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You know me and you know who I love so let's make it interesting. How about a male *cough* ship and a female one friend or otherwise 😉 I'm Lexie. I write horror aside from fanfic. :D I love indie rock. My fav colors are black and red. I got a cute dog. I'm sarcastic and have a dry and sometimes dark sense of humor. I'm addicted to coffee. My favorite colors are black and dark red. I dig witty repartees, love Halloween and am hella kinky. 😏I love horror films and film festivals.

Well its time to shake things up. I ship you with Demon!Dean and Crowley…. at the same time. Kinky enough? 😉

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The moment you stormed into hell Crowley knew you were going to be his Queen. What he didn’t expect was that he’d end up sharing you with Dean. Of course there was a huge amount of jealousy and anger between the two, but the night you showed up for dinner in a stunning red and black dress was the night the two agreed to share. Crowley made you his Queen and when you aren’t ruling Hell he likes to take you to films festivals. And Dean, well he’s a kinky bastard and likes have you whenever and wherever he can. Between the two men all of your desires and needs are fulfilled.

I also ship you with Ruby!

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Ruby was drawn to your sense of humor and love for dark colors. She then learned ways of making you scream her name and now can’t get enough of you. She loves to tease you in front of the boys and she is also a secret snugglier. Ruby always takes care of you no matter what.

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This Friday, Blair Witch, a reboot of the iconic horror film The Blair Witch Project, hits theaters. Helmed by Sundance alums and director/screenwriter duo Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett (V/H/S, V/H/S-2, The Guest), production on the new Blair Witch was kept a surprise under the working title The Woods until its trailer debut at San Diego Comic Con.

The original Blair Witch Project premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, where it was purchased by Artisan Entertainment after an all-night bidding war following its premiere. It was produced on a budget of $60,000 and grossed over $248,000,000 at the box office, making it one of the most successful independent releases of all time. The Blair Witch Project was a trailblazer in many ways: it popularized the ‘found footage’ style of horror movies and used internet advertising in innovative and immersive ways.

Film stills courtesy of The Blair Witch Project.


“Make your own rules, because there are no ‘rules’ to making a film (even though industry insiders would like you to believe differently). Produce your own film. Learn how to paper your own film and do it. Learn how to budget and line produce your own film. Cast your own film. Crew your own film. Seek out mentors to advise you on these processes, being up front and honest with what you’re asking of those that have gone before you. Remember who called you back and who took the time to engage with you. Remember who ignored you and never returned your calls. Don’t take no for an answer. Believe in yourself. Set your ego aside and collaborate. And most of all, send the elevator back down when you get there because there’s someone else like yourself who needs a lift up.” — Rod Blackhurst, director of Here Alone



Hi. My names is Jonathan. 
I wrote & directed this short film.
Thank you.

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Fic request: Deckerstar going to a movie theater

Oh my goodness I’M SO SORRY. This is so late getting this out and I’m so sorry. RL has recently taken my life back over. I hope you like this, I know it’s not technically in a movie “theater” but hey its still fun right?

Why Chloe agreed to this, she wasn’t completely sure. Maybe because Lucifer had asked her over the corpse of an attorney or maybe because she actually did enjoy horror movies and free dinner. Either way, now she was rethinking her answer.

Yesterday a horror film festival seemed fun but now Chloe was thinking it was just one of his attempts to sleep with her. She shrugged to herself in the mirror. If it was, she’d have to give him credit. It was pretty well thought out. She tugged herself into a flannel before freezing at a sound coming from downstairs.

The unmistakable clang of someone rifling through her cabinets drifted up the stairs and Chloe’s face dropped into a glare.

Of course Lucifer broke in. For the brief duration of the month she thought he’d finally learned how to knock, but no. She didn’t know why it surprised her so much.

Sighing, Chloe snagged her phone off the charger and trudged downstairs.

Lucifer spun at the sound of her footsteps, looking as guilty as can be. He was about to pour himself a glass of her nice wine. Instantly, a knowing smile graced his features and he set the bottle down.

“You do realize that you’re breaking into a cop’s house right?” she asked skeptically.

“What are you going to do arrest me?” He put a hand over his heart dramatically.

Chloe rolled her eyes and brushed past him to grab her purse off the countertop. She was about to snark right back to him but held back. That’s right, she thought, he’d probably enjoy getting locked up for a few days. How could she forget.

“Where is your linen closet, Detective? We need a blanket. Mine are all cashmere and I’m not about to ruin them.” Lucifer swept back out into the living room.

“You do know just because I said I’d go to a movie with you–which we’re going to miss by the way– doesn’t mean that we’re hooking up in your backseat, right?”

