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Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

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oohh i saw with your last headcanon something about suzuha x yukine can u please give some headcanons about them?? like. if kuguha would have been like "no not him, he's too nice someone else" and would still be alive? how their relationship would have been n stuff? thank u already c:


IF SUZUHA WERE STILL ALIVE!!! Oh man IF HE WAS STILL ALIVE!!! Yukine and him would just be darling little dorks who LOVE to garden!!!!

Suzuha has been around longer so he’ll take Yukine to the secret gardens around the town and Wows Yukine!!! And Yukine will take in everything Suzuha is saying with such passion bc this is so cool (and so is Suzuha)

And like? ?? When they go around the town enjoying the plants and stuff, Yukine takes the initiative and holds hands with Suzuha and this boy is blushing like CRAZY BUT SO IS SUZUHA BC!!! He wanted to hold hands first with him what the heck!!!!!!

And you know the cute shit they do??? They make pots together. Paint pots for all the new flowers/succulunts/etc. that they’re excited to put up in each others home. Their drawing skills are horrible and soon they start painting each other and fall down into a giggling mess. Terribly Cute.

Yato is happy his son has someone to share his happiness with and shared passion with and like!!! He ets surprised when they ask him to join them with gardening stuff and Yato joins happily!!!! But he knows not to say anything Too embarrassing bc Yukine has a very big plow in his hands at all times. Still, he hugs Yukine and ruffles both their heads. One is exasperated and the other is just laughing too much to care.

But oh the days Bishamon is asked to join them too and Bishamon is just such a Mom and hugs Suzuha and keeps telling him she’s proud and happy Suzuha has found someone to share his love with. And just that blush is so cute!!! But he hides it behind the hat and Yukine laughs, grabbing his hand as they get back to plowing.

Yukine has at this point, become a Master of the skateboard and so he teaches Suzuha all about skating. Lots of hugging and swearing and laughing involved with that.

And then those gosh darn Sakura festivals where they have dates together and Yato takes some secret pics, but leaves them be for the majority so he can battle Hiyori in a booth game.

Those Sakura festival dates where they just walk hand in hand sharing cotton candy and throwing petals at each other.

god i’m holding myself back on this anon before it becomes too long.


He’s watching Judy’s reaction to the sloth bUT THEN HIS EYES DROP FOR A SPLIT SECOND IN THE THIRD FRAME?????


(ok it’s not very clear in my horrible paint skills but you can see it in the actual trailer)

(nobody should ever witness how many times I am capable of watching the same short clip over and over again to notice all the tiny details)