horrible scanner and scanning

Okay wow this scan is horrible and it’s a new scanner so I don’t know how to tweak it so it’s better auugh How am I going to do other arts with this awful scanning ughhh I need to fuck witht he resolution or something because this just is unacceptable.



So in all this business in my newfound AU, I have further ventured into headcanon territory, and apparently decided that when 15YearOld!Daxter’s Goggles are off, at the length it seems to be in TPL, his hair is one big frumpy mess. This is pretty much what I’m talking about,

ALONG WITH FURTHER HEADCANON of Jak helping Dax stuff all that hair into his goggle-hat-thing, to get that unorganized frump into the more orderly Plume shape we know and love from the beginning of the game. :3

Seems like it would be a nice little bonding ritual for the two of them. Gives Dax a chance to run his mouth and Jak to nod helpfully and be overall serene.