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Aomine and Momoi angel true forms at long last for my AU :D I included Kiyo to have them all in one place ohoho

If you’re familiar with my oldest AU and its art, then you might be able to recognize some similar design elements ;w; The first two took me forever to put together, but I’m happy with how they turned out. It’s been four years and they finally have their designs o(-<

My thoughts on ‘Tales From The Yawning Portal’

I received my advance copy of @dndwizards​’s new book Tales from the Yawning Portal not quite a week ago. If you haven’t heard of this book here’s the gist of it:

TftYP is a collection of seven ‘classic’ dungeon adventures from D&D editions past, all updated with fifth edition rules. In this book you get…

  • Against the Giants (AD&D)
  • Dead in Thay (D&D Next)
  • Forge of Fury (D&D 3e)
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (AD&D)
  • The Sunless Citadel (D&D 3e)
  • Tomb of Horrors (AD&D)
  • White Plume Mountain (AD&D)

All of the maps and layout have been updated to make them easier on the eyes, while their traps, monsters, structure, and challenges remains largely unchanged. TftYP is a ‘best of’ book, rather than a remake or reboot of these adventures.

If you’re a millennial who got into D&D through things like Acquisitions Inc, The Adventure Zone, or Critical Role, my take on this book is gonna be of interest to you…because this book might be specifically FOR YOU.  

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Amalgamated constructs, or corpse dragons, are a class of demonic units valued for their physical malleability and human level intelligence. They are utilized in standard military operations by most countries, typically supporting human squadrons.

Like most constructs, they consist of colonies of microscopic demons, but their binding core is the cadaver of a drowned magician. Although their deployment in warfare is controversial and has been condemned by the United Nations since 1956, the practice is still technically legal.

stolen-socks  asked:

why do some dog residues sell at different prices at the tem shop?

(undertale spoilers)

While it may seem like Dog Residue is Dog Residue no matter how one looks at it, this isn’t the case in the code. In terms of game mechanics, Dog Residue is handled as six separate items, each with not only their own separate flavor text, but also separate sell value.

This means that whenever the game fills out your inventory upon using Dog Residue, it actually picks from a pool of seven items (Dog Salad and the six types of Residue), rather than just two. This is why not all Dog Residue are sold at the same price.

Note: The Dog Residues are in the same order as in the previous screenshot.


Inspiration to revisit my angels & demons au struck me like lightning and I gave Kiyoshi a redesign! I think this better portrays Kiyoshi as a frightening, but warm protector of earth and its inhabitants ‘v’ also he looks less naked HA HA

I think this au may be my only au with the potential for unrequited kiyokuro ;; Kuroko has the ability to perceive true forms, but a romantic relationship between a mortal and a godlike being’s persona spells angst, or so Kiyoshi says.

ok so since i binge-watched svtfoe with a friend on friday we’ve been coming up with as many horrible theories about the finale as we can, one of them being “marco’s monster arm is going to come back and fully take over his body”. and i am so ready for this show to follow in the footsteps of its disney xd predecessors and go completely grimdark in season two. so: my poor gross son, both mid-transformation and completely far gone