horrible quality again


Welp, this is my take on the “good ending” for Underfell. You fix the corrupt save file and everyone reverts to their friendly, lovable selves.

this is kinda self indulgent though, since im sure that in reality none of them would remember underfell taking place except sans (similar to when their souls got sucked up by asriel)

so here’s a bonus alternate ending with that idea in mind:

”I love… The Order where Lenalee and everyone is at! My home…-Allen Walker (Chapter 205- My Home)

After beating Korrina:

LOOK AT THIS CUTE LITTLE FROG JUMPING ON ASH and even nuzzling his face against his ~~~ cutiiieesssss

After beating Ramos:

HHHNNNNNN IT LEVELED UP!!! This is a legit bullet glomp!!!! And look at how they smile at each other afterwards!!! How much cuter can you two get???!!! my heart… 

After beating Wulfric:


??????  where’s the leveled up lovey dovey cuteness hug lvl 3

….They had that dramatic eye contact and dramatic high five afterwards I guess, but… 

Are they too cool for hugs and cuddles now? I’m sad… ;w;


Mick showing his support for Keith during a press conference about Keith’s court case sentence, of which he was arrested a year previously as he was pulled over in his Bentley for reckless driving during the Stones’ European tour, and found with cocaine and LSD on his person. The results were he was found guilty for possessing cocaine and fined €750 plus court costs, but not guilty of possessing LSD, 1977.

Out of sight, out of mind: Sorry about the horrible quality of this picture- again, my iPod camera is to blame. But this is part of my secret base in ORAS. So, pokemon-global-academy’s blog runner was feeling down. So, I made this. I’ll probably change it later, but for right now this is part of my base. There’s also a part that has a bunch of huge dolls, but that’s not important right now. I’m gonna go to bed soon, but before I go I wanted to share this.

It’s an area with 3 Pichu dolls, 2 Pikachu dolls, and 2 Pika Posters. I hope you like it, and I hope you feel better- emotionally, and physically if you have a cold or something- soon! ~Rose-mun

A Week Without Regrets / Day 3: COLORS