horror from the heart

Alpha trolls reaction to their S/O getting murdered on camera

Damara Megido:

Damara shook her head violently, slowly backing up to the wall, telling herself to not look at the screen but she couldn’t, she can’t do anything to help you. Damara kept quiet through out the video, once it ended, she collapsed to the ground on her knees and cried. She gave you a very sad and regretful small smile and repeatedly apologize to you.

Rufioh Nitram:

Rufioh stared helplessly at the screen, he watched as tears began to build up. The horror in your face broke his heart. He turned away from the screen, not wanting to see the light in your eyes disappear. Rufioh stared emotionally at the ground and wiped away the tears that escaped his eyes.

Mituna Captor:

Mituna refused to believe this was real and was begging for it to be all over, that this was a horrible prank. He shook his head violently as he saw you collapsed to the ground motionless. Mituna backed up against the wall and screamed out your name, begging you to come back and hold him in your arms once again. He curled into a ball and cried on to his arms.

Kankri Vantas:

Kankri had his eyes widen and covered his mouth in shock. Tears began to build up in his eyes, he couldn’t stand hearing your blood curdling screams. He wanted to hear your beautiful laugh and voice, not your screams. Then he heard it. He heard his name being screamed out of your mouth, screaming for him to come and save you. Kankri broke down and cried on to his sleeve.

Meulin Leijon:

Meulin would covered her mouth in shock and slowly backing up to the wall. She’d swallow deeply as tears roll down her cheek. She’d repeatedly say “no” as the video was playing right in front of her. Meulin would fist both of her hands in her hair and scream out your name as she saw the person ended your life. She’d be shaking uncontrollably and endless amount of tears escaped her eyes.

Porrim Maryam:

Porrim wouldn’t looked at the screen once she saw you getting thrown over. She’d stare at the ground emotionless, not daring to look up. Not wanting to see your helpless face. Porrim silently cried once she heard your screams and pleads, she wish that she can turn back time so she can save you. But no this is reality, this did happened. Porrim slowly looked up then saw your pale and emotionless face, and sobbed out your name.

Latula Pyrope:

Latula’s jaw dropped as she saw you helplessly in the screen. She wanted to erase the image of you kicking and screaming out for help. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes not wanting to see you die. Latula sobbed out the tears and slowly collapsed to the ground, wrapping her arms around her knees. She just lost the person she loved, and she couldn’t hug nor kiss you the way she used to anymore.

Aranea Serket:

Aranea’s eyes widen in shock and covering her mouth as she saw you getting chased by someone. She was shaking so much and wishing that this was fake. The horror in your face broke Aranea’s heart. After the video was over, Aranea sat there in shock, eyes still glued to the screen, then finally burst into tears. She’d cover her eyes and pleaded that this was a nightmare.

Horuss Zahhak:

Horuss held his breath and gulped deeply as he heard you screaming out for help. He wished that he was there with you so he could’ve protect you. But he didn’t, and he blamed himself for it. He sat there emotionless as tears escaped his eyes. This was all his fault, he should’ve been there.

Kurloz Makara:

Like Porrim, Kurloz couldn’t stand seeing you die within his eyes, and stared quietly at the wall while covering half of his face. He’d sniffle and let the tears build up and cascade down his cheek. Your screams was stuck in his mind and it’ll be there forever to haunt him for that he couldn’t save you.

Cronus Ampora:

Cronus would scream out your name as he saw you not breathing and motionless. He would be shaking uncontrollably, he couldn’t lose you. You were the only person who accepted him and love him and now he lost you and it was all his fault. Cronus would lean against the wall, and frowned and cried at the screen in front of him.

Meenah Peixes:

Meenah watched you as you struggled to fight back and escape, but couldn’t. She couldn’t stand you being so helpless and scared. Your pleads would broke her in the inside. Meenah would try to keep the tears from falling and pursed her lips together to stop herself from sobbing and crying. But once everything was quiet, the tears would then slowly fall out of her eyes.

~Mod Alex


Hey Night Vale fandom!  I made a thing!

This is my first time using the software Audacity, so I’d really appreciate if people could listen to this and give me any feedback on how they think I did. It’s a fan music video, except it’s audio only, so it’s a fan audio. Thing. Whatever.

Audio from Welcome to Night Vale episodes 19a and 19b “The Sandstorm,” 43 “Visitor,” 47 “Company Picnic,” 48 “Renovations,” 49 and 50 “Old Oak Doors,” and 65 “Voicemail,” as well as the track “Diabolical Clockwork” by Two Steps from Hell. Mixed by myself in Audacity.

Warnings: Gore, body horror, general creepiness for the faint of heart. What you expect from Kevin.

Announcing our newest show, THE RIKU HORROR FANDOM SHOW! A mashup retelling of Rocky Horror with characters from Kingdom Hearts. Why? Cause it’s weird, and we dig that, especially during Halloween.

WHEN: Saturday October 24th 2015

WHERE: The Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St E, Toronto

FREE TO ATTEND! Donations accepted.

Artwork by @drawnoutblog

I just realized something...

/!\ fnaf spoilers /!\

We all know a kid was bitten by Fredbear back in 1987, right?

Because of his brother who carried him with his friends, being douchebags.

And so the kid died ( you can hear the *beep* from the heart monitor ).

The purple guy, seeing the horror of the thing, was the one who helped the kid out and brought him  to hospital while everyone else was just celebrating the Birthday like nothing happened.

