horror figure

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A (age): 28 *twitches*

B (biggest fear): being left behind

C (current time): 12:05 AM

D (drink you last had): pepsi with my dinner~

E (easiest person to talk to): I honestly think I will never be 100% comfortable with someone, but @applegumi has probably gotten the most out of me so far 

F (favorite song): for the moment, the entire nier automata soundtrack

G (grossest moment): nothing I can think of that I’ve done personally, but I’ve seen some shit, literally and figuratively.

H (horror yes, horror no): HELL YEAH. I love me some horror.

I (in love with): whoever made the decision to not use play arts for the automata figures, you are my hero

J (jealous of): people who know what they want to do in life/have goals

K (killed someone): i’ve been trying to kill Peach since I got MK8

L (love at first sight or should i walk by again): I probably wouldn’t even be looking up tbh

M (middle name): Lorraine

N (number of siblings): 3 older brothers

O (one wish): I hope I can get a new phone next week ;;

P (person you last called): work because I called out today oop

Q (question you’ve always been asked): “what’s wrong with your face” :))))

R (reasons to smile): sormik reunion hug

S (song you last sang): weight of the world, I know the japanese lyrics better than the english ones lmao

T (time you woke up): 10:30 AM, but didn’t didn’t get out of bed until like 3pm lol

U (underwear color): grey and black

V (vacation destination): aiming for japan next christmas!! also want to go back to NZ at some point

X (x-rays I’ve had):  none that I can remember, probably (hopefully lol) got some when I cracked my head open when I was little though

Y (your favorite foods): mashed potatoes, spaghetti, japanese curry, french fries

Z (zodiac): Sagittarius 

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Darkest Dungeon has what is probably my new favorite enemy in any game ever, the Collector

(Shown here with one of his friends. Not shown: His idle animation where the skull inside the cage rattles around and bangs against the bars, with no movements from the main body)

The Collector, as you may have guessed, collects the severed heads of people who fall in the dungeons, summoning them and giving them spectral bodies so they can continue performing some of the attacks they had in life. The Collector has a chance of appearing before you party if their inventory is sufficiently cluttered, and I choose to believe that this is because he sees the party as a collector of curios as well, a theory that holds some water because most of his attacks are basically

“Hey, did you want to see what I’ve been collecting? Look!”

Look, look! Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve worked so hard to gather all of them!


The Moundsville Penitentiary

One of the most violent and haunted prisons in the world lies in Moundsville, West Virginia. Its castle-like architecture makes it truly stand out within the small town. Across the street from the prison lies an ancient Adena burial ground, which only makes the spiritual energy in the area heightened. People claim the prison is built on top of even more burial grounds. Tourists and staff are haunted by the shadow figure they call “The Shadow Man.”

Operating from 1876 to 1995, the Moundsville Penitentiary saw more deaths than the average prison. A prison break in 1979 and a riot in 1986 only added to its bloody history. Eighty-five inmates were executed by hanging. Up until the noose decapitated murderer Frank Hyer hangings were viewable by the public. After this event the hangings were private and invite only. The method of execution was later changed to electrocution. Paul Glenn was an inmate at the prison and built the electric chair himself which was given the nickname “Old Sparky.” Nine inmates were executed in the chair until execution was outlawed in the state. Paul was not well liked after constructing the chair and had to have special protection by the guards. There were thirty-six murders in the prison. The most infamous was that of known snitch R.D. Wall, who’s spirit still haunts the boiler room where he was ambushed by three inmates with full shivs. Charles Manson himself even requested to be transferred to this prison so he could be held at the same facility as his mother.

The prison’s violent history has led to its infamous haunting. Paranormal enthusiasts flock to the prison for a tour, or to stay overnight locked inside. Those who stay overnight always leave with a paranormal experience. And every staff member at the facility has experienced something out of the ordinary. The Ghost Adventures Crew has investigated the location twice, and countless other paranormal investigators have experienced the hauntings of the bloodstained facility.