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You want to know what makes me angry?

BARELY 50% of the people in the U.S. voted. Think about that. We have been condemned to four years of that racist fucking cheese puff. We have MILLIONS OF PEOPLE whose rights and livelihoods are in jeopardy and half of this country doesn’t even care. Couldn’t even be bothered to vote.

Men and women have fought and died for that right and they just threw it away. If I ever meet an American who tells me they didn’t vote this year (if they were eligible), I’m going to just fucking deck them.


Donald Trump won the presidency with 59,480,726 votes.

That’s 1,452,778 votes FEWER than Mitt Romney lost with.

It’s 467,597 votes fewer than John McCain lost with. 

(And 200,372 votes fewer than Hillary Clinton lost with. Just saying.)

This was the WORST VOTER TURNOUT since the 2000 election. A full TEN MILLION PEOPLE fewer voted than in 2008. Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE didn’t vote when they were eligible to. 

You know what? Correction. I’m not angry. I’m fucking livid.

know what’s “funny,” Mxy stated more than once what an inspiring and amazing hero Kara is, he begged her not to kill herself because “the world needs Supergirl”

Even the villain trying to blackmail Kara into marrying him believes and is more inspired by her than her so called love interest. 

  • Extreme Christians: Don't you DARE abort that baby! No matter what, you're a murderer if you do. Plenty of people would love to adopt that baby.
  • Same-sex couples: :)
  • Extreme Christians: No, not you.
it hurts that maven calore could've been a different (probably not the cruel boy that he is) if he didnt have elara for a mother

im sad

maybe he could find love that his parents never gave him. (not with mare though gods) 

maybe he wouldn’t had his love for cal forgotten and twisted into anger and hatred. (’my brother. my father. i know i loved them once. i remember it. but i dont feel it. that love isn’t there anymore’)

maybe he wouldn’t have gone to the dark side. 

maybe somehow, he could’ve been happy.  pained for his past, but he could’ve had a future that doesn’t involve him dying in the hands of his enemies. (’the pain makes you stronger. love makes you weak.’)

i’m sorry he’s a monster, yes, i know that, but he was made; that led him to his fucking twisted path now.

  • Me: This story is going really great.
  • Me: Oh my god I've thought of an amazing plot twist!
  • Me: Okay that plot twist meant I have to change a few things hang on...
  • Me: Whoops there's a plot hole let's fix that.
  • Me: Oh jeez this plot has gotten really complicated.
  • Me: None of this bit makes any sense anymore.
  • Me: What have I done.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *abandons story*

Gilbert: -and that’s when the plan will go horribly wrong.

Matthew:… what kind of plan plans to go horribly wrong?

Gilbert: Look, birdie, if it’s part of the plan that the plan is going to go horribly wrong then when it does then everything is going according to plan!

Matthew: That’s- now is the time for rational thinking.

Gilbert: Rational thinking would tell us to think irrationally. 

Matthew: You can’t-

Alfred: I’m in!!

Matthew: *dies*

Being an aromantic with romantic urges fucking sucks, because you have no desire to be in a relationship and you never want to get married and settle down, but you watch movies and read books with romantic sub plots and you get invested in their love and you root for them and want them to be happy, and in the back of your mind you think, “Man, I want that, I want to be in love” even though you know damn well you don’t. And then you just and up feeling confused and wrong and broken.

Tell me what you think.

It may be a mistake to post this on Tumblr, but I trust people to be adults capable of having a discussion about this game we love so much.

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Also, vampires that look so unlike humans that the idea that they were once humans is mind-breakingly horrifying to almost everybody is A+++ shit and I wish there was more of it

horrible concept: a Rosemary fic where Rose plans to knit Kanaya a sweater as a charming nondenominational human secular holiday present but Vriska and Terezi find out and try to make Drama by telling Kanaya about the fearsome power of the legally binding human sweater curse. Hilarity ensues as they drag Kanaya around and try to come up with horrible, improbable ways to sabotage the sweater project, and fail at every turn through bizarre and mysterious coincidences, and Kanaya almost starts to believe them, but in the end she and Rose make up, and it doesn’t matter anyway because Rose has never finished a major knitting project in her life.