DJ UNPAID IN₮€RN presents a mix to herald the end of HorribleGIF. It’s musically oriented to be a bit ironic post-internet, but not all the music is made with computers and there is 100% no Drake (because we’re not that pathetic, come on!) + we hope it’s an ok balance of fun and chill.

With the all the stupidbad photoshops and bitter whining from the zine, we feel we’ve covered most of our grievances and would be repeating ourselves if we started bitching about new project spaces, terrible galleries, the market or curators and so on and so on. Dweeby white kids magic money matey neo-hipster post internet project space fun club party finger bum pocket nepotist flipper rank paddlehate well-known-artist fashion leech politically empty hashtag one liner bad press drake hito steyrl wearing a beanie hat indoors selfie blah blah blah etc etc etc.

As our interns go on to study MAs before the entire education system collapses (thanks REF2014 and coalition gov) or dedicate more time to their jobs, the directors feel it’s good to announce the end rather than abruptly stop posting and sell out. So we’ve commisioned DJ UNPAID IN₮€RN to put together a eulogy mix for us, we hope you enjoy it.

See ya!

HorribleGIF ;)