured game - Devils Tuning Fork - the whole game is played in darkness, with your surroundings being depicted through echolocation as you create sound waves that roll over the play area.  This makes for a pretty intense experience, especially when the creepy enemies come into play -  they hunt by sound so you’ll have to keep quiet and use distractions to evade them.

Lurking is pretty terrifying when played without a microphone, but to up the levels of danger it’s recommended plugging one in.  The microphone detects the sounds you make and converts them into gameplay visuals in the form of pulses, creating a secondary level of immersion.  It really ups the tension as your enemies can actually hear YOU - try not to scream, try not to cough and try not to breath or they WILL get you!

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Recently I just found a interesting channel on youtube called REACT, and found this video showing how teens react to Sillent Hills playable teaser. And i think i should let Aokuro do that too, but at the age of Teikou. Now I am pretty sure im gonna have nightmare with them..

My Favorite Horror Games

One of my favorite things to do is play video games. When I can combine my love of horror and video games it’s even better so I’ve decided to put together a post of my favorite horror themed games. Not all of these are available to be played for free online, but if they are the title of the game will be a link to where you can play it or download it for free. I hope you enjoy.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Parts 12

Almost everybody knows about Five Nights at Freddy’s. This is a survival game where you play the part of a newly hired security guard at a pizza chain arcade. The arcade is inhabited by animatronic animals who have a tendency to move around the building and sometimes attack people. Your mission is simple, survive for 5 nights. In the sequel you’re faced with the same mission but this time you’re given a mask and a music box to help distract the animals. If you can survive all five nights take it a step further and try to beat night six.

Calling: Kuroki Chakushin (Calling: Dark Messages)

This is an amazing games. It is only available for the Wii but if you have a Wii I strongly recommend that you check it out. This is a Japanese survival game where you play as multiple different characters who all have one thing in common, they have all visited the same website. It’s said that everyone who visits this site die. You play as these different characters, exploring different locations in this abyss sort of limbo. You use cell phones to warp travel to different locations, take pictures of locations, and record EVPs. 


This is a game where you play as a young girl named Ib. She goes to an art gallery with her parents one day. All of a sudden she realizes that she’s alone and sets off to find out what happened. Along the way she discovers all sorts of things that are wrong. This focuses heavily on puzzle solving and adventure mixed with a great horror element. 

SCP Containment Breach

Now, I played this game when it was still in development so I’m not 100% sure how much it has changed since completion. This is another survival game that takes place in a research facility that studies creatures, items, and places that threaten society. There is an accident that occurs that leaves you to face all of these unstable research subjects. Good luck.


This is yet again another survival horror game. This one takes place in a run down mental institution that is now inhabited by the murderous former patients. You play as a journalist named Miles Upshur who goes to investigate a claim of inhumane experiment that were allegedly performed on the hospital’s patients. Miles can’t fight or carry weapons, basically you can only run away and hide. What you can do though is record all of the information that you find scattered throughout the hospital. There is also DLC that serves as a prequel to the game.

Slender: The Eight Pages

No horror game list would be incomplete without Slender. Personally I’m more of a Slendertubbies fan but it is based on Slender: The Eight Pages. Everybody knows the premise of the this game, avoid Slenderman, collect eight messages scattered around the forest, and survive while doing it all. Not as easy as it sounds and I think everyone should play it at least once.

If you want to check out more horror games check out Sixpenceee’s online game masterpost here and fuck-yeah-horror’s compilation of free indie horror games here.

I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight.


As requested by my followers, some spooky, creepy, or just Halloweenie gaming things~

Featured games (From left to right, starting at the top)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent | Mass Effect 3 | Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon | Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Silent Hill 2 | Half Life 2 | Kingdom Hearts | Five Nights at Freddy’s | Fallout 3 | Fatal Frame 3 | Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door | Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune | Dead Space | Pokemon | The Last of Us | Bioshock | Okami | Resident Evil 4 | P.T. | Sonic Adventure 2 | Banjo Kazooie 


Noct is a super cool 2D top-down night-vision multiplayer survival horror game that blends arcade combat with survival gameplay and features some particularly terrifying monsters.