Lucifer reappeared with one of her mother’s wool throws in hand. He tsked and threw her his camera ready grin. “The festival is outside, Detective. Besides I don’t have a backseat,” he threw Chloe’s words back at her, “Now come on, we’re going to miss it.”

Chloe shook her head, questioning why she even put up with him, and walked out the door he was holding open. Lucifer gave her a once over before pulling the door shut.

 The film festival was in a park that Chloe had never been to before. As soon as he flashed their tickets at the bouncer, Lucifer tugged her through the small crowd and to an empty spot of grass. Once the blanket was spread, they molded back into the crowd for popcorn.

Chloe watched Lucifer the whole time. There was something different about the way he acted when it was just them. His motions were cruder and his speech less formal. He’d even dressed down, well for his standards anyways. A vest and rolled white sleeves replaced his usual tailored suit. Even his hair was different; lacking product and curling slightly.

She decided she liked this look on him. It made him seem normal and Chloe feel normal.

Just two normal people going to the movies. Oh what irony.  

By the time they returned, the previews were already running. They sat in silence, munching on their snacks. But once the movie actually started it was far from silent.

Chloe always liked horror movies, even before she became a cop. She’d even acted in one once. To her, the fakeness of it all was hysterical. Honestly the people in them were stupid and it just got her every time. It didn’t take long to realize that Lucifer was exactly the same way.

Throughout the night they’d kept a safe distance between them, but the second Lucifer leaned down to whisper in her ear, it was ruined.

“You’d think the people in these films had never seen a horror film themselves by the way they just moseyed into this house.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. In order to stifle her giggles she clapped a hand over her mouth. Then she leaned closer.

“How did they not notice that there is literally a dead body five feet away?”

Lucifer’s lips quirked up. “Or the conveniently placed blood spatter–which is the completely wrong angle to be from him, I might add.”

Chloe stared at the fake spot of blood on the wall. He was right, that wasn’t how blood trajectory worked. She couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s like they didn’t try! Look at this girl, she’s not even phased that she walked into a murder,” she whispered back.

People started to glance their way when Lucifer broke into a fit of laughter. Chloe grinned wider, this was the first time she’d ever seen him laugh. It was something she definitely wanted to hear again.

“This whole plot was dependent on this one bloody woman staying in this house instead of going sorry mate, I think I’m going to pass. Why did she even buy this house? I know the economy is shit but come on darling. That’s your first choice? If it was she deserves to get her ass haunted.”

Chloe couldn’t help herself, the last comment did her in. She collapsed into his side in a giggling mess. Lucifer even huffed out another laugh and threw an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

This was the most fun Chloe had had since her and Dan separated. She’d always wanted someone to make her laugh and maybe Lucifer was it. No, she scolded herself, of course not. They were friends and that was it. Even if, and if was even being generous, they got together Lucifer would just leave her like every other one night stand. So what slipped past her lips next she couldn’t stop.

“You’ll call me the next time something like this is going on right?”

Lucifer took his attention away from the screen. His dark eyes flitted over her in surprise.

“You want me to?” he asked in half disbelief.

She gave him a reassuring smile. “Yeah why not? Who else is going to make fun of awful acting and bad decisions with me?”

Then a smile spread across his own face. Not the fake one he saved for the public, no a real genuine one that made the corners of eyes crinkle with joy.

“There’s no one else I’d love to criticize gore to wound ratios with either, Detective.”

Canned screams filled the park once more, but Chloe couldn’t hear them over the sound of Lucifer’s laughter.

The Belly of the Beast.

“This is stupid,” Faustus grumbled, brushing strands of his dark hair back with an agitated wrist. His backpack weighed him down more than he would have liked; despite carrying only some maps, a few books, and his laptop, it seemed that his weight’s worth of stuff was riding along his back. Koop ignored him, her ruby eyes scanning the darkened forest for any sign of life. To be fair, they had been trekking through the woods for only God knows how long; her boots and jeans were caked with mud and Faustus’s own outfit was pretty much ruined. She would check the clock along her phone, to see how long they had been out, but it died out a while ago, along with her tablet… She too was starting to get hungry, and tired…

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Horror Flick

The class is making a horror movie for the film festival!

The school scaredycat Mylène keeps screaming at the prop monsters, bringing the filming session to a screeching halt. Stung by Chloé’s insults, she becomes possessed by Hawkmoth’s akuma and turns into a monster herself. With the school closed off by sticky acid, the Horrificator starts kidnapping the students. Will Ladybug and Chat Noir be able to save their friends?

Stay tuned! Episode 11 will air in Korea tomorrow and we’ll have it translated in two days tops!

~ Chris