horrible husbands

Trump is a horrible human. A horrible husband. A horrible father. A horrible businessman. A horrible President. A horrible judge of character.

Think about how much our society enables, and is built for, mediocre white men to prevail and retain power.

proud dunmer parent 1: my child was blessed by almalexia herself!
proud dunmer parent 2: my child was not only blessed by almalexia, but spent an hour being carried in the holy mother’s arms and being lovingly presented to Her Hands!
proud dunmer parent 3: almalexia took my child for a day and bought it new clothes and discussed its possible futures for an hour and insisted on leaving it money for school
proud dunmer parent 4: i offered forth my infant to almalexia and she began crying and had to be escorted away… 

Jim Jones was a cult leader responsible for the murder-suicide now known as the Jonestown Massacre, where 918 people lost their lives.  In order to understand how this tragedy happened, it’s important to know how Jonestown began.  Who was Jim Jones and how was he able to gain the love, respect and trust from so many that they were willing to die for him?

Jim Jones was born May 13, 1931 in Crete, Indiana. He grew up in a very poor family, residing in a shack with no electricity.  From a very young age Jones had an obsessive interest in religion.  As a child, he would hold sermons in his backyard and have neighborhood children attend his church services.  Sometimes when the children wanted to leave, Jones would lock all the doors and refuse to let them leave, forcing them to stay and listen to his sermons. He was very harsh on children who were not as interested in church as he was and would take personal offense. By the age of 16, Jones was preaching to both black and white churches, which was highly unusual, as the city was still segregated. But Jones had a very upbeat and friendly personality and he was very passionate about the poor and the underrepresented, and empathized with the non-whites.

After graduating high school, Jim went to college to study medicine and began working as a hospital orderly. During that time in 1949, Jim met Marceline Baldwin, a nurse who worked in the same hospital. After dating for a short time, Jim and Marceline would get married.  A few years later in 1952, Jim was working as a student pastor in a Methodist church and the congregation did not take kindly to Jim’s beliefs in desegregation. It is important to note that the Ku Klux Klan was very well known in Indiana during the time Jones resided there.  At one time, there were more members in the KKK there than in any other state.  Around 250,000 men were members of the Indiana KKK at its peak, which included many prominent government officials, police and the like.  Racial tension was at an all time high and Jones preaching about loving your neighbor of all colors and interracial congregations was neither accepted, nor tolerated. Jones had no choice but to resign as pastor.  It was then that he formed his own congregation.  Originally the church was known as Community Unity and it focused on Christian beliefs. It was during his time of running the Community Unity that Jones decided that there was no God because if there was, there wouldn’t be so much poverty, hatred and inequality in the world.  He then decided he would no longer be preaching of God and religion, but rather shifting his focus to what he was passionate about: poverty and people of all colors being treated fairly and equal. In 1956, Jones created the People’s Temple.

From the beginning, the People’s Temple was prominent in the civil rights movement. Jones was responsible for desegregating the police department, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses in Indianapolis. Additionally, the Temple opened up a soup kitchen for the homeless and poor, had free housing available for senior citizens and the mentally ill and Jim and Marceline even opened up their own home for homeless and unwed mothers. It was the first time in history that people were publicly offering assistance to people regardless of their race.  It was also at this time that Jim and Marceline adopted a Native American child, three Korean children and became the first white family in Indiana to adopt a black child. This adoption took place in 1961, the same year the freedom fighters tried to desegregate buses in Alabama and were brutally attacked. Because of the integration and desegregation Jim Jones was responsible for, the residents of the city felt threatened and would send the family death threats and spit on them in public.  Many of the people in Indianapolis of all races saw what Jones was trying to accomplish and they wanted to be a part of it. They saw that he was really for the people and trying to make a good, positive change in the world.  Needless to say for all the good they were trying to do, they were met with hatred, threats of violence and even assaults.  Jones decided that it was no longer safe for his family in Indianapolis and they moved to Brazil. They were only there for a short time before returning to the United States, but this time making California their home. Many of the original Temple members, around 150 from Indiana, made the move to California with the Jones family.

Not everything was love and peace in the family. Jim’s wife Marceline was very unhappy about Jim renouncing his faith in God. Marceline still considered herself a Christian and would still pray to the Lord, which angered Jim greatly. At times, he would threaten Marceline that he’d commit suicide if she continued praying to God. He was also extremely jealous and did not want anyone giving his wife any kind of attention, even though he was known to carry on affairs quite often. Jim also developed a drug addiction to prescription pills that would cause erratic mood swings and bouts of paranoia.  In fact, the move to California was due to Jim’s paranoia and a vision he had of nuclear holocaust. He felt they would be safe from the disaster in California. 

By the early 70’s in California, Temple membership had grown considerably. Word had spread all over the country about Jones and his refreshing approach to race relations. During this time, People’s Temple had approximately 2,500 members. Jones began preaching to his people quotes from the Bible, even though he denounced his faith. He would find things that were fitting for him to go with his own selfish desires and wants and use the Bible as a backup source. An example of this would be Jones quoting Matthew 19:21, which reads, “Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Temple members wound up doing just that. They sold their homes and cars and gave all of the money to the Temple. The ones who had jobs and continued to work would turn over their entire paycheck to the Temple. The elderly who drew retirement and social security would turn over their entire checks to the Temple. In their minds, they were contributing to the “Good Cause”.  He made his members feel loved, safe and hopeful. While he was kind to everyone, he was especially compassionate to the poor and the uneducated. The majority of his followers were classified as such and to them, he was a savior. They wanted somewhere to belong and fit in and something to be proud of. He gave them all of that and more. All of them referred to him as “father” and had nothing but respect for him. His speeches were so uplifting to his members, even when he said ridiculous things such as he was the reincarnation of Jesus or Buddha, they just went with it. As new people would come to check out the organization and their charismatic leader, Jim’s ego demanded more and more followers and praise. Additionally, he was always looking to make more money.  He again began his practices of faking miracles and healings, something that garnered a little bit of attention in his earlier years, but this was on a much bigger level.  He would use his members to pretend to cure cancer and other ailments, making blind people see again, making people in wheelchairs walk again. These events were well-planned and thought out and with his large organization acting like they had witnessed an actual miracle (most were not privy to the behind the scenes operation and planning and truly believed that he was legitimately Jesus incarnate and performing miracles) many visitors would believe too.  Even though Jones would lie and manipulate, during his speeches he would come across as honest, vibrant, caring and positive. He was liked and well respected by not only the Temple, but the entire community. 

As Jim Jones became more dependent on drugs and his paranoia grew, he began using scare tactics on his followers. He would tell them that people were plotting against them, including the CIA. To his followers, this was terrifying. They felt all they had was each other and their “father”. He also made sure to increase the dedication people had for him as well as making them more disciplined followers. He began making ridiculous claims to his members, informing all the males in his organization that they were all homosexual, all of them but him.  He would have sex with the male members to prove to them that they liked it. Additionally, he would have sex with the women members and then during their daily meetings, they were expected to speak on what horrible lovers their husbands were and what a great lover Jones was. He eventually informed his members that they were not allowed to have sex, not even the married couples. Essentially, the only time anyone was “allowed” to have sex was when it was with Jim Jones.

