My love

10. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

My Love

The whole team had gathered around the living room, blankets draped around each couple, while others snuggled with the arm rest. Popcorn bowls adored their laps, as their gazes never left the screen.

It was times like these when Bucky would feel out of place, when he would see everyone huddled around staying past midnight watching horrible quality horror stories. He never found much interest in them, and even tried to high tail it out of the whole “family get together” without anyone noticing, but that just proved futile.

He didn’t like sitting around people he has yet to meet, although the same couldn’t be said for Natalia and Steve, but still. It was complicated to say the least.

His baby blues patrolled the grown ups sitting on the ground, Tony was sprawled over Wandas lap, who was happily running her fingers through his brown small locks. While vision sat beside her legs squared gaze locked  on the ghost scene before him. While (Y/N) sat close to his legs. Bucky wanted to shift in a more comfortable position but the poor girl under him was practically one with his legs. If anything, his legs were like poles that she hid behind each time the music would hit a low key, then rumble with a high note.

He didn’t care much of her being close to him, But wished she would sit next to him on the couch instead of restricting his legs to open any wider. His shaft was squeezed between his thighs and in order to fix that problem she would have to let her death grip go.

“Hey, Doll-” Bucky grumbled softly, inching closer to her bitty ear. “Mind sitting here,” He patted the empty seat next to him while shoving Steve to the other side of the couch. James watched as the young girl nodded her head slowly, while Steve murmured incoherent sentences.

“Thank you so much Bucky.” The girl stated, latching her body to flesh arm. She clung to it and covered half her face, “This movie is so scary.” She whispered out with a breath. Her curly hair ran down from the brim of her head all the way down to the edge of her round bum. Her tank top dip was pushed down to show all of her cleavage, her short shorts did nothing to cover her ass cheeks. And for that, Buchanan couldn’t help but stare, her labored breath hitting his warm skin, while her chest rode in and out.

“It’s not really that scary…” Bucky pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, as she looked him in the eyes.

“Are you kidding me!” She cried softly, looking at  Steve who was now glaring at the two adults. “Sorry…” She waved shyly, before returning back to watch the T.V.

And like that, The whole crew stayed silent. Watching the scenes unfold before them. While Barnes stayed stealing glances at his comrades. He just didn’t know how to act normal, His PTSD was getting the best of him. He needed to be alert at any given moment.

When his cycle to run his gaze over his friends came again, his dusty blues had stopped when they locked with Natalia. She was sitting next to Clint, who had his head on her lap and legs over the remaining of the couch. She’s an assassin just like Barnes, so he guessed she had caught on his problem, her face broke into a calming smile, then she nodded towards the girl who had launched herself over the young man. Bucky knitted his brows, silently asking her what she was referring to do. Natasha ran her fingers through her own orange locks, before her eyes had fallen over the girl of his dreams. Bucky nodded.

“Hey,” Like that, he had pulled her closer to him. His hand now laced behind her back as his fingers paced through her waves of hair. She visibly relaxed, her face squished to his chest.

“I’m sorry…” She laughed, “Its so scary.” She defined.

The remaining part of the movie had came and went without Bucky even noticing. When the credits rolled around, the whole team said their good nights and went their separate ways, some had walked together because their rooms were close to one another, so they spiked up a conversation while they went to sleep. Bucky stayed still in his spot watching as the last person to step foot out of the living compound was his platinum haired friend.

“That was a good movie don’t you think?” She let go of his arm then stood up. Shoving her hair behind her ears, then pulling her shirt down and fixing her shorts.

Bucky just shrugged, then went to standing up. He didn’t do much talking. He still felt like this was a new era to him. He still missed the old days, when he would be running around his front lawn with Steve trailing behind. He still missed it, and the hurt would never leave. Albeit, the girl before him sure did plaster a smile to his face when she stitched her self to his side.

“What do you mean you don’t know!” She exclaimed, speed walking to get with his strides. He was much taller then her. “Bucky, say something.” She stopped in her trace. Waiting for him to do the same thing. “Why do you ignore me so much Bucky.” She asked, her fists balled beside her chest. She was determined to get an answer out of him, he’s been acting so weird lately, ignore her and letting the poor girl spill her heart out to him.

“It’s nothing-”

“Bucky it has to be something if you just ignore me now!” James knew this was probably the best time to tell her his feelings, admit it all here and now. But knew from past experience nothing good would come out of it…

“I promise you-”

“No just tell me already!” She cried, her tears already broke through the dam and now cascaded a river under her chin. “Bucky please tell me.” Her pleas were like nails to his heart. Each word, every tear was like screwing the nail in further.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” He admitted, His head had fallen to the ground, not wanting to see her expression of rejection. He never wanted to tell her, James never deserves happiness, for all the lives he’s taken by force between his two hands… he never deserves to be happy.

“Bucky…” The girl ran, her bare feet patted the ground while she lunged her self in the air and circled her hands around his neck. His own arms came around her waist keeping her secure. She snuggled her head closer to his neck.

“I love you.” She chanted, her chapped lips smothered his neck, occasionally coming into contact with the dog tags that neighbored his neck.  She didn’t care, he didn’t mind, it was just them now… just them and their hearts opened up to each other.

And they couldn’t ask for a better confession.


Based on this au by @pidges-nest