horrified kristoff

"Why Prank Wars are a Bad Idea in Arendelle"

Rating: T

Words: 5,500

Pairing(s): Kristanna

Summary: When Kristoff gets caught up in a prank war between Anna and Elsa, he is not amused. Then things start to get out of hand … 

Notes: This started out as my response to the Elsa Week prompt “Mischievous Elsa” and it was going to be just a silly little story, but then it sort of got away from me and turned into something serious and kinda dark at the end. Wheeeee, first real Frozen fanfic!

I’m going to complete all the Elsa Week prompts, even though Elsa Week is over. Elsa is just too awesome to skip a single prompt.


It began with tea.

Kristoff had never liked the stuff. It was just hot water to him, not enough flavor, too many little bits floating in it to be appetizing. Hot, dark coffee was more his style. But he knew Anna liked tea - the sweeter the better - and Elsa drank at least a pot a day. That was where the trouble arose.

The three of them were seated at the small, round table in the servants’ kitchen, eating buttered toast and eggs. Nothing strange there - unless important guests had stayed the night, they always ate together in the warm, food-smelling room. Kristoff was blearily sipping his coffee. Anna was her usual peppy self, happily scarfing down multiple helpings of eggs. Elsa was already occupied with the stack of papers she had next to her plate, scanning them quickly as she finished her first cup of tea.

Then, in Kristoff’s opinion, disaster struck. As Elsa got up to get more water from the kettle, Anna grabbed a handful of sugar cubes from the bowl and stealthily tipped them into the teapot.

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