🎃 21st  Century  Horror Movie



Release Date : 2015-04-17
Casts : Mickey River, Heather Sossaman, William Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Shelley Hennig, Courtney Halverson, Renee Olstead, Matthew Bohrer, Moses Jacob Storm, Cal Barnes
Duration : 82 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.9
Storyline : While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. A first they think it’s a prank, but when the girl starts revealing the friends’ darkest secrets, they realize they are dealing with something out of this world, something that wants them dead. 

👻 💀 👹 👻  U.N.F.R.I.E.N.D.E.D (2015)   👻 💀 👹 👻

Wow! This movie is absolutely incredible! It was fun and fascinating. The whole movie is done in real time. The characters are intriguing and the suspense builds from beginning to end. This movie has its flaws, therefore it’s not a 9 or a 10 but for what it is, it does well. It’s obviously an anti-bulling message. The whole movie is basically sharing the screen with the protagonist. You see her messages, ims, skypes, etc. That was a very neat concept and I praise that aspect infinitely. 

However, the cliches are also very obvious and the killer talks in the way that a mother would text, which kinda took away from the zing. However, the story was neat and the acting was awesome! There is also a lot of comedy thrown into the mix. It’s a little bit of everything. You’ll laugh your butt off and you’ll also feel the dread building. 

Personally I’ll say this is a very innovative horror movie and could’ve totally been a 10 but fell into too many cliches. See it if you’re interested; I’m sure you’ll enjoy. But it kinda sucks to know how great of a movie this could’ve been had it not done some of the things it did. The ending is absolutely incredible; it is one of the greatest endings to a horror movie I’ve seen in a while.




An "Almost Scary Movie"...

(( … where stereotypical teens face terrifying horror movie scenarios, and instead of diving in, they actually listen to the black friend in the group and just GTFO.

*Noise in the basement*
“Hey, maybe we should go check it ou-”
“Ah hell no… What’s wrong with you? You don’t know what’s down there!”
“Yeah… Yeah you’re right… Let’s get out of here.”

*Cursed amulet*
“Look what I just bought-”
“How many goddam times do I hafta tell you!?”
*Mount Dooms it*

“Who the hell showers at 4am with the door unlocked and the window open? Get your smelly ass out of there and go to bed.”

“I hear this place is haunted… Maybe…”
“… No.”

“Hoe don’t do it…”
*Pulls out Ouija Board*
“Oh my god.” ))


On the right is an X-Ray of serial killer Albert Fish’s pelvis. Fish was both a sadist and a masochist and indulged in several bizarre fetishes. When he was arrested, he told police that he had inserted needles down the urethra of his penis for sexual pleasure and that they would still be in there. Police didn’t think such a bizarre claim would be true, but they called in a doctor just to be sure. They were shocked at what they found: 29 needles of various lengths all lodged in his pelvis and penis.