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No problem :How would Sakamaki boys beal with s/o who has DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder/dyspraxia : basically, difficulties for handling some motricity tasks and memorize movements). Have a nice day too~

I’m still not sure if I understood it correctly since it seems kind of unclear when I’m reading the descriptions… That’s why I won’t write much about this and please, don’t yell at me if I got it wrong. Explain calmly though, I will never yell back ^^”

♛ Ayato ♛

His first - and final - reaction is to laugh at you. He doesn’t really care about your state nor if it’s a bother to you, since he doesn’t expect you to be anything “better”. You’re a stupid human, after all. But since your attempts are so miserable, that’s only enjoyable for him. You’re clumsy and he will take advantage of it. The problem will be if you can’t make takoyaki because of the disorder… That will make him mad and he will end up yelling and saying all those rude things.

♟ Kanato ♟

At first, he just laughs at you, in this low, creepy voice telling Teddy how stupid and pathetic you are. When he notices that it happens often, he will tell you bluntly that you’re just stupid. He will laugh at you, making you do the things that are the most difficult just to see your face every time you fail. He doesn’t care about it much, but he will enjoy the view.

♞ Laito ♞

He doesn’t care much and laughs it off, maybe teasing you a little bit. When he realizes the problem, he will watch you more closely, being sincerely curious about your attempts and reactions. He wouldn’t care much, only tease occasionally and not do anything in particular to stop/help you. It doesn’t bother him.

♝ Reiji ♝

For him it’s obviously a MAJOR problem. How can you be so clumsy? It’s obvious that you should be able to do all the basic things. And if you can’t, he will teach you. By making you repeat all the things over and over till you faint from either stress or exhaustion. His trainings will last for long hours, until you finally learn it. He’s not supportive per se, he just thinks that everything can be fixed if you’re… motivated enough.

♚ Shu ♚

He honestly couldn’t care less. He will sometimes see you struggling and - if some things last too long - he will even cover you up just so you stop being noisy. But it has to really bother him, other than that, he most likely won’t even notice the thing.

♜ Subaru ♜

He’s pretty annoyed at first as you’re bumping into things (and walls) and doing everything so clumsily. He will threaten you a bit, but not care much unless you bump into him. He won’t understand the disorder, he will just find you incredibly clumsy. At some point he’d try to be supportive, but it’s still kind of unclear since at his age people like this would be just - probably - found stupid.

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Will you stream or upload your playthrough of V3?

Yeah I will! I was originally planning on streaming it but lately I’ve been thinking about doing a Let’s Play instead since I’m out of town a bunch for work and hotel wifi is horrible and not good to stream with at all.

But either way you guys will see me play it somehow! ^^

#190: He Catches One Of The Boys Checking You Out


I’m leaving for a beach house tomorrow with horrible wifi so prepare it’s gonna be a bit quiet on my blog for a few days! But I’ll try answer as many asks as possible :-)

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It was a smack in the chest that finally seemed to catch Calum’s attention, his eyes blinking a few times suddenly having to adjust to another perspective. “Dude.” Luke grumbled, his voice trying to be quite but the way his eyes were starting to burn with fire told otherwise. “What?” Calum questioned back innocently, not catching up with what was going on until his eyes landed back on you for yet another stare. “You’re checking her out!” Luke fumed, “So?” “So?” Luke repeated his words with raised eyebrows, clearly wanting to smack Calum in the face but he knew he couldn’t. The way he was looking at you made him angry, not because he was the jealous type of person but clearly Calum didn’t show his respect. “She looks good in a dress.” He mumbled afterwards in a quiet voice while glancing back at Luke, the honesty in his eyes making Luke confused to how to react. Reaching forward to grab the bowl of popcorn that was resting in front of them on the table he did the most logical thing he could. Smacking the bowl on top of Calum’s head in reversed position left the boy’s eyes wide, popcorn falling everywhere but at least it got him to stop checking you out from distance.


“Oh my god!” You exclaimed shocked, holding the towel closer to your body, a rush of surprise going through your body but it couldn’t almost compare to the expression on Michael’s face. “Fuck, I’m sorry I didn’t expect you to be here.” He mumbled awkwardly, leaning against the rack with towels while trying to avoid looking at you, his eyes fixed on the floor. “I’m actually the one who should be sorry.” You giggled slightly and removed a strand of wet hair behind your ear. “Calum was the one suggesting I could use the shower here while you were at soundcheck. But I assume it is over now.” Michael nodded his head while scratching his neck nervously, “Yes a short shower, Y/N!” Calum scolded and came into sigh, his teeth digging into his bottom lip. “Not with Michael coming in here all of the sudden. Wait are you checking her out?” Calum suddenly questioned, making Michael’s eyes turn wide again by being caught. “No, no god no.” He mumbled confused, turned around and knocked almost all the towels down to the wet tiles. Grabbing a towel he threw it over his head and hurried out of the dressing room, not wanting to deal with Calum.


