horrible quality but oh well


Now, i know that they already have an official uniform, but i really wanted to draw my version.. Maybe i’ll do the other guys and girls as well..maybe


Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]


I tried a livestream of some TATINOFIP art tonight, but the quality was horrible >.< Oh well, here’s the video sped up 10X! Will finish the art tomorrow probably ^_^ 


Yeah, so @underchara had the idea of putting together the battle with Sans and the “benny hill theme”, so I went and did it for Geno-Undyne too.

The battle looks so much stupider

don’t know if I should feel like trash or be proud of myself

watch until the end, there’s a little something i added because i was bored

(btw the kazoo version of “determination” was made by Tsuko G.)