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The thing about getting so invested in something (in this case…ROBRON) is you can’t have the joy without the pain. That….just isn’t possible.

When you throw your heart and mind in to something, when you devote so much of your time to something (fandom), spend so much time talking about something, thinking about something, speculating or daydreaming about something…..that gives it such great power. I think a lot of people can be consumed by something without even realising the power it has. 

You feel such incredible highs!!! You have these moments of such joy, and it’s a joy you can share with all of your fandom friends; people who are in the same boat as you (or….on the same ship as you!) and it can almost be euphoric! 

The joy we felt in SSW and after the wedding was so pure and it was such a beautiful thing to be apart of, the almost party-like atmosphere in the fandom that for me personally carried on into my real life; after SSW especially I was on a high for quite some time, I really got a rush that put me in a good mood - a really good mood - for days. That was when, for me, I realised the power Robron had over me, and at that point in time I loved every moment of it and I’m pretty confident that many (most?) other fans felt the same!

But……you can’t feel that level of “high” without giving the thing you’re in love with the power to really give you some serious lows. And man…the lows are low. That’s why it’s so messed up, because you literally can’t have one without the other. It just doesn’t work that way.

My issue is….I’m in love with Aaron and Robert’s love. I have been since day one. Their love has given me so much happiness and it has broken my heart (in good ways and bad ways) and just…..the hold it has over so many of us is so real and even though they have always been a flawed and sometimes unhealthy couple, we have never lost sight of their love and it has carried us through some pretty shitty times. It has been beautiful to watch and I know it’s a cliche but it’s been a total ~rollercoaster with so many ups and downs that have given us rushes of pure joy and adrenaline and lows that have made us want to vomit!!!! But good and bad, it has - and will continue to be - a massive TRIP. 

As low as things have been lately, and as sickened as we all were when the Episode of Dread™ hit us the other week, I never don’t want to be in love with them?? Because I never want there to be a time where the highs aren’t really, super fucking high and powerful. I never want to lose that sense of joy.

BUT it gets all messed up at a time like this when things are going wrong and when we’re not sure how it’s all going to pan out. Because I/we don’t want to feel those lows, we don’t want to feel that pain - a pain that is probably unhealthy for many of us but it’s also real even if this is “only” about a fictional couple - BUT I’m also not ready to let go of it, because by letting go of giving Robron the power to cause us pain, we’re also letting go of the power to give us pleasure

I mean, of course there are ways to enjoy something a “normal” and healthy amount that doesn’t make us feel physically ill and keep us up all night lmao, but so many of us are in too deep with Robron to let the bad times - the really bad times, I mean - pass us by.

I don’t know if I just went into Survival Mode after *that* episode and shut myself off from Robron in a way to sort of….shield myself from the horror I felt. Because by god, I felt horrendous that Thursday night and all of the next day. Like genuinely awful. And I resented the fact that I had allowed myself to let a fictional couple have the power to make me feel so utter crap. Because in that moment, nothing about loving this ship was fun. It was just horrible and seeing all these posts from people feeling exactly the same, seeing all these people that used to be filled with positivity so sad and angry (justifiably so) was really upsetting and it just made it worse.

And in that moment, I wanted to stop caring. I wanted to not give a shit (or….at least somehow step back enough to enjoy them a Normal Amount) because it hurt too much and hurting isn’t fun.

But now things have sunk in a bit…..I don’t want to let go?? I still feel like I’m in Survival Mode. I haven’t watched any past scenes of theirs since that episode. Not wedding stuff, not the goodbye, not nothing.

A spark has gone for me right now, as I think it has for so many people, but my issue is…..I don’t want it to stay gone. I want that spark to come back. Not just for me, but for everyone. I wish we could have the joy without the Pain™ but….we can’t. Not really. Not that sheer level of joy, anyway. 

