horrible picking habit


stream dump! from the 90s themed stream we had recently -lies on my side- 

it was chill and i enjoyed it. sorry if you came to the stream and we didn’t interact much. when you skype with 3 people and draw good stuff, that’s.. a lot of fun haha -sweats-

There’ll be more 90s themed streams coming your way! i should actually announce them here. >_>;; i’m always on twitter -sweats a lot-

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AU where Sphintus and Titus are together and Sphintus has this horrible habit of picking up reptiles off the road and bringing them home. Titus cool with it as long as whatever he gets doesn’t try and kill anyone and one day Titus goes to take a shower to find a huge fucking crocodile in their tub and he screams for Sphintus to come get it out and Sphin just gives him puppy eyes and whines but eventually the crocodile has to leave and Sphin sleeps on the couch for a month.