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Genyatta week day 04: AU

An AU in which robots disguise themselves as humans. A little bit like in Animatrix (?)

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Charmed (1998 - 2006)

The Power of Three will set us free.

For @lum1natrix‘s and my own enjoyment

(Lil WIP that I sent to Lumi here)

Let me introduce you to Darkiplier’s trusty companion - dark Chica, the hellhound! Aside from the obviously very different appearance, she’s just like Chica, an adorable puppo without a single ounce of evil in her being.

Dark pretends to be annoyed by his companion lacking all sorts of malice (”Attack hi- no…No, Chica, we’re here to kill the guy, not for belly rubs…Chica, don’t lick his hand…Chica…don’t you fucking dare wag y-…Chica) but he loves the pup all the same. And while their owners are obviously not on good terms, dark Chica and normal Chica get along splendidly and love playing together.