In the early 70’s Jones and his “church” was accused by the media of financial fraud, physical abuse of its members and mistreatment of children. It was while this was going on that Jones purchased some land in Guyana in an effort to move himself and the entire People’s Temple so as to avoid the people who were supposedly plotting against him and trying to ruin him.  It was his goal to create a utopian society here, free of racism and worry, but also to seemingly gain much more control over his followers. Initially there was a small group of members sent to Guyana to begin building houses, plant crops and prepare the area for all the members.    In the mean time, Jim Jones got to work holding meetings, letting all the members know what was to be expected of their move and the tropical paradise that awaited them, getting passports made of all of his members and continuing to try to make as much money as possible.  Eventually Jim Jones and 1,000 of his members all made the move to Guyana and arrived at the compound known as Jonestown.  What they arrived to was anything but the heaven they were told it would be. The houses were not yet completed, nor was anything else complete because Jones did not want to spend a lot of money on the project.  It was less like paradise and more like a concentration camp. Jones informed the members that no one was allowed to leave and to reinforce that, he stationed armed guards around the property. Additionally, he confiscated their passports so they could not leave. He also confiscated outgoing mail so members could not get a hold of any family or friends outside of Jonestown. Some worried family members made phone calls to Jonestown and Jim and his closest members would listen in on the calls to make sure no one was out of line.  Members were expected to work on the land day and night, with minimal breaks and very little food.  With Jones treating his members horribly, it’s no surprise that he was always on edge, wondering if they were plotting against him. He installed an intercom system in Jonestown with a loud speaker and would get on the speaker at all hours, day and night, drunkenly preaching to his members, many times speaking of upcoming doom and an apocalypse. He began holding mock suicide drills in the middle of the night due to his thoughts of the US government being out to destroy him. Members were publicly beaten for disobeying as well as threatened with death. Coupling the new environment making members extremely vulnerable with the physical and psychological abuse and brainwash, there wasn’t much members could do at this point in time other than being obedient and subservient to Jones.

There were a few people who did successfully leave the People’s Temple, most notably Bob Houston.  Houston’s mutilated body was found near some train tracks after leaving the Temple.  US representative Leo Ryan was good friends with Bob Houston’s father and coupled with the abuse allegations he had heard were happening at Jonestown and the mysterious death of his friend’s son that had recently defected, Ryan decided he would fly to Guyana to investigate the supposed utopian society and see if members were truly happy there or if they were being held there against their will, as it had been told to him.  Ryan brought with him some concerned family members, people working for the media and photographers.  Jones got word of the visit and made sure to explain to his members how they would behave and how they would represent Jonestown.  They were told to prepare the best food (including a lot of meat, which Temple members were not allowed to eat otherwise due to its high cost) and to be thankful for Jones at all times.  On November 17, 1978, Ryan and his crew (who had been in Guyana for three days and were being refused to be let into Jonestown) were finally allowed to enter the compound.  For the most part, the People’s Temple put on a very convincing show for Ryan, praising Jones for all of his hard work and dedication. They expressed how happy they were in Jonestown and stayed on their best behavior for fear of what would be done to them if they didn’t.  However, one rather brave Temple member, (and a wonderful personal friend of mine) Vernon Gosney, slipped a note to one of the reporters that arrived with Ryan. In the note, Gosney pleaded for help getting out of Jonestown. The letter was signed by both him and another Temple member, Monica Bagby. Jones asked Ryan and his group to leave for the night and the next day, they arrived to interview more members. During the interview, another woman came forward stating that she wished to leave Jonestown with her family, as well as another family. It was made known to Jones that some people wanted to leave and he pretended he was okay with that, that they were free to go at any time. After interviews concluded on November 18, 15 people in total were to leave Jonestown with representative Ryan. Hidden amongst the 15 was one man, Larry Layton, who was only posing as a Temple defector and had no intention on leaving.  Once they arrived at the airstrip, 2 planes were available to the group. Larry Layton boarded the small, six passenger plane. Once on the airstrip, he began shooting Temple members who were on the plane, wounding several. Temple members who escorted the people to the planes began shooting at the other plane, killing Leo Ryan, 1 Temple member and and 3 journalists. 9 others were wounded. All of the survivors ran and hid into the nearby fields.

As the shootings were happening at the airstrip, Temple associates were given orders by Jones to prepare a drink, enough for all of Jonestown, consisting of grape Flavor-Aid, cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate and Phenergan. Jones called all of his members to the pavilion for a meeting.  44 minutes of said meeting was recorded and is known as “The Death Tape”.  Jones informed his followers that he knows someone who boarded those planes were going to shoot the pilot, which would cause the death of all of the people on the planes and hinting that this would lead to the government coming to Jonestown and taking everyone’s children away. He then encouraged his members to drink the Flavor-Aid concoction and commit revolutionary suicide. That they would be heroes and forever remembered as revolutionaries. Many of the first to take the poison were parents who used syringes to squirt into the children’s mouths, then doing the same to themselves. Others simply drank it.    Some members thought this was another fake suicide drill until they witnessed people dying and then fear and panic set in.  Jones can be heard on the Death Tape telling members to die with dignity, and that death is preferable to life at that point. It has been said that many were forced to take the drink at gun point. A few members managed to hide under beds and avoided death. A couple others managed an escape and ran through the fields. Jim Jones did not drink the poison, instead, his death was caused by a single gunshot wound to the head. No one knows whether it was self-inflicted or if another member did it. One other woman was found dead with a gunshot wound. Additionally, a woman named Sharon Amos was working at the Jonestown headquarters in Georgetown. She received a radio communication from Jonestown informing her to commit revolutionary suicide. She took her three children into the bathroom and stabbed two of them to death, then had one assist her in stabbing herself to death, followed by the last of her children killing herself.

Many of the Temple members who fled into the jungle were lost for days and nearly died, but a Guyanese government plane flew in and located them. Others made their way to Georgetown, staying at cafes, and some staying with local residents.

Larry Layton was found guilty of conspiracy and of aiding and abetting the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan and of the attempted murder of Richard Dwyer. While the only person ever found guilty of any happenings at Jonestown, he was paroled in 2002.

In total, 918 individuals lost their lives at Jonestown. It was the largest death toll of civilians by human acts up until the 9/11 tragedy. Jim Jones was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea. His wife and three of their children who died at Jonestown are buried in Richmond, Indiana (The oldest daughter left the People’s Temple before the move to Guyana and two of their sons survived Jonestown by being out of the area for a basketball game).  The bodies of over 400 of those who died in Guyana are buried in a mass-grave at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California.  A memorial listing all 900+ casualties, including Jim Jones, was completed at the grave site in 2011.


Endless List of Favorite Characters  → Eddie Gluskin from Outlast

“Above the knees, below the navel, Sliced and sewn on Gluskin’s table.
To make a place to push inside, The Groom will make himself a bride.”

Update: Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective.

So…the long awaited Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective, is on it’s way. Promise!! I had no idea my son and his friend’s comments would be received with so much interest. Live and learn, right? Truth be told, their response to His Last Vow wasn’t nearly as interesting as their previous thoughts. In my humble opinion. They watched with rapt attention, and offered - quite vocally - their thoughts on the overall episode, which was far more serious than TEH and TSoT. I’ll finish it up over the weekend.

In the meantime, for those who asked, and because it’s still fresh in my mind – here’s a few conversations that took place amongst my daughter and sister, after The Final Problem. Parts of the conversations are slightly paraphrased, although I did have a chat record with @swjmart about those conversations immediately afterward, while they were fresh in my memory.

I feel a bit silly posting this, but given all the crap Sherlollians have put up with over the years, I wanna add to this ship and see it turn into an Arc. Just sayin’.

I’ll start with my sister, who is the quintessential casual viewer. She didn’t start watching Sherlock until this past autumn, when she binged on Netflix. Lucky girl – she did not put herself through an agonizing three year hiatus. Whether she realizes it or not – she digs Sherlolly! Yay!

It all started with a late morning phone call….

Sister (which will be referred to by ’S’): So, did you watch Sherlock?

Me: Surely you jest.

S: Just thought I’d ask. Did you like it?

Me: Of course. You?

S – Oh gosh yes! T (her hubby), sat on the edge of his seat the whole time, even covered his face in a few places.

Me: God, he’s such a pussy.

S: What?

Me: Never-mind. So, what’d ya think.

S: It was excellent – I loved the whole season, but wish there was more than three episodes.

Me: Welcome to fandom.

S: Pardon?

Me: Nothing. Continue.

