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Hey guys. So 2017 was going alright up until last week.

I’ve maxed out my Credit Card and used the money I had set aside for my monthly car payment to feed my family, buy wood pellets for the stoves to keep us from freezing to death, and for gas to drive my mother’s husband to his appointments in Lutherville, MD (I live 3 hours from there mind you and I have yet to receive any compensation from his Workman’s comp. people like I was supposed to).

I have no money and my mom’s husband just lost his job because Purdue is a horrible company. Her husband was making a good majority of the money and his paychecks normally left us with enough to buy enough of what we need to survive, which was very little.

I have opened commissions once more to try to make any money that will help us because I don’t feel right asking for donations.

The above works were chosen quickly and yes I did reuse my old commission info format and final image. I have tags to show what my other works are like and they are Ki Drawings and Ki Dooldes

If you are interested PLEASE contact me at rinx1148@yahoo.com so that I may go over details, cost, and so that I can send you an invoice through PayPal. Invoices are a must now so that I don’t get in legal trouble.

If you cannot afford to commission me or just do not wish to, please at least reblog this. I am at my wits-end trying to help our family of 6. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

SNOWBAZ PROPOSAL FIC REQUEST. A long time coming, I know, I’m sorry, anon! Enjoy!


“Baz, will you fight me… for the rest of our lives?”

“Baz, will you let me be your horrible husband?”

“Baz, will you just fucking marry me, you git?”

I groaned, throwing myself back on the bed in a dramatic flourish that Baz’d be proud of, away from the vanity mirror. I felt our dog, Cherry, snuffling at my feet and nibbling at my socks, but I didn’t have the energy to drag my bottom half up on the bed.

It felt like I’d been practicing this for 58 years.

I turned over and buried my face in the duvet, breathing in the smell of cedar and bergamot. The smell of Baz was everywhere, apparently.

“Fucking damn him,” I muttered. I couldn’t escape the wanker.

He’d had to take a short business trip, which I thought had been the perfect opportunity to get my shit together. I had been so excited, in fact, that Baz had been insulted, so I’d had to spend a whole day assuring him I wasn’t cheating on him with our neighbor Anthony.

The fact was literally the opposite. Baz left on Tuesday and I ordered the ring as soon as his uber rounded the corner. The moment he was out of sight, I ran back in the door and tripped up to our flat, ripping the landline off the hook and calling the jeweler.

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So I’m lying in bed with my back to my husband being super dramatic, because my chest cold makes me wheeze. I’m saying goodbye to the cats, the ceiling, the lamp. All the while my husband is telling me to stop it.

Me: “Don’t waste money on that Memorial crap”

Husband: “Stop it”

Me: “You can have my cintiq”

Husband: “it’s not funny”

Me: “Send my Undertale stuff to @lycerialilfire She will like it”

Husband: “Gggaaaaaabbbyyy”

Me: “Use the nice box for my ashes”

Husband: “Goddammit”

Me: “I would say use the dumpster but I bet the condo association has some sort of rule against that….”

Husband: *snort*

Me: “Did you just snort?”

Husband: “yes…”

Me: “You’re a horrible person!”

Husband: “well you only left me a used cintiq”

Now I’m not going to die out of spite.

Her husband is horrible, but I always (sorta) liked Melania Trump for that one amazing quote she gave in an interview.

*Interviewer* “Be honest: Would you have married Trump if he wasn’t rich?”

*Melania* “Would he have married me if I wasn’t beautiful?”

That is a great comeback line on people who are snobby about trophy wives and “golddiggers” in general.

In certain marriages, eh, neither person is getting into it for exactly honorable reasons. Personal choices, man. 

Being loved as a diabetic
  • Being diabetic comes with a lot of ups and downs medically and mentally. Being with a diabetic comes with those ups and downs. The biggest down I have being a diabetic my blood sugar drops at the worst of times like 5: 30 am. Not an easy fix low but in the 30s. Lows aren't fun and takes a lot of time to try and fix. I feel horrible for my husband every time I drop because it is a pain in the ass and inconvenient. The biggest up I have being diabetic is being loved as a diabetic, the fact no matter what time it is he is up and taking care of me. He doesn't let me believe myself when I think I'm being an inconvenience. He loves me ups and downs and all.
BTS: As a Family Pt. 2 Dinner Time
  • A/N: All other parts are listed on my masterlist.
  • Jin: *looks @ Jungkook* Do you want to help mommy make dinner?
  • Jungkook: Par-
  • Jin: I swear if you say "pardon" again I will put you in this oven and burn you alive.
  • Jungkook: .... Daddy! Mommy's making death threats again!!
  • Rap Mon: Why do you have to be so hard on the kids?
  • Jin: I don't know, why do you have to be such a horrible, unsupportive father and husband?! *uncontrollable sobbing*
  • Rap Mon: *slowly backs away*
  • -later @ the dinner table-
  • Jin: Dinner is ready so eat up mother fuckers.
  • Suga: Suga doesn't eat vegetables. Too much swag for that.
  • J-Hope: Dad you're setting a bad example for the kids. St-
  • Taehyung: Yeah he's right! I've got too much swag for this shoot.
  • Jimin: It's "shit" Tae, not "shoot".
  • BTS: *gasps*
  • Jin: *points @ Taehyung* You sit down and eat you goddamn vegetables. *points @ Jimin* And you shut the fuck up and watch your damn mouth. You are literally 7 years old. I don't know where you learned those fucking words but I better not hear them again bastard. Do you fucking understand me?
  • Taehyng & Jimin: Ok mom.
  • Jin: See, this is my only real child. Jungkook will eat his vegetables, right baby?
  • Jungkook: No. Fucking. Way.
  • Jungkook: *gulps* Pardon?
  • J-Hope: *shrieking laughter*
  • Suga: *sleeping on plate*
  • Rap Mon: *rapping about how chaotic family can be*
  • Taehyung & Jimin: *throwing veggies @ Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: *crying*
  • BTS: *dead silence*
  • Jin: Thank you. Now how was you day honey? *turns to a terrified Namjoon*

A brief review of the Mystic Messenger valentine’s update 

Jaehee: MC and Jaehee literally get trapped in the closet. The whole situation is gay as hell but won’t commit. They don’t even make out. I can’t believe this.

Zen: Chucklefuck still hasn’t put a ring on it. All the innuendos are fun tho.

Yoosung: Why is he dressed like a middle aged woman with poor fashion sense? Otherwise everything is actually really, really cute.  +10 for getting to call yourself king and coordinator. Would be better if there was a d-THERE’S A DOG +500. BEST.

Jumin: Played first because I love my horrible trash husband. Ultimately kind of disappointed. Please stop buying her so much shit, the spirit of Marx is crying. -10 for still not being able to murder the father-in-law.

707: Cute but kind of annoying, which actually just about sums up how I feel about Seven in general. You get the chance to tell Zen that you like it rough though so +10.