This post is a mess, but I guess what I’m saying is…..however bad it is now, I hope somehow we can get back to a place where we can allow Robron to give us the joy they have given us in the past. And yeah, that means that we will inevitably have to suffer the Low™ at some point in the future again (hopefully way in the future but……….it’ll probably be sooner rather than later) BUT I just hope that somehow we can survive this. That somehow this can make us stronger. Than even when things really suck the next time (for whatever reason), and however much it hurts…..I hope we’ll still be able to bounce back.

And I guess that’s what this post is about. It’s about caring too much and loving too much but having that love knocked by a horrible incident that sort of shatters our faith and confidence and ruins our enjoyment. BUT I want us to be able to bounce back from this. I know some people won’t be able to, but I hope most of us are somehow able to move on from this and go back to feeling the love we felt before, to have that spark, to allow them to have the power to fuck us up all over again - in a good way AND a bad way. And when the bad way happens again (which….it will), hopefully we’ll have learnt from this in some ways, hopefully it’ll have made us stronger (this remains to be seen tbh) and just…….we’ll get over it. Fingers crossed.

Because I may feel numb about Robron right now, but I still believe that deep down they still have The Power™ over me. And as shit as they have made me feel recently (well…not them, but Emmerdale ugh) I don’t think I ever really want them to not be able to make me feel shit? Because if they can’t make me feel like crap, then they can’t make me feel such incredible happiness too.

And some of us really really need that happiness. We need that joy and sunshine. And I just really hope for all of our sakes that we get some of that again soon. 


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There were three main things you hated in the world: slow walkers, loud chewers and pranks.

Due to your choice in friends, you happened to be a victim to a large amount of pranks that they would post on their Youtube channels for ’entertainment.’ Pranking you seemed to be your boyfriend’s favourite past time as you were a frequent guest on his channel with your angry yet brilliant reactions to whatever prank he had played on you. It wasn’t long until you had enough.

You had to drag his two roommates into the whole ordeal, one reason being you wasn’t the most creative person and the other being you needed a few other people to bring down with you if the joke turned horribly wrong.

Callux decided that he wanted to record the whole thing and post it on his channel, and you thought it was a brilliant idea; it was about time Callum got a taste of his own medicine.

The plan was to pretend their flat had been burgled, it was a risky prank but it seemed easy enough to pull off. You, Callux and Harry had spent the whole day moving almost all of their valuables to Tobi’s flat whilst Cal was out all day for a project with Rebel FC. You were to meet him after for dinner and then return to the empty flat together, Lux and Harry would be waiting in Tobi’s flat and were to come up when you called them.

On our way up now, let’s hope this works!

You sent the text to Harry as you stood in the lift with Cal, the nerves in your stomach were tying in tight knots the closer you got to the floor. When the lift came to a stop, Cal grabbed your hand and led you out of it but when you reached their door he came to a sharp halt. It was open.

“What the fuck?” He mumbled, his grip tightening on your hand.

“Maybe the boys accidently left it open,” you suggested. You knew you were half right, the boys did leave it open but it was no accident.

Your words must’ve reassured Callum in some way because he nodded and walked in, although you could tell he was still a little cautious. You followed him through to the living room and, as expected, he came to a stop again.

The whole room was empty apart from the couch, Cal froze for a few seconds before running into each of their rooms, his face turning more pale as he was greeted with practically empty rooms. “Oh, my God, (Y/N), we’ve been fucking robbed!” He yelled as he came back into the living room.

Turning yourself into an Oscar winning actress, you dropped your mouth open in shock and scrambled for your phone. “Shit! I’ll call Lux and Harry.” As you waited for Harry to answer the phone, your eyes found one of the cameras the boys had set up earlier and you gave it a discrete wink.


“Harry, you need to come home quick! The flats been robbed!” You spoke frantically through the phone, watching as Cal paced the flat with his hands almost tearing his hair out.

“Oh shit, has he fell for it?” Harry laughter ran through the phone and you bit your lip to contain yours. “Alright, we’ll come up now.”

As soon as the line went dead, Cal banged his fists against the kitchen counter. “I can’t fucking believe this!” His voice shook and you suddenly felt guilty for the prank. You wanted to tell him it was all a joke, but before you could confess, Callux and Harry came bursting through the door.