S: Can you even imagine having a sister that brilliant and insane? That was so heartbreaking. Really, T almost cried.

Me:  I know, completely mind-blowing, although there were clues in previous episodes that some shit went down. (silently begging her to get to the good part about Molly and Sherlock saying I love you, but not wanting to be overly obvious.)

S: I wish you’d stop swearing. (sister does not swear ~le sigh~)

Me: Do you know that recent studies showed people who swear —

S: Whatever, P. Those clues never indicated a child was murdered.

Me: I know, but even though it was ‘technically’ murder, I don’t think that was the intention of five year old Eurus. She wanted her brother to play.

Me: Hmmm. Weren’t you even a bit disappointed that nothing was said or shown about Victor Trevor’s family, or any investigation? (I’m not being serious, of course, just baiting for opinion)

S: No, it’s not that kind of show. It’s not CSI Sherlock.

(now I get to go in for what I really want to know!)

Me: But there were so many things left unresolved!

S: Like what?

Me: What do you mean 'like what?’ I thought you said you watched.

S: T and I thought the season finale was great – there was nothing left unresolved. I don’t know if they’re going to make another season, because all the actors are so in demand, but if not – I don’t know how it could have ended more perfectly. The only thing I’m really sad about is Mary dying. She was such an interesting character and I liked her a lot.

Me: You didn’t get put off that she shot Sherlock? At one point I found it very hard to believe how easily she was forgiven.

S: Of course shooting the protagonist was dramatic, but he didn’t mind, why should you?

Me: What?

S: You do know these are fictional characters, right?

Me: Don’t be ridiculous.

S: These characters are very dark and most of the time suicidal. Sherlock was on drugs probably all of season three and most of season 4, so of course he didn’t have a problem forgiving Mary. He probably admired her for it. They’re fun to watch, but you can’t think of them as normal – they’re not. Except for Molly. She is the only relatable character. I think she’s T’s favorite part of the show. It’s just too bad they didn’t give her more.

Me: Agree. But…but what about the Molly / Sherlock phone call dealio? I mean, what happened there? The only thing we got after that was a 2 second montage of Molly walking into Baker St.

S: So?

Me: So?! What happened? One minute she’s crying, Sherlock’s smashing a coffin and then she’s all smiles. WTF?

S: They’re not going to show that. I thought you preferred British television over American? British television is always more subtle.

Me: I know, but still – they could have given something more than a stupid montage.

S: They got married. That wasn’t hard to figure out.

Me: What? LOL!

S: Molly has always loved him, anyone who watched the show could see that. Sherlock is probably the most emotionally constipated fictional character ever written - Spock doesn’t count because he’s Vulcan - and he finally realized he loves her too. Probably always has. They’ve been building this up from the beginning. Didn’t you ever pay attention to all the stuff he pulled? Sabotaging her date before he knew that guy was his enemy? He told her to give up on relationships. It’s not like he was joking, although it was funny. He’s literal about that stuff. He didn’t want her to date because he couldn’t cope, it was about him, not her. T really loved that part – wished he would have thought about it when he was trying to date me. Then there’s Sherlock’s temper tantrums, and getting her to do things he could do himself. It’s typical stuff men do when they’re jealous or stupid. They think they’re being smart, like no one can see through all their crap.

Me: Looking at it that way, he probably broke up her engagement, too.

S: Oh, you know he did. T called it right away. What episode was that, where he told her how important she was and basically had eye sex with her. If it had been any other woman they probably would have burst out laughing. What a guy move.

Me: Ummm, the one where he came back, that one? And, btw, I wouldn’t have laughed if Benedict Cumberbatch was staring into my eyes.

(okay, this is literally the most surreal convo I’ve ever had with my sister. I had. no. idea. she even thought about stuff like this.)

S: Well, he’s not Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s Sherlock, lol! Not real life, remember? And, yes, that’s the episode. After that scene T said, 'her engagement just ended.’ Thought it was a smooth move. I’m telling you, this is typical guy stuff.

Me: He probably caused her to doubt herself.

S: It doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. It was over when Sherlock came back.

Me: So, why do you think they got married?

S: How old is Sherlock and these guys? Mid to late 30’s? What do you think he’s going to do? Start dating? He’s not going to do that. He can barely cope with what he does feel and Molly is patient and independent enough to be his partner and she’s not needy. Which is good because he is.

Me: So you didn’t see her as weak with unrequited love?

S: Where would you get that idea? Who cares if she’s loved him the whole time. It’s not like she sat around waiting for him to do something about it. She has life and must have felt he cared too, otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck around. She’s not one of our girlfriends who has no self-will or independent thought, and lives in a constant state of angst because her boyfriend or husband is horrible and we have to constantly tell her to leave. It’s not real life. Besides, Molly is sane and helps him connect to people and the world, like John does. Speaking of which, wasn’t it the episode before this one where John gave Sherlock that big speech about how a relationship would make him complete?

Me: Yep, he did. But, he was talking about Irene Adler.

S: Oh, she doesn’t matter.

Me: No?

S: He doesn’t love her. She’s every guy’s fantasy, it’s not real. T still believes Drew Barrymore will adore him if they ever met. Keep dreaming, big guy. Anyway, the writer’s set up some big dramatic relationship thing with John’s speech. So, you knew something was going to happen between Sherlock and Molly.

Me: It’s called foreshadowing.

S: Sherlock is completely ignorant about how to do relationships and love. He trusts Molly with his feelings and heart – she kept his secret for two years about being dead - and now that he knows how much he loves her, why would he let her go? He wouldn’t do that. The only way to keep her around is to marry her. At least that’s what I think. Or, maybe they live together forever…although if I were Molly he’d have to come to my place because it’s so much nicer and she can make him leave when he’s annoying or too clingy. Besides, his place is too dangerous and it’s more like an office than a home.

Me: I just read an interview this morning from Steven Moffat, the show’s creator and writer, who said that Molly was wounded by what happened, but Sherlock was devastated. He went on to say Sherlock apologized, Molly called him a 'bastard’ and they got over it. Then he added that Molly probably had a drink and shagged someone. What the hell, right?

S: That doesn’t sound like the character I saw, but then you probably shouldn’t take stuff like this so literally. I’m sure Sherlock apologized and you could see he was devastated. She almost died – I mean, I was holding my breath and wondering if they were going to kill her. Honestly, that was the most heart-pounding part of the whole episode. Of course he was devastated, but Molly was really hurt. She thought he was making fun of her and they both thought that whatever they did have together was over at the end of that scene. Maybe what the writer is saying is that they had sex together? That would make more sense after something this horrific. Wouldn’t you? I know it’s not real life, but if you were Sherlock and realized you loved someone and that person almost died, those emotions are powerful, overwhelming and mess with your mind. They probably had sex first and then he told her what happened. You know, like couples have sex after they argue.

Me: I didn’t realize you were such a romantic.

S: The whole show is a romance, with some mysteries thrown in. It’s not Hollywood, it’s very subtle. I thought you minored in English composition and literature? You should know this stuff.

Me: I do, but just thought I’d get your take. Hey, let me ask you one more thing…there’s this idea that John moved back into Baker St.

S: Why would he do that?

Me: Probably because he did that in the books, only it was very different because they (S / J) were much older and Mary had already been dead for a long time. Of course John didn’t have a kid in the books, at least not that anyone knew of. Although, I think there’s some pastiches that suggest, or give him, a child.

S: I can’t think why that character would do something so dumb and irresponsible. He’s smarter than that. Baker St isn’t safe for a baby and why would he or Sherlock want a baby around all the time?  It’s Sherlock’s office with a bedroom. His kitchen is contaminated and he keeps body parts around. They meet clients and really dangerous people come there. Plus, John has his own house. If he did anything, maybe he should experience what single mother’s go through and have to take care of his child after working all day and saying 'no’ to things because he has to put his child first. I understand people helping out right after Mary died. Mom had all kinds of help after our dad died, remember? But, this isn’t RL and he and Sherlock have their 'the game is on’ thing, so the baby is going to be sent to be with others.

