yousef who plays mikael is literally on a show where his character’s best friend is being called the f slur in a schoolyard and yet hes out there on snapchat 
“im here with this f*****” disgusting 

oh god i’m feeling really bad again b/c i’m trying to find a specific ask and i’m going through a lot and i’m pretty sure i already passed 100 trying to find this other one jskal;gha;ak 

i am so sorry to everyone who left me asks that i never answered ska;ghag a i’m s o s orr r y

Every time Azusa chokes MC in his route, I want her to say, “Harder, Daddy” & get roughly fucked against the tree.

I know people have the right to be negative, but I just really want people to be happy and spread positivity. With so much negativity already in the world why can’t we just fight it with love and kindness.