“Is this a joke?” Callux shouts as he races to his room- his facial expression instantly earns him an award. “Fuck! How did this happen?”

You spot Harry behind Lux’s head, he looks like he’s about to burst into laughter then and there. “I’m going to call the police.” He disappears into his room, most likely to laugh into his pillow.

“What are we going to do? I had everything on my laptop and now it’s fucking gone!” Freezy yells, dragging his hand through his hair. “And what about our cameras? They’re going to cost us grands to replace!”

You and Lux give each other a look and nod, deciding it was time to reveal it was all a cruel prank.

“Maybe this is karma,” you begin, crossing your arms with a smirk.

“Karma for what?” Cal frowns at you, confusion written all over his face and Callux slowly reaches for a camera.

“For all of the pranks you’ve played on me.”

“(Y/N), what on earth are you on about?”

“I’m saying, Callum Airey, that this is all payback” you laugh loudly as Callum’s eyes light up in realisation. “Say hello to the viewers!” You point out all of the cameras.

“Oh, I hate you all!” He covers his face as it turns red in embarrassment and you high five Callux.

After it was all revealed, Callum didn’t to talk to the three of you for hours and he refused to help you all of move the stuff back up to the flat. You couldn’t help but feel bad about the prank, even though a little part of you was extremely happy it all worked out.

When everything was back where it should be, you and Cal were sat on the couch after the boys had gone to bed. He was on his phone, and hadn’t spoke a word to you yet.

“Come on, Cal, you know I hate the silent treatment.” You whine, running your fingers softly through his hair. “Please just talk to me.”

Callum acted as if you weren’t there, turning his head away from you. Grabbing his phone off of him, you climbed into his lap and grabbed his face gently in your hands. “I’m sorry for scaring you, babe, I promise I won’t do anything that mean to you again. You can get me back in any way you want, just stop the silence.”

He stared at you with his striking blue eyes, before his hands moved to your hips and in a matter of seconds his fingers were attacking your sides. You were flipped onto your back as his fingers furiously tickled you, screeching filled the room as you laughed and desperately tried to escape his grip; failing every single time.

Eventually, Callum felt he had punished you enough and his evil antics came to an end. He grinned down at you as you got your breath back, and you smiled back at him with your heart going a million miles a minute.

“The prank was pretty impressive, you know,” he admits, leaning down to connect your lips. “I just wanted to watch you squirm for a bit.”

“You’re more mean than me!” You gasp causing Cal to laugh slightly against your lips.

“Yeah, but you love me anyway.”


Exposing The Fakes

I want no part in the old blog, it doesnt mean attack me or assume shit that i lied or whatever I was done for awhile ask dakota, chelsea, mel, cait, jazz and my other friends from that account I was done for awhile. I’m not having anymore of my family or friends dragged into a situation that isnt about them. When I contacted shirs band it was a last resort thing and I assure you her band deserved to know their image rides on her. As for Cristina Ive not seen her blog but Megan told me she recieved asks that Cristina said I called her mom or some shit. I said this before, I’ll say it again Megan is not me, She has her own fb and social media’s and is a real person. She wont share them cause they have nothing to do with the exposing account. Megan and I only met recently, She is someone who doesnt even fully believe me. She told me she was contacting cristina mom regardless of my input despite what you think I’m not for that I knew cristina fb i could have contacted her mom myself if I was wanting to i didnt. I didnt even look through her fb megan did it and sent screenshots. I know more than you guys realize regarding fakes snd I dont expose them the way I should of, I was too nice. Megan isnt me and when it comes to the fakes she isnt nice. Shes her own person and I am mine. I gave her the account cause shes good at exposing. I didnt give it to my friends because like me, they’ve had it. They like me have gone through months of torture at the hands of the fakes and we are all tired. They have recieved hate, rude remarks, been called fake as well as other horrible things simply because they associated with me. This post is long and about to get longer when I thank all the people who have stuck by me and been true friends.

