horrific art

Doodlin’ Ronnie

goddamit. we lost one of our own in the oakland fire…peter wadsworth worked on many early-dresden-dolls-era shoots with michael pope and was in and around the cloud club, our own downtown boston version of the ghost ship, where we have lived and worked for 15 years. fist on chest for him and for all the fallen artists … it’s a tragedy beyond words.

meanwhile … petitions and movements are blazing as fast as the horrific flames to keep art spaces SAFE from indiscriminate closure in the bay area. safety is important, but so is space to be free, to find and appreciate underground art, to play our music, to make our things. so many of the shows and spaces that made the dresden dolls GO when we were little back in 2000-2005 were “illegal” lofts and warehouse spaces. without them, we’d be nothing. the fancy mainstream clubs weren’t inviting us.

we played (as i still love to do…and it’s why oh see me happier in basement speakeasies than in big theaters) FOR EACH OTHER WITH EACH OTHER CELEBRATING EACH OTHER … punk cabaret style … instruments on the floor, audience on the floor … all of us equals, all of us worshipping in the church of art, music, and beautiful comradeship. not me and you, us. that’s what these spaces are about and they are quickly disappearing all across america as fast as the records stores and the indie coffee shops.

if you’re in a city that had a beloved independent art space, THIS IS THE TIME TO SHOW THEM SOME LOVE…and the easiest way, and even better than cutting them a charitable check is to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO THERE! go see some art, go see some out avant band, go support some indie burlesque.

we need you.

we always have and we always will.

we are you, we are us.

i love you.

list of all fire victims, including peter: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/05/oakland-california-ghost-ship-fire-victims-list?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Taboo: Zilpha Geary - 01.01
--- Repost(better quality)[x]

badges lovingly crafted by myself for this year’s @destielcon a few months ago! i was so honored to get to do these and they were super fun to come up with!! i was so giddy seeing them in action! ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

Miraculous March 2016 Day 12 - Akuma (chose Horrificator)

Now..excuse me while I clean the blood off my eyes (jk) but seriously this is the first time I’ve worked with such saturated colors xD Definitely strained my eyes a bit while working on this..

But I also noticed there isn’t enough fan art of Horrificator (*is sad*)