The Teletubbies Slowed Down 500% Is Horrifying, But No More So Than Daily Life

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                                                “ Resolution “

Angels And Demons” series will present 3 pairs of drawings with similar yet contrasting narratives and visuals based on either the perspective of an angel or a demon, focusing on the elements of tragedy and drama associated with each one.

Piece 2 - Resolution - Quote from the narrative  “Both once neglected, their resolution could only be found, together… In the abyss…”

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Chilling: ISIS Just Revealed That They’ve Acquired A Dunk Tank

ISIS has proved time and time again that there is no act too barbaric to perpetuate their message of hate and violence, but the latest announcement from the terrorist group just might be their most atrocious move to date. In a shocking new video released yesterday, ISIS has revealed that they’ve acquired a dunk tank.

This is horrifying.

Pentagon officials have confirmed that the video is un-doctored and additional security assets acquired by satellite video also seem to corroborate ISIS’s claim that the dunk tank is of the mobile, rental variety making it incredibly difficult to track. Even now, it’s unclear which safe house is storing it, effectively making a drone strike to neutralize the dunk tank impossible.

Absolutely chilling.

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                                           "Sacrificed Concubine Ghost"

Art for encounter #2 for a strange J-Horror inspired for fun horror series titled “Village Of The Village Night”. Find the story here at:

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