Viewed through the thermal imaging of a satellite, Noct’s sinister visual style is immediately unsettling - especially when you encounter an enemy. As you explore the vast wasteland, searching for weapons and supplies, encounters with fast and deadly monsters are a constant threat, and thanks to a clever field of view system you’re never sure where the next one is coming from.  The fact that the night-vision only lets you see the ghostly silhouettes of the monsters makes them even more terrifying - your imagination fills in all the blanks. 

It must be stressed that the Prototype is still very early in development, so the gameplay is fairly basic at the moment, with your goal simply to survive, collecting supplies and fending off enemy attacks.  But as a proof of concept it’s superb, the audio and visual design convey a real sense of atmosphere that will have you on the edge of your seat, and you can even play in multiplayer if you’d rather not go it alone.  

Even in these early stages Noct is shaping up to be something pretty special, a tense, dread-filled survival horror with fantastic visual design.

Play the Prototype, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)




Nevermind is a biofeedback-enhanced horror adventure game that takes you into the dark and twisted world within the subconscious minds of psychological trauma victims.

As you explore surreal labyrinths and solve the puzzles of the mind, a biofeedback sensor monitors how scared or stressed you become with each passing moment. If you let your fears get the best of you, the game becomes harder. If you’re able to calm yourself in the face of terror, the game will be more forgiving.

One exciting facet of Nevermind is its potential to serve as a full-fledged therapeutic tool for those who struggle with challenges - mild or severe - relating to stress, anxiety, PTSD, or other similar conditions. Although informal testing results have been promising thus far, we are excited to be in discussion as we speak with researchers who are eager to explore Nevermind’s potential impact via rigorous clinical trials.”

Watch Markiplier’s LP of the demo 

NOTE: This is a TWO YEAR OLD version of the game - it looks and plays MUCH better now!

the uncle who works for nintendo

hi, it’s me, the guy who made “my father’s long long legs.” since tumblr liked that so much i thought i would let you all know:

i have made a new twine game called “the uncle who works for nintendo.” it is also a horror game! it has five endings. i hope you enjoy it.

the original background art (glimpsed in the thumbnail) is by the very talented kimberly parker, who has a website and also a sketchblog here on tumblr.  the abstract backgrounds were made in andi mcclure’s awesome program Icosa.

there’s more about it on my blog, if you like.  anyway, enjoy the game!


Whiskers is a surprisingly dark and disturbing point and click horror game, with a tense atmosphere and real jump scares as you solve puzzles and attempt to escape capture by Mr. Whiskers - a mentally disturbed lunatic with a penchant for fluffy animals.

With a few exceptions (Dark Seed, Gabriet Knight, Tormentium), point and click adventures are usually humorous and family friendly romps.  Not so with Whiskers, although it’s charming cartoony visual style may suggest otherwise, this is well and truly a horror game, complete with a dread-filled atmosphere, disturbing imagery, blood, guts, brain matter and the occasional jump scare.

As well as being surprisingly terrifying, Whiskers is also surprisingly well made, featuring some deviously clever puzzle design and beautiful (and a little bloodstained) hand drawn artwork.  As you explore more and more of the dark recesses of Whiskers, it continually impresses with it’s innovative gameplay. 

A tense and terrifying adventure that breathes a breath of life into the point & click genre - then stabs it to death with a rusty knife!

Play the Full Game, Free


Hotel Remorse is a terrifying first person horror with PT-esque creepy corridors, a dread filled atmosphere and blood curdling jump scares.

You play a husband and father who has lost his mind after losing his wife during childbirth.  Throughout it’s short 10 minute playtime, you’ll discover the hotel isn’t all that it seems, and there’s a good reason why you’re checked in.  

As you explore, Hotel Remorse throws lots of visual trickery and genuine scares at you, with excellent audio and visual design that really keeps you immersed in this horrific nightmare.

Turn the lights down and the volume up, then be ready to jump out your skin.  Highly recommended horrific fun.  You can check in any time you like, but you may never leave!

Play Hotel Remorse, Free