horrible translate lol

IDK if you guys know the song “Sua Cara” by Major Lazer ft. Anitta and Pabllo Vittar but the lyrics are basically Rey on TLJ thristy over Kylo and then disappointed on him by the end:

“You get ready, but you don’t shoot

You notice me, but you won’t face me

You think you’re the man, but you can’t stop me

You’re full of bad intensions, but you won’t face me

You already want it and so do I

But you’re full of stories and buts

You turned into a coward, I want it

But you’re taking forever

If you don’t come I’ll put on pressure

I won’t wait for you, I’m full of options

I’m not a woman who puts up with lectures

Face me up, get ready

Cause I’ll throw it right in your face”

Here is Katie’s really bad, not complete translation of the Furuta Kaneki shiritori match from the omakes’. I’m only posting because @madame-pongo-de-pompadour inspires me to do my best! *the bold is me not what’s actually there lol*

Furuta: A KANJI I CAN’T FIGURE OUT. Investigator.
Kaneki: No
Furuta: Do you want MORE KANJIS I CANT READ?
Kaneki: Nah I’m good.
Furuta: Not even a cup of coffee??
Kaneki: …
Furuta: How about this? Lets play a game and the loser has to get coffee!
Kaneki: …
Furuta: How about CCG shiritori? We can use words about ghouls and investiagors and the like
Kaneki: …
Furuta: I’ll start! ** “furuta”… Ta is your syllable!
Kaneki: … tanakamaru mougan. Oh I lost!
Furuta: wait a minute….
Kaneki: (sigh)… take tarako
Furuta: Hmm what should I do… ko… KOKURIA
Kaneki: Akira Ado
Furuta. Do… Do… Dona-to
Kaneki: To-ma higemaru
Furuta: what’s my syllable?
Kaneki: ru
Furuta: eh?
Kaneki: Its Ru. Do you have one?
Furuta: ……………. I don’t
Kaneki: Coffee please. Black.