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How To Find Me Basically Anywhere

Friend #1: “Where’s Cass?”

Friend #2: “I Got This.” *Clears Throat*

Friend #2: “There Were 13 Victims Of The Columbine Shooting.”

Me: *Crashes Threw A Window*


💌 outgoing, 6/10/17 💌
always seeking more penpals.

🐌 andy, 24, rural area of usa 🐌

i love writing letters to friends, family and penpals. i love the color yellow. i love going for bike rides. i love driving on back roads. i love horror movies. i drink a lot of green tea. i love to clean. i have tattoos and piercings. i play a lot of candyland. i make quilts. i love flowers, succulents, and especially mushrooms.

my major is funeral services, with hopes to be an embalmer one day. i currently work as a janitor. i live with my adoring boyfriend and service cat.

• willing to send the first letter, and actually prefer it •

• i have roughly 100 washi tapes, and decorate every letter. my stationary is succulent themed. i send recipes, post cards, photos, fabric swatches, etc. •

message me on here, or kik supreemking if interested.

thehorrors: In my hand I’m holding Brian Wilson’s bicycle horn. When bands play live, they get asked by the promoter for a list of things they’d like in the dressing room - this is called a Rider.  In addition to the usual apocalyptic mix of booze, black socks and chocolate, The Horrors always ask for a “surprise”. We’ve had a range of surprises over the years- Superman 1-4 on DVD, a book on how to play the mandolin, a girl dressed as a cat inside a wooden crate - all the stuff you’d expect really.  Last year The Horrors played with Suede at Together the People festival in Brighton. Brian Wilson had been performing the Beach Boys’ album “Pet Sounds” the night before. The promoter had been stuck on what to give us as our surprise and had mentioned this to Brian Wilson’s drummer, who kindly offered his bicycle horn.  As the rest of the Horrors would soon discover, bike horns are annoying in the wrong hands - but although I don’t play it very often it now sits pride of place in my cupboard alongside the superman DVDs and the girl dressed as a cat.  Byeee Faris

anonymous asked:

Is Scully...fun? I know she's smart and amazing in everything and passionate and loyal, etc etc etc but is she fun? What does she do for fun? Is it fun to be around her?

I think Scully is pretty fun. We’re always seeing her in seriously distressing situations.

• Scully has pranked Mulder, on occasion, small little office pranks that catch him off guard. She replaces photos and articles taped on the wall with other photos and articles. She likes grossing him out, too. Teases him at the autopsy bay.

• I think she’s begrudgingly good at impressions and Mulder has her do them on long rides in the car. She relents more than you’d think.

• Scully likes to be by herself and has a lot of fun with herself. She doesn’t mind going to movies or restaurants on her own. She’s very good about treating herself when she’s stressed out.

• Her humor is measured and smart as a whip. This is canon, I think. I love her little jokes.

• I can… I can see Scully playing D & D, honestly, back in the day? Mulder is a given but she’s also a huge nerd with a fantastical way of talking, sometimes. But she likes regular board games, too, reminds her of game nights with her family.

• She is a FUN drunk, most of the time. Touchy and flirty and always laughing. Always lucid enough to never do karaoke though.

• With Monica they’ll have fun making things like cootie catchers and old childhood tricks – light as a feather, stiff as a board

• Loves thrill rides and horror movies and mountain biking and snorkeling


• I think she’s been to a few Bureau happy hours and chatted merrily with other pathologists and made inappropriate cadaver jokes

• Her students love her. She’s tough but very fair, and she trickles a gallows humor into the lessons that makes them holler

• I think SCULLY finds herself very fun, which is adorable and awesome. Her sequences in Bad Blood belied a comfort with herself that tickles me, and her surety at hitting on this guy with what she knows best, sexy medical stuff, is just… great