@dakotagrey5sos A girl I met on here who is my best friend now. I love you so much and thank you for tolerating whatever I throw at you. Thank you for all the times fakes made me feel low and you were there through dms picking me up and being a friend, a friend I needed. Thabk you for helping run exposing the fakes and being apart of my life now. We have the best convos ever and its never a dull moment. I wish I could share our dms with the world so they could see the funny, random and crazy things we talk about. You’re one of the only ones I’ve introduced to my bf and let be part of my actual world and I do not regret it. You’re a true friend, I know I frustrated you at times but you stuck with me and I love you. You stuck by my side no matter what and helped me through so much. I will never turn my back on you. You are my sister from another mister.

@fangirling-full-timex Chelsea, my biggest fan and Calums. You are like a sister to me and I love you. You have personaally attacked the fakes in my defense and had my back. I love you, our convos like dakota are random and hilarious and I love them. I want you to know I never ignored you on purpose and thank you for sticking by me no matter what fakes said or tried to convince you about me. We had our moments but thats done and our friendship is only stronger for it.

@xxheyitzcaitxx My girl, I love you so much. I am so glad we met. You have had my back from day one. You never let the fakes win and have been my friend. Youve made millions of vids in my defense. You have prob been one of the ones who’s really been brought into this for that I’m sorry. Your following all your beans scare the fakes which is why they target you. Anyone who can convince ppl they lied they fear and attack. Ive in trusted you with things about my life no one knows I dont regret it you have been amazing and are truly one of my best friends.

@meldb74 Melanie, I love you. I thank you for standing by me and being my friend and trusting me. You have been at this with me for awhile. You have become like a big sister to me. I love you and our talks even if they consist of mystal at times lol. You have been a true friend and proved to me you have my best interest at heart I love you.

@sleepingpixiee I love you, thank you for helping me in exposing fakes and being my friend. You have talked to me when I am upset and have had my back you are one of my best friends on here. I love you and we will still talk.

@exposing-the-fakes and all my followers there and friends i forgot to mention, THANK YOU. You guys have been amazing supporting me and helping me through. You guys never gave up on me. I love you guys and want you to know that. Queen D is still here but for now I am laying low and not on that blog I may never be again. I love you guys, I am sorry but anyone who is interested in still talking to me you can here and ask me whatever you want. I know who I know and thats all I will say. I will not however discuss my personal life anymore. I hope you guys understand. I love you all.


I used to have a different style but it looked horrible so I made up a different style for when I post stuff. I’ve always hated doing realistic stuff though. I used to tell my art teacher that if I wanted to look at something realistic then I would take a picture because I was awful at it.