He was by his side all along and saw him die. A kid. The place is supposed to be where kids are happy, not where kids die. You can easily know he was destroyed.
And he was Angry. Angry because of the kid’s brother and friends who destroyed all his hopes of having the perfect place for kids and also ended the life of his own little brother.

So he kidnapped the big brother and his friends and stuffed them in the four new suits (Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy) because the two present when the bite happened ( Spring and Fazbear, now called Springtrap and Golden Freddy ) were now left, covered with blood, in the part room.
They will live the same nightmare, the same horror. They would be still alive and see that nobody will come for them, everyone will all be happy in front of them while they’re slowly dying.

The purple guy also programmed the animatronics to move and kill everything human at night. The kids, still trapped inside, will see themselves kill and kill again for no reason until they die. This is why you hear the phone guy say that  “Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced.”  Sound strange?
The purple guy ordered that. As an employee, either you kept your mouth shut, or you’ll get charged for murder and kidnapping. Purple guy didn’t cared, the kids were already dead. His whole life was destroyed the day the kid got bitten, a bit of prison or even a death sentence couldn’t make it worse.
The phone guy just tried to warn you.
It explain why it precisely start at 12:00 AM and stop at 6:00 AM : The staff couldn’t find out and the nightguard get killed, the guy no one see, no one talk to, no one will report the absence ( whenever the family do, it’ll easily be taken for a street assault that turned to murder )
You will ask “ Then why don’t they killed the purple guy? ” They couldn’t. He was the only one able to stop the animatronics.

When the restaurant closed because the dead bodies were found ( parents complained about a strange odor and strange liquid on the suits, the bodies inside were rotting), new animatronics were created because the old ones had to be broken to get the bodies out, the same way Purple guy had to break Golden freddy’s jaw to get the kid’s head out.

And they had a face  recognition program, obviously asked by the purple guy, so if a kid happen to get too close from an animatronic, it automatically stop and close it’s mouth so no one would be hurt, also call the police ( The sound Mangle make in it’s voice box that glitch ). It explain why Mangle was literally mangled : Kids tried the same thing than back in 87 many times but it didn’t hurt anyone. They did it a lot with mangle ( it looked like a girl, so kids be like “ hey kiss her!” ) and it got broken from the many stops and reparations.

Yet, this program stop at 12:00 AM to kill the nightguard. Also, there were no more doors because the doors from the previous restaurant were helping the nightguard survive so the trapped kids didn’t killed as many as the purple guy wished. He just said that the doors were a waste of  battery so no more doors and you’ll get killed more easily.

Yet the phone guy, knowing all about that from long ago, gave you a mask to protect yourself and the music box to wind up to calm the Puppet

Who is actually the bitten kid.

Why a puppet? Why not, I don’t know… Another animal? Because from the moment his brother and his friends picked him up, he was a puppet, a marionette who couldn’t do anything, and at the moment he got bitten, he goes limp because his frontal lobe is badly damaged, in which there’s actually planning, language and voluntary movement : without it he’s just a puppet.

Why does the puppet attack you, then?
Because you are an adult and except the purple guy, not a single adult was here to stop his brother from killing him. Also, you are supposed to have eyes everywhere, so you were supposed to be able to stop his brother before anything happens.

Between the second game’s nights, you have cutscenes that show you the stage from Freddy’s point of view. At first it look normal, but then Bonnie and Chica look at you. Then, they still look at you, yet Bonie’s eyes are empty and Golden Freddy is here too. At last, the stage is back to normal but the puppet stare at you and follows you as you turn. You can read at the end of the cutscene “it’s me” on top of your screen.
“it’s me who did this” “ it was my fault”

Freddy is the one that replaced Golden Freddy, only the suit has changed, the endoskeleton and it’s programs and records is the same. So it’s program still think he is Golden Freddy, the reason why Golden Freddy is always seen limp/ sitting and empty.

The third game quickly follow, where you learn even more.
The purple guy was haunted by the ghost of the kids.
“You didn’t needed to kill them.”
Scared, he jump in the Springtrap suit and the wires inside short-circuited and burned the place down with the purple guy inside

That now attack you because you know too much.

Scared yet? I’m not done.

We also know there’s minigames in which you play as one of the animatronics, but if you find the hided exit, you end up bringing cakes, presents or balloons to kids.

With the puppet minigame, you see a birthday party.

You are actually making sure the kid have a nice birthday after all.

Because the brother was sorry. He was as destroyed as the purple guy was. He’ve seen his brother dying at the hospital,

Having the worst nightmare ever during his coma.

But he was being a douchebag? Yes, but he was just teasing his brother. They laugh but quickly realize what’s happening.

So the kid forgive him and they can finally be at peace.


Any suggestions? Split them up.

The look of horror on both their faces as they’re separated from each other is heart-breaking. All they want to do is keep each other safe and stay together, and now HYDRA is tearing them apart. Jemma’s expression in particular is especially gut-wrenching. This season we really got to see the depth of her feelings for Fitz, and now she has to prepare herself to hear him tortured or worse still, let him hear them torture her. She never wanted to hurt him, and it kills her that he might be subjected to either of those scenarios. We saw in season one where just the thought of him being hurt in any way was enough for Jemma “goody two-shoes” Simmons to shoot a superior officer in the chest just for a chance to keep him safe. She jumped out of a plane to her death in order to protect him from the alien virus. She left him for an undercover job because she thought that she was making him worse after his brain injury. She stood up to Ward and attempted to kill him so that he would never have the chance to hurt either of them again. Jemma Simmons is constantly trying to keep Fitz safe, and you can see here that she realizes she can’t protect him from what’s about to happen. And it breaks her.