*** Pretty much the end of of our convo, unless someone wants to hear about how we planned an outing at Sephora and met for lunch…. Probably not, right?

Phone call from daughter, who is known as 'K’ – another casual viewer.

K: So, did you watch?

Me: Of course. Watching it again, to be honest. What did you think? Just give me the Molly / Sherlock low down.

K: Wow, he really lost his shit, didn’t he?

Me: Yup.

K: I honestly thought they were going to kill Molly.

Me: I was a bit worried too. So, what do you think ended up happening between them? We were only given a few seconds.

K: They got married or living together.

Me: Have you been talking with your aunt?

K: No, why?

Me: Because she said the same thing.

K: It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Me: Why do people keep saying that?

K: What else is Sherlock gonna to do? He could barely do stuff without her before he knew he loved her, and now that he knows, it’s not like he’d let her disappear.

Me: Wow, I guess something’s just aren’t that obvious to me. (just kidding, of course)

K: Yeah, well, you don’t watch much television, so maybe you don’t notice stuff.

Me: You don’t think they’d date for a while, that sort of thing?

K: Why? Like Mike (her boyfriend) said – Sherlock just got played by two women.

Me: I don’t understand.

K: The evil sister set up the test for Sherlock to get Molly to say I Love You, right?

Me: Yeah.

K: But, that’s not what it was about. Molly wouldn’t say it until he said it first, because she thought he was playing a game and making fun of her. But, his sister had been watching Molly and maybe watching Sherlock too and knew Molly loved him but would never say 'I love you’ unless Sherlock said it first. But, Sherlock is thinking he just has to get Molly to say it, when the real game was about getting him to say it. But, he’s not going to say it, he won’t even consider it, because he’s an emotional dwarf. So, the only way to get him to say it was knowing Molly wouldn’t, thereby applying the appropriate pressure needed for him to grow the fuck up and get some balls. Well, that’s what Mike said, but I agree. Molly didn’t know she was being played, but his theory still works.

Me: So, his sister played Dolly Levi.

K: No, she’s just bat-shit, fucking crazy and didn’t care. She wanted the thrill of the ride. She doesn’t understand emotional attachment

Me: But, why married?

K: Maybe not married, but they’re definitely living together in a committed relationship for life. Sherlock isn’t capable of anything less. I mean, he could be, he is smart, but I doubt it. God, mom, he railroads her all the time. He would literally implode if she went off and found someone else. I mean, think about the few genius people you know. They have no idea how to do shit and need normal people to help them.

Me: I don’t think he’s that bad off.

K: Maybe not, but he was shooting up all last season because he couldn’t cope with the changes with his friends. John got married, Molly was engaged. He was able to be part of John’s life, but not Molly’s. And he spent most of this season high as a kite. He almost overdosed on the jet when they shipped him off for killing that guy.

Me: Part of that was because Mary asked him to save John.

K: Yeah, but not the jet part. He doesn’t cope with loss and there were other ways to help John. He was dying, mom – headed toward renal failure. Maybe now that he has those memories about his sister, he’ll be able to do better and won’t have the need to self-anesthesize. Plus, he finally understands he loves Molly, like really loves her and being with her helps him stay grounded – she keeps him centered. It takes a village to raise Sherlock.

Me: True dat. So the coffin part was pretty intense.

K: It was. But, he was scared, emotionally vulnerable and couldn’t manage what he was feeling. He had to vent and the coffin was handy. I also think he realized how much he’s hurt Molly. Not just the phone call, but all the other stuff he’s done. She couldn’t trust him and almost died because of it. He got to see what he caused, the consequences of his bullshit. He didn’t know that. He never connected the emotional dots about why she couldn’t say 'I love you’. So, yes, I think he married her and probably will never, ever do another thing to cause her any doubt. His life is too dangerous to put his bullshit on her, leaving her not knowing when he’s being a douche and doing his fakey mcfakerson shit, or being serious. And, why wouldn’t Molly want marriage or a committed life with him? She’s been on the ride since the beginning and it’s better for both of them to be on the same page. They’re both kinda lost without the other.

Me: Right on. So, the I love you was real?

K: Later, mom.


So, there ya have it. Two perspectives from non-fandom people. I love Sherlollians, even the ones who don’t know they’re one. : )

Arranged Marriage

Summary: Dan and Phil’s marriage have been arranged by their parents, and neither of them are exactly thrilled about it. Dan’s younger than Phil and Phil had his whole life planned out but now things have changed. It’s December now, and Dan’s terrified he’ll have to spend Christmas alone. But he gets a surprise.

Word Count: 994

Genre: AU, Angst

A/N: This is the fic that I wrote for phan-drabble-advent-calendar but I never posted it on my blog and I haven’t wrote anything for awhile so here’s this.

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I Promise You (M)

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Title: I Promise You.

Genre: Angst, Prince AU, fluff?

Member: Suho.

Word Count: 2959.

Description: You’re a Princess, Suho is a Prince and your husband and one day you will be the King and Queen of his people. But first, Suho has to make you believe he really does love you.

The castle felt like a prison tower to you, no matter how beautiful it was inside and out you had the bitter taste of hate on the back of your tongue that grew worse in taste the longer you were here. You would walk the halls glaring at every painting, at every tree or blue sky behind the glass windows and you would grit your teeth at the maids wandering around as they attended their duties, something you made hard for them at times.

Because as long as you were in the same castle as Kim Joonmyeon, you would never accept the life you were living. The castle was peaceful, it was most days, except for when Prince Suho had his guests visit him, or when he threw those forever boring parties where you would be forced to sit next to him and watch him converse with his fellow royalty and couples would dance in each other’s arms as classical music filled the ballroom.

And you were no different, you had been raised into a beautiful princess, growing up knowing one day your father would stand in front of you and your prince would be next to him, giving you a sweet, real smile before laying a delicate kiss to your cheek. And that would be when you didn’t mind that your father was marrying you off to another kingdom so he could make his own stronger.

But the ring on your finger burned your skin and the big diamond many fawned over was the ideal thing to jab yourself in the eye with so you wouldn’t have to look at the disgustingly handsome face of your so called husband.

Because no matter how innocent Suho’s face showed he was, he was a sickening, cunning man. Charming when people were around but the devil when you were forced to be alone with him. And you had fallen for that sickeningly sick act, at first, it was different to you than it was to others. Genuine, it was genuine. At first, Suho was caring, he was a charmer and an honourable prince in your eyes, you were happy to take his last name because, by the time you stood in front of him at the altar, your heart was in his hands.

But Suho only wanted the best for his castle, for his kingdom and his future, he didn’t love you, he didn’t care for you and used you as an item to show off to others because you came from a well-known family.

And unless Suho went back to the man you first met, unless he genuinely loved you, you would find a way to leave, because you were not the next Rapunzel in the making that’s for sure.


You stared through the thick glass windows, your eyes naturally casting to one of the few that were open to let a natural breeze into the greenhouse, this is the only place you would crave for when you managed to leave, to run away and lose your identity as the princess and Kim Joonmyeon’s wife.

Glassiness, your eyes mimicked the windows you were looking through, glistening with the threat of distraught tears leaving to make their trail down your cheeks. All you wanted was to be in the warmth of your mother’s hugs, with that familiar feeling of safety wrapping around you as she whispered words of comfort into your ear.

But that was impossible because you knew your mother was so far away it would take you several days to get back to her if you even tried. Because this was a battle for land, the more you had the stronger you were. And here you were caught in the middle of it all whilst your father gained more of the power he dreamed of owning, alone and unable to fall under that false feeling of being outside the squeaky clean windows once provided, because your father never cared for you, he had only ever wanted a son, and you weren’t a son to be loved by him. You were a daughter, not someone that he wanted to take his throne, a disgrace in his eyes and someone he wanted to get rid of.