  • him: babe what's wrong
  • me: nothing
  • me internally: In popular '90s sitcom "Friends," the relationship between Ross and Rachel is the driving force throughout the series, arguably codifying and popularizing the "will they or won't they" trope that now dominates the romance genre. However, despite the focus on their romance, there is very little actual chemistry between the two; Ross initially expresses interest in Rachel when trying to get over his ex-wife, and has no actual knowledge of her beyond his crush on her five years ago. While this could potentially be a starting point for his affection for her, we never actually see an expansion on why he's so obsessed with dating her. Furthermore, Rachel doesn't ever show any interest in Ross; she only begins to fall in love with him when she finds out he is in love with her. There is no build-up to this; she realizes he likes her, and suddenly she's madly in love. Since the two have very little chemistry to begin with (most of their interactions up until this point have boiled down to Ross trying to ask Rachel out while she remains oblivious), the romance feels forced and only happening because the writers want it to, with no actual romantic chemistry or character motivation.
  • The pairing is damaged even more in how the show initiates it. Every time Ross and Rachel get together, Rachel randomly develops feelings for Ross again (often with little foreshadowing or in outright contradiction to her previously stated feelings), the two sleep together, and then Ross does something to upset her and they break up. The two never get together naturally; an outside force has to trigger the romance.
  • This isn't even mentioning Ross's behavior. Throughout the series, Ross treats Rachel *horribly*. Before their first relationship, Ross constantly does kind things for Rachel. However, his comments to his friends make it very clear he is not doing this for the sake of making Rachel happy. No – he's doing it to *butter her up* and make her more likely to date him. Before he even asks her out, he hides her messages from potential boyfriends. When she begins her relationship with Paolo, he attempts to sabotage it. When Paolo cheats on her, Ross doesn't comfort her because she's his friend and he cares about her; he comforts her because he wants to be the rebound. When they do finally date, he frequently accuses her of cheating on him with a co-worker, and makes it very clear he does not trust her. He tries to scare off her co-worker by sending Rachel ridiculous gifts; Rachel outright calls it "marking his territory." He even hides at her office to try to "catch her in the act." He belittles her interest in fashion, saying it's boring and that nobody cares about it. When she has to work on their anniversary, he comes into her office uninvited and tries to have dinner with her, ignoring her asking him to leave until she kicks him out. After the ensuing fight (in which he expects her to apologize for not prioritizing him over her job), he cheats on her in when she finds out she was talking with Mark about the fight. While he does express remorse when she finds out, we quickly find out this is just more manipulation – as soon as she makes it clear the relationship is over, he begins to say he had nothing to be sorry for. Hell, even before the series proper, we find out that in high school, he spread malicious rumors about her because he was scared to ask her out. He was horrible to her at every step.
  • The final nail in the coffin is how it just... dragged. The "will they or won't they" plot worked for a few seasons, but over time, it just got tired. Ten years is a long time, and the romance ultimately bogged down the entire series.
  • him: dude you've been staring at the wall for like an hour. whatever's wrong you can tell me
  • me: ok
  • me: In popular '90s sitcom "Friends," the relationship between Ross and Rachel is the dr

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would you be able to tell us more about the elves in the glutton knight universe? im so interested in them after your one design!

I’ll make a proper post about this later, but in short: all faeries = GIANT HORRIBLE BUGS. This is actually something I have across a lot of my canons because it’s one of the only iterations of fae/elves/pixies/whatever that interests me.

In Errant, fae can be anything from a minor nuisance to a man-eating terror, depending on the species. Fae can only grow to truly gigantic (human or larger) sizes in areas of extremely high magic saturation (kinda like how there used to be enormous bugs IRL, but only in time periods with a seriously oxygen-rich atmosphere). There are ‘nice’ faeries that sometimes marry into human families and such or vice versa but that kind of thing is technically illegal so it’s only done of the downlow in remote settlements.


Remus often had nightmares about his transformations and the pain and the never-ending curse he had to live through. He would wake up sweating, or screaming, even, which would wake up everyone in the dorm, and they all tried to help, but in the end, it was always Sirius who managed to make him fall asleep again. Sirius would sing lullabies, softly, or he would bring Remus down to the common room and play and teach him guitar, which would definitely calm Remus down (except when his heart would race when Sirius would guide his fingers onto the right chords). Over the years, Remus became quite good at playing the guitar.
At one point, Remus started using wolfsbane, which made him feel human even in his monstrous form. This reduced the frequency of his nightmares, because he knew he now had some control.
After Azkaban, Sirius went to live with his old lover and best friend, Remus. It was Remus’ turn to help Sirius. Sirius kept replaying horrible scenes from Azkaban in his head: the freezing air, the lifeless, cruel, mock faces of the Dementors, the feeling of helplessness, the absence of hope, the visions of his friends dying, over and over again. Nightmares would plague him every night, and he would wake up suddenly and grab at whatever was nearest: a bed post, a pillow, Remus. And Remus would comfort him, and play guitar, and murmer words of encouragement, of love. Over time, both of their fears faded, knowing they had each other.

Time Flies (10a)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: May 19th, 2017
Warnings: None
Pairing: 1940′s Bucky x Reader Rogers

Time Flies Masterlist

Steve was sitting around with his new team before rising to tell the bartender to bring another round of beer. He looked around for Bucky, and he saw him sitting alone in a more quiet area of the bar. Which, is understandable seeing how he just got ho–to safety from being held captive by HYDRA. Steve knew whatever Bucky went through, it was horrible. Yet, here he is trying to be as normal as possible. As he walked over, Bucky heard Steve walking towards him and immediately trying to put on a front for his friend.

