horrible realisation

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do you think daryl should have told carol about glenn and abraham?

yes definitely as although i understand the reasons why he didn’t (because he didn’t want to upset carol even more or to cause her to blame herself), i feel like if i was in carol’s position, i too would want to know if my family were okay and to be provided with a false sense of security and happiness would be horrible, especially after the realisation of these lies.

that’s my viewpoint anyway, i’m not sure if it’s the most logical or not , but that’s how i thought about it. anyway, thank you so much for asking and i hope you’re having a lovely day!


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Member: Baekhyun

Genre: Angst (A little bit of harsh language at the end)

Word Count: 1,947

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Part 2 , Part 3

Mean. Horrible. Bitchy. These three words were the words that you brought along with you wherever you went and you were well aware of how atrocious your reputation was. In every high school based movie, there will always be this mean girl who screws everything and everyone just simply hate her guts. Yes, that girl in this story is you. Of course you had friends, who were as mean as you were, and they were your group of cheerleaders. You were the head cheerleader of your school and everyone treated you like a queen. Whoever you despise, they despise him or her more. That’s how your everyday life goes and you were so young, too young to realise how short lived popularity and friends lasted. You were too caught up being you that you did not realise how horrible your image was.

Even though you were one hell of a mean girl back in your high school days, you had the brains and graduated out of your college with a degree in Architecture. Of course, it was because someone had changed you and you were grateful for it. That man was Baekhyun. He was your everything. However, you disappointed him and he probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you by now. You broke his heart and you definitely paid the price for it. Baekhyun left without hearing how you much you love him and how much he meant to you. After things were over with Baekhyun you weren’t your old self any longer, in college you were rather quiet and had barely 4 friends. You couldn’t bring yourself to date with the guilt you have for hurting Baekhyun and the feelings you still harboured for him.

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I’ll probably delete this but I’ve just stumbled across this photo and this was two years ago??? Like??? I don’t look like that at all anymore, - but red head-Michael is a blessing: so here you go :-) [London, 05.09.2014]

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idk man 10 year old wank was pretty hilarious

  • We down talked all the students except our friends until the door rang again.
  • Sexual tension ruins everything (sorta)
  • But as everyone left, I was hit with a horrible realisation. It was Sunday. Meaning tomorrow was…MONDAY! I hadn’t done any homework…as usual. Grandma always tells me off, but I’m cool with it. So, I went to sleep.
  • Don’t snigger at my sudden change. He is my best friend. I’ll do anything for him. I can’t let him go to that tart’s party alone; he’ll never make it out alive.
  • Did I just crash the jeep?
  • After getting dressed and doing all the boring stuffs, I started towards the door.
  • But the worst was yet to come. (I’m making this sound like a horror story). She leaned towards me wielding a little bag.“Nu uh. There is no way you’re going to put makeup on my face.”
  • we ventured further into the darkness of the pit of children’s crushed dreams, our hands entwined, and our hearts beating to the same rhythm.
  • “God, you’re sexy when you fight.” He winked. “Inappropriate!” Dad yelled
  • But don’t most hot guys looks good in chinos and polo shirts anyway? I don’t wanna have to go all boy-crazy on you, but hot damn.
  • “I’m sixteen.” He said. “I’m a man now.

Have a good old giggle at some of the highlights of 10 year old purecamp’s genius. you’re welcome


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“I’m sorry,” He told you softly, “I just want to make things right between us again.”

You shook your head, “As much as I want to, I can’t. Bellamy, you’re not sorry because you realise how horrible the things you did to the Grounders were - you’re sorry because me and Octavia turned away; you’re only sorry because you lost us. You need to realise what mistakes you made and do it fast because I’m not going to stand here and wait.”


What, no more #renewagentcarter, no more “We want Agent Carter on Netflix!”, we’ve all gone quiet?

I know it may take a while for someone to realise what horrible mistakes were made when the show was cancelled, but it’s never going to happen if we shut up, nu siree. We have to keep requesting a renewal. We need to demand a renewal.

Keep posting on twitter, facebook, instagram, whatever media apps you people use, that you want more than two seasons of Agent Carter and that you want them fast.

Get MARVEL’s attention, that’s what we need to do.

So DON’T STOP REQUESTING, agents! We WILL get a third season, and we WILL get it on our terms, with Jack Thompson alive!


If you sacrifice Arcadia Bay, literally everyone dies.
Max rewound going to the diner so anyone she saved then will have died. Like Evan, Alyssa and the two other guys.
“Two whales is still standing when you drive past it so Warren and Joyce and Frank would still be alive”
Yeah but Two Whales blew up inside.
“David is down in the bunker”
David never went to the Dark Room
The only people who survived would have been Max, Chloe…
…and Jeffershit.
Mr Jefferson would have taken Victoria down to the Dark Room and probably killed her. He would have been there when the storm hit, or would have gone up to the surface and seen the tornado and gone “fuck that” and stayed in the bunker.
Chloe and Max literally have to live with the blood of Arcadia Bay on their hands.
Chloe is still destined to die, so every town they go to will be destroyed. They will most likely go to Seattle because Max’s parents live there, and then they will die.

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I think it speaks volumes for how messed up Homura’s self esteem is that all her witch familiars refer to her as a “good for nothing” and their job is literally to carry out her execution. In the same way that it’s horribly upsetting to realise Madoka’s witch form is the embodiment of her desire to make the world a better place, even if it means tearing it all to shreds, it’s quite painful to consider how much Homura would have to hate herself to create the Clara Dolls out of her despair.

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I wholeheartedly agree with J.K. Rowling’s views on Malfoy. She never wrote him to be the tragic almost-hero so many people depict him as. Yes, he was forced into a lot of bad circumstances. Yes, his upbringing did him no favours. Yes, upon occasion he tried to be a better person, and yes he raised his son to be a better person than he was. Yes, he didn’t realise the horrible realities of life as a Death Eater until he was too far in. Did he love his family? Yes, and that was his greatest redeeming feature. But was he also a racist, bigoted bully who expressed a wish that Hermione would die, who made jokes about Cedric Diggory’s death, who spent years tormenting others because of their parentage, their social and economic background, because they weren’t up to defending themselves or because he was jealous – or simply because he could? Yes, he was. Was he a coward? Yes. Was he lazy and spiteful and cruel and full of self-importance and arrogance? Yes, he was. Did he mock Hagrid for his parentage and did he do his best to have him sacked and Buckbeak murdered because he was too arrogant to heed Hagrid’s words? Yes, he did. Did he spread rumours to Rita Skeeter, knowing full well how harmful his words could be? Yes, he did. Did he throw racist slurs around like there was no tomorrow, trying to make himself seem more impressive and trying to put others down? Yes, constantly. Draco Malfoy had some good qualities, yes. But they were always far outweighed by the bad ones, and people let him off or make excuses for him far, far too much. Draco, ultimately, was not a nice person.

the shittiest part is that I’m really loosing everybody that i care about. 

everyone that i love has realised how horrible i am, how annoying, stupid, emotional. 

i have nobody these days & my insignificance to the world is honestly the most painful thing

Ugh, I think I’ve caught something, it’s horrible… and I just realised how sleazy that sounds. Let me correct that, I think I’ve caught a cold; perhaps from an intimate interaction, but nevertheless, that’s irrelevant information.