It was beautiful outside, the grass was a perfect green and as you watched the fountain you could imagine what the water flowing must have sounded like. There were the prettiest flowers you had ever laid your eyes upon outside too. If only you could get a look at them up close, you were sick of the ones in the greenhouse that just screamed royalty and wealth. You wanted to feel what the sun would really be like on your skin, not how the windows reflected it into your eyes so you had to squint. You wanted to listen to the sound of pure nature around you, not the mumbling voices of maids who did their best make sure you didn’t get dressed with your own hands, as if you were not capable of clothing your own body.

You wanted to escape the hell you had been forced into, but you knew if you ran away it would be a difficult mission. You were well known now that you were a newlywed, there were maids everywhere who were bound to tell Suho if they saw you leaving and if you ever did escape, your father would kill you if it weren’t for the fact that you were now married to a powerful man. But that didn’t stop you from spilling tears because you knew you wouldn’t be feeling the sun on your skin anytime soon.

“What’s got you sitting in here alone in a state of depression?” There was that voice you had grown to hate The fact that you were able to hate it was just as much of a shock as it was that Suho was even in the same room as you, talking to you right now.

“Please just go away Suho, you know this isn’t going to end well” You muttered in response because you were right, if Suho stayed in a room alone with you, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut or his opinions to himself. Whenever the two of you were alone it started with heated words that grew in volume until you were left in tears, facing the hell that had became your reality.

Because everything ended in arguments for the two of you.

“My wife has been sitting here alone crying for long enough, why should I leave now?” He asked, coming closer until you could see Suho standing with his arms crossed from the corner of your eye.

“Don’t you have some important work to attend or guests to entertain?” You frowned, making sure he couldn’t see your face as he took another step forward.

“I see what I feared most has finally happened Y/N” Suho mumbled, he sat down next to you, his back to the windows of the greenhouse so he was still looking at you.

“What happened this time?” You snapped, thinking he was talking about something related to his work as a royal prince and Suho turned to stare at you.

“You’ve grown to hate me, haven’t you Y/N?” He frowned and you looked away as you scoffed.

“That started a long time ago Suho, you’re a little late if you’ve only just noticed” You frowned and Suho shook his head.

“I wasn’t ready to be married, it’s a big step you know?”

“No I don’t, I’ve never experienced such things so please, do explain” You huffed full of sarcasm, he always did this, telling you his stories as if you would feel some sort of sympathy for him if he sat down and gave you a sob story.

“I’m in love with you Y/N, please, I beg that you never doubt that even though I never show you that I am. I loved you long before we got married, long before any of this fight for power and land started. But I didn’t want to get married yet, your father only uses you, you know that right? He knew how much I loved you because I was planning to ask you out the same day he came up with the proposal that we get married and you were so surprisingly happy about it that I couldn’t help but to agree to your father’s wishes. But he only wanted more range, more power and people to be under his control, and I didn’t realise until it was too late and you were so cluelessly happy about getting married that I didn’t know what to do-”

“I was never clueless Suho, I knew exactly what my father was doing, he’s done it so many times before. Do you believe what my parents actually have was ever love? Will ever be love? He’s only after my grandfather’s kingdom, and he’ll have that soon too. I’m not here for these stories, go entertain someone else with them” You stood up, wrapped your jacket tightly around your body, rushed out of the greenhouse and down the hall, away from where Suho was left sitting frozen in astonishment.

“I’ve seriously fucked up this time” Suho muttered and quickly rose to his feet to follow you.

You swung the door shut behind you, letting the bang echo down the hall as you ran to the bed and fell onto it with a scream of frustration. You struggled out of your jacket that was making you feel claustrophobic now and wrapped your arms around one of your pillows, hugging it tightly as you continued to sob to yourself.

“Y/N” Suho knocked on the door, waiting for two seconds before he opened it, remembering this was his room as well.

“Just please, leave me alone Suho” You whimpered, but Suho refused and instead walked over to the bed, moving to lay down so you were face to face. You opened your eyes when the bed could be felt sinking under another bodies weight and Suho reached out to brush the hair out of your face.

“Look at what I’ve done to you. I really am so sorry Y/N” Suho held a certain sadness in his eyes, you could see it so well when he was this close to you. Your breath left you through shaky exhales as Suho moved until your foreheads were touching and you really were face to face. Your eyes fluttered shut on instinct, hiding from Suho who scanned and traced every feature of your face with his eyes.

“I really do love you, please believe me Y/N” Your eyes squeezed as they remained shut, a choked sob left you and you could hear Suho moving again. He was hugging you, having thrown the pillow away from your hold Suho held you in his own arms tightly, keeping your face close to his as he sighed.

“I’m a horrible person and husband, I don’t know how to make that up to you Y/N but I am so undeniably sorry”

“Suho” You whispered, opening your eyes and staring at the man that was so close to you. You couldn’t get the hammering of your heart to stop, no matter how much you had forced yourself to hate him, you still had a soft spot for Suho. You knew you loved him deep down behind the façade of anger you put up.

“Y/N, I hope you can forgive me and I hope you’ll let me show you how much I love you” This was the first time there were no arguments, no screaming and shouting at each other and no hateful things being said to each other. This was the first time in a long time Suho had kissed you, it had been so long that when his lips moulded against yours the feeling was almost foreign. The kiss left you stunned, every emotion Suho was trying to talk to you about could be felt on his lips and your hands formed fists that clenched onto the material of his shirt as Suho slowly moved. With one hand on your shoulder, he had moved you onto your back, following by moving above you, using his elbows to hold himself up, but not enough to stop his body from pressing against yours.

His hands were under your shirt and you didn’t have the heart to stop him, you didn’t want to stop him. All you could do was move with him as he sat up, pulling your shirt over his head and undoing the buttons on his own, letting the shirt slide of his shoulders and drop to the ground next to the bed.

“If you don’t want to do this we can stop now Y/N” His hands were next to your head as he stared down at you, looking you straight in the eyes as you stared back at him. You shook your head, words weren’t needed and Suho understood, leaning back down to leave a trail of soft kisses in his wake as he made the journey down your body.

“I will show you how much you mean to me Y/N” Suho voiced, barely above a whisper and you whimpered his name as your body shook with tears still leaving your eyes. Suho slid your pants down your legs, taking your underwear with them as he marvelled at the beauty before him.

“You’re gorgeous Y/N” Suho breathed.

“Suho” You whimpered and Suho crawled back up your body to wipe away your tears.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’m sorry” He kissed ever nook and cranny of your face, showering you with his love as Suho removed his pants and his fingers feathered over the heated skin of your thighs. His fingers slipped through your folds and your breath hitched as you bit down on your lip, almost drawing blood from it. Suho watched your reaction, feeling your nails press into his skin, also close to drawing blood as your back curved away from the bed until your abdomen was pressing against his.

You were sobbing, your breaths left you in quick sharp inhales and exhales as Suho entered a third finger to your heat. Your fingers dragged themselves down Suho’s back and you found yourself touching everywhere you could physically reach on Suho until your legs clenched around his hand and you high travelled through you like waves.

When it was over Suho pried your legs open and his fingers left you, he licked them clean, leaving you shocked as he leant down to kiss you. Suho rocked his hips against yours slowly, putting skin against skin with several rolls of his hips as you mewled through the kiss. Suho began lining himself up at your entrance, a hand on your hip bone as he pulled away from the kiss with heavy breaths.

“Are you ready for this Y/N?” Suho asked as he stared into your eyes, waiting for your answer.

“I’m ready Suho, let me be yours” Your voice finished in a pleading beg and Suho moaned, closing his eyes and slowly pressing his hips forward, entering you inch by inch at a toe curling pace. When Suho was fully inside you his hips bucked on instinct, sending a wave of pleasure through over the both of you. His head collapsed and his sticky skin stuck to yours as he buried his head into your neck, his breath fan against your skin before his tongue travelled up to your earlobe, leaving a trail that he washed away with his kisses.