“See, I told ya. They are all idiots.” Bucky chuckled taking a sip of the drink.
“How about you?” Steve asked, “Are you ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?”
Bucky chuckled as he shook his head, ““Hell no, that little guy from Brooklyn that was too dumb to run away from a fight, I’m following him.”

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So the other day I voted for bts on twitter, started going through my feed and all I had was notifications of a girl casting her votes for bts numerous times on my tweet to the point where I deleted my vote. She slid in the dm saying "you're not a true army, why did you delete your vote you stupid bitch."

I just realized that I had accidentally posted that BTS-BBMA post on this blog instead of my personal blog. I didn’t mean to post it here.

But that is so horrible that that person told you that. It’s lovely that someone wanted to vote for BTS. However, rather than just retweeting or whatever, in your case, I think it’s more appropriate to create your own tweet instead of freeloading off of someone else. Each Twitter account only has 100 votes a day, and I think users should keep that in mind. All tweets that include ANY numbers, (ex. “BBMAs are on the 21st #BTSBBMAs”) would be considered spam, and won’t count.

Let’s remember to stay respectful of BTS, fellow fans, Twitter, and the BBMAs. BTS’s fans (I don’t want to say ARMY because not all voters call themselves a ARMY) have an amazing opportunity show how much we love BTS. So, let’s try to be classy and show that BTS has considerate and compassionate fans!

BTS even being nominated for the BBMAs is such a wonderful opportunity for the Kpop industry. It’s such a great chance to show that the language barriers in music is not limiting, and that music can tie people of various cultures together. South Korea is a physically very small country, and hopefully the social relations between the Western world and Korea would grow stronger as BTS (and Kpop) becomes more global. If global social relations improve, then that could improve trade and thus improve politics between the two countries. BTS being invited to the BBMAs is a small step to the closer bonds between Asia and the Western world. This is especially important in the times of political validity worldwide.

*This is in the perspective of a young, queer, female Korean-American


i hate that literally everyone thinks its perfectly okay to insult boys. and i hate that literally everyone forgets that trans boys exist. that trans people exist. every time i see a post that talks about menstration or whatever and only exclusively talks to “ladies” really hurts. any time that i see a post talking about how obnoxious boys are or horrible or stupid or ugly or annoying it really hurts. and any time i see any post leaving out trans people or just insulting males it kinda makes me wanna cry like maybe im wrong and im not supposed to be this way but i still exist and i still want to be loved


Ayyy so I was by tagged @jennii13 (thanks boo) to post my lockscreen, the last selfie I took, and the last fic I read.

I hate hate hate this picture my hair is a mess and that color lipstick should never ever exist on my lips ever it looks horrible. Honestly i only liked the lighting. But whatever. Here you go.

Also I haven’t read a fic in ages and I really need to catch up on everything I’ve missed, but I always make time to read anything written by @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens so there you go.

I don’t know who to tag so I just tag anyone who wants to do this.
A Bitch

AJ Styles/OC. A little bit of physical altercation before the smut. For Anon: AJ keeps chasing after a girl who treats him like dirt and you finally had enough of seeing him like that so you have a go at him telling him to stop chasing people who don’t and won’t ever treat him right. He’s slightly taken aback but gets turned on by your aggression.

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“you don’t want kids?? oh you’re young, you’ll change your mind.”

“that’s so selfish, how can you only think about yourself?”

“b-but women were put on this earth to–”

“how will your life have any meaning without your own children?”


Why Eren x Mikasa is NOT incest. A Q&A for simple-minded people.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga.

Does Eren and Mikasa share the same blood parents?


Do they share the same blood in any way?


Was Mikasa adopted by the Jaegers?

No, she was taken in by them.

That’s wrong. She was adopted.

