horrid visual

I am present at the Assembly. All gathered there are beautiful — each possesses a noble countenance. There is a warmth present which seems not only related to temperature but also to our mutual felicity. The room was prepared simply, but increasingly acquires a rich and densely-layered ambience, as a grand feasting-table laden with every kind of food and drink. Macropsia is random and extreme: candles burn in their assigned stations; at times they suddenly flare much larger, like small bonfires, then just as suddenly return to a small flickering. Each visual part of the present experience is divided an infinite number of times, recursive and returning upon itself. I am disturbed to discover that each thing demands to be experienced singly, to the exclusion of all others: a face, a flame, an object lying in shadow. Singular focus gives each object sense of the extruded and apparitional. Attempts to experience the integrated whole as a unity increasingly cause violent discomfort and a disembodied floating sensation. At such times, the beauty of each ‘scattered portion’ becomes visually horrid. The idyll is punctured by the apparition of large curved hooks, like great scythes or claws, descending downward, tearing the scene before me like stretched and painted hide. Behind it lies skeletal rottenness and desolation, the death of color, bleak wastes extending to a distant horizon, and an endless sensation of falling. Loud winds rush violently into the chasm, attempting to extract all remnants of the formerly pleasant tableau into its distant extremities. A certainty dawns on me that a terminus has been reached: there will be no return, only an ever-increasing velocity Beyond.
—  Daniel A. Schulke, Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path