Suho began moving when he felt he was as composed as he could be at that moment, propping himself on his elbows, leaving you face to face without his weight squishing you, his hips rolled colliding with yours before he pulled out again.

“Oh god”! You exclaimed, legs already moving to wrap themselves around Suho’s waist, your cries of pleasure only persuaded Suho to move faster. His lips came to give your breasts the attention he knew they deserved, sucking at the perked nubs and flicking them with his tongue as your body writhed underneath his. Your nails left long trials of their own down his back, giving Suho a whole new sensation as he rocked into you. Suho shuddered and his head fell back, he twitched inside you signalling that he wasn’t far from his release and you let out a loud cry.

“Suho!” You gasped, legs squeezing down on his hips, limiting his movements as he began pounding into your with more force. Your walls clenched around him making Suho hiss from the pleasure it brought him and your neck became accessible to him as you let out a whine.

Suho dived for your neck immediately, his lips clamping down on the skin as he began leaving marks, kissing and biting the area. Your orgasm came before Suho’s leaving your whole body shaking as your eyes closed and the only thing you could see was white. Suho let out a gruff shout, his hips freezing and body tensing when his own release came, slowly with a sluggish thrust he began riding both your orgasms out until he was no longer hard and you were both lying in a heated room, panting and covered in sheen layers of sweat.

Suho pulled out of you weakly collapsing next to you on his stomach, his arm sprawled over your body as he lazily pulled you to him.

“I promise you Y/N, I do love you and I’m going to continue to show you that” Suho opened his eyes to look at your widened ones. He leant forward to place a soft kiss on your lips as a finale tear left you.

“I love you too Suho, I promise you”

anonymous asked:

Could you write an imagine about the reader and Josh's wedding? I haven't really come across wedding imagines, only proposal ones. :/ Oh also, could Tyler and Jenna be the best man and maid of honor?


“You did it up all wrong,” Michael sighs with a little chuckle, gesturing at Josh’s tie from a spot behind him in the mirror. “Look Ty, he did it backwards. He’s nervous.”  

“It’s hard in the mirror.  Just tie it for me then,” says Josh, rolling his eyes as Michael bats his hands away and begins to loop his tie properly.

Behind them, Tyler paces dramatically with a notecard in his hand.  “You’re not allowed to be nervous,” he says, motioning towards Josh.  “I’m nervous enough for the both of us!  To be, or not to be,” he continues, outstretching his arm theatrically, and placing it on his forehead for effect, “that was not the question that Josh Dun asked Y/F/N on one fateful night almost a year ago.  My name is Tyler Joseph, and I’ll be your tour guide through this emotional rollercoaster–”

“Emotional rollercoaster?” Michael laughs.

“We’ll laugh, we’ll hope, we’ll cry.”

“Um,” says Josh, eyeing Tyler warily in the mirror as Michael laughs helplessly, “I’d like to think you’re just messing around… but you’re just messing around, right?”

Tyler opens his eyes wide, looking appalled.  “Absolutely not!  You made a choice, the right choice I might add, asking me to make the big speech.  It’s my moment, Josh. Everyone will be talking about it for years.”

Michael laughs even harder, patting Josh on the chest once his tie is done right, “There you go. Like a real gentleman. Don’t worry about Tyler,” he adds in a whisper. “I’ll keep him in line, I always do. ”

Tyler throws them both a dark look, one hand over his heart, before continuing, “Now what… What is real love? Come with me now on a journey and I’ll tell you.  Together, we’ll delve into the love story between two young heart throbs. Charming, sometimes incredibly tragic, but always pure and true.  Our tale begins on the eighteenth of June, 1988. Josh Dun was a summer baby emerging on a cool brisk evening–“

“You’ve only got like three minutes to talk,” Josh tells him, just in case he was unaware of the time limit on his speech. Just then, Jordan pops his head in.

“Practicing our speeches?” He looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows with an assuring thumbs up.  “Looking good, bro.”

“You’re just in time,” Tyler says, pointing at Jordan, “I was thinking you could act out my speech, like performance art.”

“No plays at my wedding!” Josh says, but he’s laughing too.  

Just saying the word ‘wedding’ aloud makes Josh’s heart leap a little.  He starts thinking of how Y/N probably looks right now.  She had fussed around nervously all morning, organizing and re-organizing things around the house, cleaning things that were already clean. The same way she always was when she got anxious.  Josh finally hugged her from behind and said, firmly, “Stop.”  

She had rolled her eyes but allowed Josh to tug her down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug.  “It’s going to be perfect,” He had said.  

Josh then stands up from the chair, smoothing his hair down over his ear where it’s come undone.

“C’mon Michael,” says Jordan, still lingering at the door, “Your wife sent me in here to get you, she wants to get some pictures beforehand.”

“Duty calls,” Michael says, smiling lightly at Tyler and Josh before following Jordan out the door.

Once they’re gone, Tyler grins at Josh.  

“You ready for this?” he asks. Josh gives a little shrug. After month building up to this day, it almost feels like a dream – the hum of people collecting in the church, his shiny new shoes, the look in Y/N’s eyes earlier when she’d said in awe, “Next time I see you, I’ll marry you,” which Josh can’t stop replaying in his mind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.  Any last words of advice?”

“Yes,” says Tyler seriously.  “Four, actually.”  Tyler says the words slowly and clearly, “Don’t – mess – it – up.”  

“Like don’t stutter when I’m reading my vows?  Or like, don’t be a horrible husband and drive Y/N away?”

“Both,” says Tyler, his face breaking out into a grin.  “See?  That’s why I’m so helpful.

“Ah,” says Josh, smiling.  “I see.  You’re the master. Thanks, Ty.” He meets his eyes, which are soft and fond.

“You deserve it, Josh,” he says. “All of this. I’m so happy for you.”

“Aw,” Josh teases, trying to conceal the lump in his throat, “are you going to cry?”

“I might,” says Tyler.  “Your bride certainly will.  She was already looking a bit teary when I left her earlier. We’ve actually all taken bets on how long it’ll take her to start bawling.”  

“What?” Josh exclaims indignantly. “Nobody told me that! Come on, I want in.”

“Sorry, but Jenna said it’s not nice to bet on your own wife’s wedding day tears.”  

“But I’d have the best chance at winning!”  

“Nope, not allowed,” says Tyler. “Although I’ll tell you my guess – she won’t last thirty seconds after she sees you.  And it will continue for the rest of the evening.”

“That’s – that’s probably true,” Josh admits. “What did everyone else guess?”

“Jordan said she’d cry during vows,” says Tyler, ticking them off as he counted on his finger.  “Micheal bet same as me, when she sees you, and Mark thinks she’s already crying.”

“I think I’m with Mark on that one,” says Josh with a little laugh.

Just then Ashley pokes her head into the tent, hair piled elegantly on top of her head, gesturing at him.  Tyler gives her a charming smile, which she returns.

“Josh, are you almost ready?  Everyone’s waiting!”  

Josh nods as Ashley sighs and crosses the floor to hug him, straightening his tie.  

“You look great,” she whispers.

“Thanks,” Josh says, swallowing another lump that rises in his throat.  “Alright, let’s get moving. I can’t be late to my own wedding.”

As it turns out, they all lose the bet – Y/N holds it together fairly well, misty-eyed and fond, through most of the ceremony.  It’s Josh who gets teary eyed the moment he sees her turn the corner and start walking down the alter.  Her arm’s latched with her father’s and the minute her eyes meet his the lump in his throat is back, only this time with some tears as well.  

She’s beautiful, in the most elegant and true way.  Her hair is pulled back, complimented by a veil.  Her face breaks out into a huge smile of triumph when she sees Josh.  She clutches tightly onto the assortment of flowers in her hand and makes her way closer and closer.  

