horrible progression

040103- Gravity

I hope you enjoyed today’s comics! It sure was fun trying to find new ways to make them. Kind of pained me as an artist, though, haha!

In case you’re wondering, I’m still doing regular, single-comic updates on Saturdays, aside from tomorrow. I’ll see you next week with a new non-clip art, non-stock image comic!


I was brainstorming while driving home from work tonight and I think I finally figured out something that I’d been struggling with for my Soulmate AU! I’ve been really in the mood to work on that fic lately, so maybe it can finally happen…

26th of February: Solangelo Kiss on the cheek Sketch

Because Nico keeps giving Will kisses on the cheeks every here and there in the sequel when he thinks nobody will notice or think too much of it.

Will+Nico © Rick Riordan
Art © Tári

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