No, as I said, she was simply taken in by them. If she was adopted, her last name would have changed to Jaeger as well.

Does Eren see Mikasa as family?


How do you know?

Eren has stated multiple times to Mikasa that he is “not her brother/she is not his sister" (and that he is not a child).

Does Mikasa see Eren as family?

It seems that way in season 1. But because of the manga, there is evidence that Mikasa does not see Eren as family. 

Where is this evidence? (Spoilers)

There are a few scenes in which Mikasa portrays non-platonic love for Eren, but let’s cut to the chase and go to the iconic Chapter 50 scene.

If you can’t tell, Mikasa is leaning in for a kiss. You don’t kiss your family member (brother-sister) on the lips. Mikasa does not see Eren as family.

Does that mean that Mikasa likes Eren?

I’m 300% sure that Mikasa has a crush on Eren (or even more). 

Does Eren like Mikasa? 

Maybe. Eren has shown very little romantic affection to any of the characters so we can’t say if he has a crush or not. We’re getting off topic though.

You (usually) don’t have crushes on your family members though.

Exactly. Mikasa does not have a crush on her family member because she does not see Eren as her family. 

So, Eren and Mikasa aren’t related? 


And Mikasa and Eren do not view each other as family?


Because of that, Eren + Mikasa is not incest?

You got it!


Also, if you ever decide to be a complete asshole and argue with an ErenxMikasa shipper, DO NOT pull the incest card. It makes you look like a complete fucking moron. 

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It's horrible to see art without crediting and let's not talk about asking permission because that seems impossible. And the annoying is that?? People reblog the stuff?? like redhoodie and darkwolf whatever their url is do this all the time and people reblog their stuff!! It's not fair to the artists to post their stuff without asking, we have several sites to ask in Japanese and korean and all the shit. It's not that hard guys.

There is really no excuse to post without crediting. And like you said, even if you don’t speak the same language as the artist, google translate is a thing. So there’s no excuse to not ask/check for permission either. 

When I first got on here, I used to follow a lot of blogs that were fuuuuull of reposting artwork uncredited. I just didn’t think it was a big issue, but I know better now. 

Now, I just live by the rule that a) if there is no credit to the artist, and b) if I think the source/artist is already on tumblr, or has specified that they do not want their stuff reposted: I do not reblog it. 

It’s as simple as that.

It means that we have to do our research before reblogging some stuff, but it is so so important. And we’re only going to prevent the reposting if there’s enough people refusing to reblog and encouraging a culture of “credit and ask” on tumblr. :) 

Wholesome Week

Sunday, January 22nd – AU OF CHOICE

Welp, that ended.

This was actually kinda hard to do because there are quite a few aus i like and i wasn’t sure which one to do.

I have my own such as the Sky And The Forces Of The Multiverse AU, The MST3K Au, the HunchBack Of Notre Dame Au, Bunny Farm Au, The What Was Missing Au….

and of course i have some favorite aus by others, Like The Ship War Au ((I want to make a comic where my own fanbabies randomly show up and awkwardly back out but i’m too lazy to finish it)), all the tomco aus, and i also totally adore the Tom Vs The Forces Of Evil Au..

Maybe i’ll do some of these for bonus images (They’ll prolly look much more detailed then the stuff i posted this week cause i didin’t really go all out for this) :P

In the end i settled on the weirdest au i created (( Which is saying alot)).

Presenting the” Marco, The Interdenominational Babysitter” au

This is an au where Marco is still the same, except he actually babysits Star, Tom, Ponyhead, and for the hell of it, Mina…who are all little kids.

Also Jackie, Janna, Ferguson, Alfonso ,and Oskar all sometimes help him because he’s stuck with four of the most insane magic kids ever to take care of.

Help Him.

Well, that was fun i suppose.

Now it’s time for me to hide back under my rock as the fandom totally forgets i even exist. 

see y’all when the bomb hits, cause i’m sure i’ll be be writing lots of theories and critiques on whatever happens, as well as post even more horrible jokes.