Josh let’s out a shaky laugh, trying to cover up how emotional he really is.  After a few moments of just staring, in complete and utter awe, he has to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.  

She reaches the front of the church, kissing her father on the cheek one last time before stepping up to the alter.  

Josh can’t help himself.  He’s smiling so wide, his insides bursting with love and affection and disbelief.  He was so lucky.  So so so lucky.  

The ceremony’s a blur.  Josh’s head is spinning and it all goes so fast.  Before he knows it, he’s saying his vows, the words falling off his tongue from memory. He’s clutching onto her hand so tight, squeezing out his anxiety from the event.

The phrase “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the lips of the priest before Josh’s mouth is on hers, pressing them together as close as he can.  

It’s after their first kiss that her fingers clutch tightly into Josh’s waist and she’s crying when she pulls back, smiling so hard her eyes are nearly closed.  Josh pulls her closer, holding onto her for dear life, his heart is so full he thinks it might explode.  

“We did it,” she breathes into his neck, a secret whisper just for Josh, even as everyone’s cheering and applauding from all sides. It’s almost too much – He sways against her, arms locked tight around her back.

“I knew we would,” he murmurs, kissing her on the cheek.

Tyler’s speech isn’t as bad as he’d promised – in fact, it’s incredibly touching.  Y/N, predictably, sniffles and giggles her way through the entire thing, much like the rest of the crowd.  

The day passes in a blur of relatives and champagne, Josh and Y/N slow dancing, Tyler and Jenna cozying up together.  Tyler wrapping Josh in a bear hug and muttering “I love you, man,” with tears in his eyes.  

Josh’s mom, who cried even more than Y/N, pulls her close and whispers, “I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve always been.” She hugs her with tears prickling in her own eyes, at a loss for words.  

It’s frantic, fast-paced and fun, a sensory overload. Josh barely gets time to eat a slice of his own wedding cake.  He’s not sure what he’s going to remember about the day, but he knows that it’ll be something with Y/N’s hand on his back, her eyes locked on his even from across the dance floor.  The feeling of her cheek pressed to his while they dance, just swaying together under the soft lights.

“Will you kiss me?” she asks Josh towards the end of the night, when they’re almost the last two left dancing.  Josh smiles down at her, cupping her face, eyes incredibly fond.


SasuSaku and japanese culture

 I don’t think people give enough credit to the Japanese culture, and how different it is to the west, when it comes to justifying SasuSaku. 

Japanese men are known to be married to their work. They are extremely hard working, and sincere in what they do. This is the reason why Sasuke is not around for Sarada’s childhood. What people in the west fail to understand is that, for Sasuke, protecting his family and his village is his duty, his job, and he’ll do anything to carry that out, even if it means staying away from them.

One anti argument is that Sakura and Naruto are loud, and very un-japanese, but Kishi has said multiple times that Naruto was created partly keeping in mind that it must appeal to Americans and american culture. Naruto and Sakura are very much “commoners” in Konoha. Naruto, not knowing his heritage, was like any other average citizen, so was Sakura. Even their colour scheme was very loud and bright, unlike an average japanese, who prefers subtlety.

Conversely, we have people like Sasuke and Hinata, who come from noble clans and are “konoha royalty”. Their colour schemes are far more dark and subtle, and even their mannerisms are very quiet and serious. Thus, they emulate an average japanese more than characters like Naruto and Sakura, due to their noble blood. And this circles back to the first point made, Sasuke is modelled after a general japanese man.

The japanese are not known for their grand gestures. They will not announce their love to the rest of their world, and kiss their love under a thousand stars. But, it doesn’t mean they care any less. It’s the same for Sasuke. His way of showing his love is by scouring any threats which may harm his family, or keeping information which would put Sarada in danger. He cares about his wife’s well being, as shown in the gaiden.

You must understand that Kishimoto himself is a japanese man. He was not brought up in Tokyo or Kyoto, he grew up in rural Japan. Thus comes his conservative nature, and his ideal of a japanese couple who love each other. 

If people think NaruHina is a more ideal couple then let me ask you this: What would the relationship have been like if Hinata was the man of the family? Hinata, other than the time she stepped in to protect Naruto during the pain invasion (as Sasuke had done for Sakura when orochimaru had sent them into shock, or when he offered to be the sacrifice, so that Naruto could save Sakura and run), has never been very vocal about her feelings for Naruto. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him every bit as much.

This is why, in Japan, SasuSaku was well received and did not face as much criticism.

To anyone who still thinks Sasuke is a horrible husband and father, let me draw a parallel to Masashi Kishimoto’s own life: Masashi never went on his honeymoon, for the 12 years he’d been married, because he was that dedicated to his readers and his manga, WHICH WAS HIS JOB (again, back to square one). Does that not remind you of a certain raven-haired shinobi? Tell me, does that mean he doesn’t love his wife? Grow up, love does not mean honeymoons, chocolates and kisses. It’s so much more than that, and the moment you realise that, you’ll realise that the subtle gestures Sasuke does for Sakura, are much more than any big white wedding/kiss under the stars/proclaiming to the world.

Handwritten Heartbreak-Newt Scamander x Reader

Handwritten Heartbreak
A/n- This was not requested, just popped into my mind. Hope you enjoy

Warnings- Holy frick the fluff and angst are strong with this one

Newt’s arms wrapped themselves around your waist as you stood  the counter of your flat. He leaned his head down to press sweet kisses to your cheeks as you laughed at his actions. The scent of baked goods drifted through the flat as you began to start your final batch of cookies for the night.

“Newt, what are you doing?”

“Showing my beautiful dear some love, is there something wrong with that?” He hummed out, tightening his hold on you once more.

You let out a few giggles as you looked up at your husband. “Of course not, but I have to finish this batch of cookies, and it’s a bit hard when you’re standing so close.”

“Is that so?”

You turned around and meet eyes with Newt as he smirks down at you. You stuck you tongue out at him, which was then followed by him scooping you up and setting you on the counter. He leaned in for a tender kiss as you tangled your hands through his soft hair.

“Darling, do you remember when we first met?” he asked as he still held you, not wanting you to slip off of the counter at all.

“Hmm, you mean the time when we were both assigned to work together on a charms assignment?”

“Yes, and that was the time when I thanked Merlin for finally setting me up as your partner,” he kissed your nose, followed by each of your cheeks, “because I never thought that I would get to work with someone as intelligent and caring and gorgeous as you.”

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Newt slowly opened his eyes and looked around the bedroom. He had a wonderful dream, one filled with memories of the two of you together, simply enjoying the comfort of each other’s company. He reached over to your side of the bed, and he once again became disappointed when he did not find your sleeping form there. Your hair was not there covering your eyes, and your mouth wasn’t slightly open from the soft snores that often escaped your lips. Your legs weren’t tangled in the bed sheets and your arms weren’t around him. He wanted it to be real.

He had been asked by the ministry to do a special observation, which he excitedly accepted, but that didn’t mean that he missed you any less. It was lonely here. He was in an unknown city in a country he had never been to. He missed getting up in the morning and seeing you making tea and breakfast. He missed climbing up to the roof at night to look at the stars. He missed everything about you, and he wanted nothing more than to be with you right now.

Newt hadn’t even noticed that he was crying. All of the memories must has released some emotion that could not be kept hidden for too long. He shuffled over and slipped on one of his white shirts before heading over to his temporary desk area. His case was closed shut papers lined the surface of the wooden desk. He reached for a stack of letters that had all been scripted with your handwriting, each one talking about your day and how much you missed him. He picked up one of them, the crinkled paper flapping in his hand as a swift breeze slipped through.

