horrible scum


I am so tired of y’all treating this fuck (Yūji Terushima) as a motherfucking prince cuss he is not a good person he was way too forward and persistent when trying to get kiyoko’s phone number when she was clearly against it and tried to politely excuse herself while mind you showing a great deal of discomfort in the situation he even ganged up on her with his friend but i get that if you haven’t read the manga you wouldn’t know it but he ain’t a good person so now that you know you can judge his persona with more knowledge than that he looks hot and has a tongue piercing 


Reblog this and warn people of this homophobic, ableist, transphobic “daddy”
NO daddy should be as rude, unaccepting and disgusting as he was on my post about love and caregiving. I feel sorry for any little that he snags in his claws.
PLEASE let the community know about this horrible, horrible pile of scum.

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I hate….rude people.
Like, there are just certain people that really get under my fucking skin and those are the people who don’t understand their grand placement in this universe. I’m talking about the assholes who will harass people till they delete their social media accounts because “they aren’t shipping these characters together how dare they, they must be evil and homophobic.” The cry babies who tell someone to kill themselves because they didn’t enjoy a fucking Zelda game as much as they did so now they have to furiously and angrily spread rumors, try to sue them? and just do everything they can to make this person seem like a horrible scum bag just because they didn’t jerk off to botw. Or what I’ve experienced, the people who try to be clever and “troll” by telling you shit you could really care less about, just because you wanna make other people smile or laugh. I literally just delete hateful messages and stuff if it shows up every so often in my messages, but I still just think it’s disgusting and sad that there’s people out there though like who have quit their jobs, or been taken to court because they said something that pissed off some nerd on the internet. It’s ironic because most these pants pissing tantrum throwing children call out shit like “What’s wrong you triggered?” Like it’s also sad irony is clearly lost on these idiots!
I just wanted to say that like, guys, if you’re doing something that’s not harming anyone, and you’re just being a kind person and entertaining us or giving your honest input about something cause that’s your job, just remember if you got “trolls” you’re way better off then them in the first place, and ignoring them makes you even better off in the long run.

When vegans get mad at meat eaters because they tell them “stop shoving that at me.”

Listen here. Those meat eaters have all the advertisements and shit and you’re probably like those do the same. Yes they do but also because those meat eaters were raised like that. They were raised to eat the meat. It’s a normal thing in their everyday life to eat cows and pigs and chickens, etc.

So when you decide to come into their lives and say that what they’re doing is wrong, they’re probably going to get defensive. How is it wrong if they were raised on it?

You can easily solve this simple problem. Kindly tell them what you think is bad about eating meat and how they could change their ways.

DO NOT tell them they are paying to kill animals.
DO NOT tell them what they are doing makes them horrible terrible scum.
DO NOT make them feel like terrible people and guilt them into something they are not comfortable with, because that is abuse and you are abusing that human.

If they react in a negative way after you were kind and tried to tell them about being a vegan/vegetarian, then drop it. You can’t easily change the mind of someone who has been doing the same thing since they were born. You can’t change everyone, so just do your best.

If you’re going to be one of those batshit crazy vegans then you need to get out and stay the fuck away from meat eaters because you are toxic abusers to other HUMAN BEINGS and that makes you a piece of shit. So actually think about that for a while. You don’t have to attack others to get what you want.

A huge and shitty aspect of many ~social justice~ circles and crews, both on this godforsaken website and out in the real world, is how people desperate to be radicool allies/supporters will take the words of any marginalized individual and believe it 100% without question. This applies in literally every circle, every space, every single sj movement, form racial to cultural to gender to political movements, people desperate to be “good allies” will often take the words of those they are expected to support and eat it up. There are numerous instances when terrible, shitty people part of some marginalized group use these circles/groups/spaces to hide their own rampant shittiness and make up stories about those who could potentially expose them

and people just eat it up because with the politics of it all, to question what someone like that has to say would render you a “bad ally”

and then these seemingly “safe” spaces become toxic cess-pools dominated by horrible, manipulative, self-righteous scum that ultimately harm the movement

The good that comes out of this, though, is that these same scum will amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things and will never leave/exit/influence anything beyond their immediate hive-mind following

@calispaniard you blocked me but LMAO crying over the deaths of our LGBT brothers and sisters in not a fucking agenda you can eat shit and die.

i love how you have the fucking nerve to call us disturbed and distressed queers “horrible and scum” yet you frequently only talk about the florida shooting to prove that acephobia is a real thing.