“Woah, sorry. Were you here?” He commented sarcastically while knocking himself into Ashton’s shoulder, his eyes innocent but his attitude showed the complete opposite. “What?” Ashton questioned confused, barely registering his push but it was still enough for him to glance away from you or just a short moment. “She looks great, right?” He questioned and swung an arm around Ashton’s shoulders. “I mean, I was the one buying that dress so I knew she would be looking fucking fantastic in it.” Ashton’s looked away from you nervously, his mouth turning dry and not really knowing what to reply besides blushing a deep shade of red. “Yeah, she looks really great.” He managed to get out, ruffling his curly locks away from his face. “I can tell by the way you’re looking at her.” He hummed with a smirk growing on his face, enjoying how uncomfortable Ashton was getting by the way Michael made it so obvious that he had caught him in the act of checking you out. “But remember this bro,” He lowered his voice and moved his mouth closer to his hear. “Mine.


He wasn’t even supposed to do it because truly he never thought of you that way. But whether it was the fact that he had never actually seen you in a bikini or just the fact that he was a confused mess Luke didn’t know, but he was staring and more than normally. “Dude, are you drooling?” Ashton blurted all of the sudden, sitting next to him on one of the beach chairs. “What?” Luke exclaimed back confused, clearly haven’t realized what he had been sitting and doing for the past minute. “No.” He scoffed by himself and tried to hide the fact that drool was pooling around the corner of his mouth. But when his eyes adverted back to what seemed like staring at your ass, Ashton knew what was up. “You’re checking my girl out, huh?” He asked with a hint of jealousy and stood up from his chair, not even wanting confirmation from Luke. Heck he didn’t even give him some time to come back to earth or explain himself before Ashton headed towards you. He glanced back at Luke or a short moment before smacking your ass, letting the hand rest there with a satisfied smile by Luke’s’ blushing cheeks.

weekly update : victoire's view


yesterday i arrived in the philippines, where i’ll be staying for the next three weeks. fortunately for me, the philippines is a land of horrible wifi & signal connection.

i have been writing a ton on planes & in between flights, so just know i’m still working :)

as of now, this is what i have coming up for everyone :

• “truth or dare” [ eh x r ] *like 65% finished, still building up to the climax of the plot & shit*

• “smoke” [ cm x r ] *25% completed, still working on Connor’s characterization to make sure he’s not too ooc*

• “bad liar” [ cm x r ] *coming up, requested connor fic based on selena gomez’s song*

• “tbd” [ eh x r ] *coming up, requested where connor wants to ask out the reader, who is evan’s little sister. basically a lot of big brother! evan*

• “tbd” [ cm x r ] *coming up, someone actually liked my idea of having a fic where the reader has a summer fling with connor so i am so excited to write this up*

• “laser tag” [ zm x r ] *coming soon*

Hey guys sorry update are REALLY SLOW I am dealing with so much stuff like losing my wallet, moving to another place, school and exam coming up, having horrible wifi (worst thing to happen in your life) and etc... Really sorry guys.... I try to update next month and hopefully my Ulimate bad luck will turn good... HaVe A NiCe DaY!!!

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Toralei walked into the room, her black tail curling around her side and her black ears flickering gently. "Hello, Dark~ how are you?" ((I hope this sends my wifi is horrible))

“I’m fine love. How about you kitten?”

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I'm unable to look at your FAQ page on account of my wifi being horrible so I apologize if this is a question that has already been answered. I'm attracted to both males and females, and I identify as bisexual and I have told a few people that I am but I have never kissed a girl or been on a date with a girl and so on. Is it ok for me to still call myself bi even though I haven't had that experience?

experience isn’t a prerequisite for knowing your sexuality. if you think you’re bi, then it doesn’t matter if you’ve never kissed a girl or anything.

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How do you like being a ghost?

It’s fun possessing things, flying through walls and disappearing. The tail, most importantly! But I can’t leave the mansion. And the wifi is horrible here.