Dear Newt,
It’s been so long since I last saw you, I hope you’re doing alright and I hope that you are remembering to eat often. You know how you can get sometimes. Today the weather was beautiful, almost as beautiful as that time we had that one picnic in the park. We should do that again when you get back haha. Anyways, your day was probably much more eventful than mine. I only went to a few shops for some food and make a quick purchase at the book store that sits past the bank. You’re probably too occupied to even read this at this moment.
It’s rather lonely here without you though. I know you’re coming back soon, it’s just that the loneliness of it all makes it seem longer than it really is. I really miss you, and I hope you’re doing well with whatever shenanigans you’re up to.
I love you so much Newt. I love you I love you I love you I love you. I can’t wait until you’re in my arms again so that you can tell me all about your wonderful adventures. I love you dear.

That letter had been towards the first few weeks of his travels. He had exchanged and written you letters back, but recently, they had not been as frequent. His work had blinded him and created late nights of writing notes. He picked up another letter that had come in, but this one was more recent.

Dear Newt,
I know you’re busy. I don’t expect you to reply back to this letter either, and I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it either. I miss you though. I wish you were back here now, but I know it’s selfish to think that when you’re enjoying your travels and discoveries. Sometimes it feels like my heart is breaking, but I know you’re doing what you love.
I am sorry if these letters have been interrupting your studies. I can stop writing them if you wish. I love you very much, and I’m also sorry. I hope all is well.

By now, Newt was sobbing. He loved doing what he does for his work, but he needed you with him. He hadn’t been able to write often, so now you had the illusion that he was too busy and that you were interrupting him. He was disappointed in himself. He was likely the cause of the tear stains you left on the letter. He was the one that had left you to sleep alone at night. He should have taken you with him, surely the ministry could have made an exception. His heart ached and he wanted to curl into a ball and snuggle into your arms, but you were nowhere to be found. He doesn’t regret coming, he only regrets coming without you.

The hole in his heart only grew bigger, like a beast was sinking its sharpened claws and dragging them down, tearing the tissue even more. He felt like he was being swallowed up in despair. He needed you. He needed you now. He needed you to hold him and to tell him that you were okay. He hurt you. He left you. He hated himself. Why didn’t he just bring you with him? He was such an idiotic fool. What kind of husband was he?

He knew not to beat himself up but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to yell and cry and scream, but none of that would bring him back to you or vice versus. He could leave and pack up, but you would be disappointed in him for quitting and giving up. Perhaps he already disappointed you.

He pulled on his hair as he sunk to the dusty wooden floor. His appearance was now far from formal, for his shirt was now wrinkled and his hair was swept in different directions. His crying became more audible, not necessarily caring if the rooms surrounding his own heard. He felt pathetic for crying, worthless even, but he couldn’t stop. He was the worst husband to ever exist on the face of the earth. His tears and heart twisted in agony as he clutched his chest. Everything hurt, everything was his fault. He made the mistake of not taking you with him and now he was paying the price.

His emotional spiral was interrupted by a knock on the door of where he was staying.

“The post!” he whisper-shouted. There could be one of your letters, it could indicate that you were okay, or worse, it could indicate that you wanted nothing to do with him. He shoved his anxiety aside. He rushed to the door in order to bring in the possible letter from you and unlocked the door and threw it open. There was no post though, far from it.

You stood there as he opened the door.

You had a smile on your face, for you had called the ministry many times (mainly because they refused to tell you where Newt was arranged to stay, which bothered you a lot) and had come to surprise him.

“Y-Y/n you’re here, you’re so- oh Merlin!” He yelled as he trapped you in a bone-crushing hug. You rubbed his back soothingly as his tears began to soak your coat. His audible tears once again erupted and you closed the door shut before sinking to the floor with him.

“Newt, dear what’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“Y-You’re here, how did you get here!?”

“I wanted to surprise you, so I asked the ministry where you were. They were quite hesitant actually.”

“Y/n I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for being a horrible husband. I was so selfish I didn’t take you with me a-and it’s all my fault and you hate me and I’m so sorry, love I’m so sorry!” he wailed.

You could almost hear his heart breaking as he sunk deeper into your arms.

“Newt, you’re far from a horrible husband. You needed to come here for work, you did nothing wrong. Shhh…love your heart beat is very rapid right now breathe love, I’ll help calm me down.”

You continued to let him hold you as he sobbed, his hyperventilation eventually subsided into small hiccups.

“I’m sorry darling.”

“No more apologies Newt,” you said as you ran a hand through his hair. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. I love you and I always will, nothing will ever change that. My heart will always be yours.”

“Y/n I love you. I can’t imagine you leaving me, I swear I’ll never go somewhere without you again, I love you so much.”

He pulled you in for a passionate kiss and he gently tugged on your lips. His warmth could be felt on your own cheeks and he reached his hand to your to caress over the ring he had given you when you vowed your love to one another. You kissed his forehead once more.

“Dear, tell me about your travels.”


BTS Reacts To You Being A Clingy Wife

You wake him up in the middle of the night and ask him if he likes likes you.

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When you woke him up he through his arm over your waist and asked you what was wrong.

“Do you.. like like me?” You asked shyly.

“Aish! Why do you do this to me?! I am a grown ass man blushing because his wife asked if he likes her! Stop it!!” He cringed at his blush-ful-ness and rolled over to his side and put this cover over his head.

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“Baby girl, I don’t just ‘like like’ you. I ‘love love’ you. I love you more than Suga hyung loves his piano. I love you more than Namjoon hyung loves Rihanna. I love you mo-”

“Thank you baby, I understand no-” 

“No. You woke me up to answer this question so now you’re going to listen to the answer. Now where was I…”

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You knew you shouldn’t have woken him up but you just couldn’t over this feeling. 

“I’m sorry I haven’t been the best husband in the world, but don’t let that ever make you think that I don’t love you.” He whispered as he pulled you to lay on his chest, “ You feel that? It only beats for you.”

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“Jagiya, if you wanted oppa’s attention you could’ve waited til the morning and asked for it. No need to make me feel like shit at 3 in the morning. Especially when I’ve been feeling like I have been a horrible husband. You know I love you right? Please tell me you know this.” He rushed out as he laid his head on your chest held your hand.

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When you asked him that question his eyes automatically watered and he felt his heart beat in his throat. He couldn’t bring himself to talk so he pulled you into his body and he kissed your forehead.

“I love you jagiya..”

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Rap Monster:

“Baby girl, I love you. It’s not possible for me not to love you, I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve been slacking as a husband but I swear I’ll do better. Please know that I love you more than myself. You mean the entire world to me.

He grabbed you and kissed you passionately before spooning you to sleep.

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He would be annoyed that you woke him up in the middle of the night for something so, “childish”. 

He looked at you and sighed. He kissed your forehead and then your wedding ring but he walked out of the room, going to sleep in the guest room. You waited a little bit before going in the room. You saw he was sleeping and you climbed in the bed behind him. Kissing his neck softly you mumbled a sorry before closing your eyes. He squeezed your hand and then drifted back to sleep.

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13 & 88 YEOLLIEE ❤😂 I don't know why but I think it'll turn humorous but do it as you wish!! :)

Thirty minutes…

You picked up the pace a little as you weaved your way through the crowded street.

He just had to last thirty minutes while I went and picked up groceries.

You ran up the stairs to the level that your shared apartment was on, throwing the grocery bags on the ground as you fumbled with the key in a hurried attempt to open the door. Once it was unlocked, you sparta kicked it open and ran inside, taking the white plastic bags full of food with you.

“Chanyeol! Chanyeol!” You yelled across the living space.

Said husband appeared from the bedroom and walked up to you slowly, shame and a hint of guilt washing over your features.

You pulled your phone out of your coat pocket and shoved the screen in his face.

“You mind telling me what ‘we may have a slight problem’ means?!” You tapped your foot on the ground. “I leave you alone at home with the baby for half and hour, and something goes wrong?”

Chanyeol refused to meet your eyes.

“Look, honey,” Your voice softened a little as you gently reached out to his arm. “I won’t be upset, I promise, just tell me what the problem is.”

“You’ll be upset.” Chanyeol met your gaze and pouted. “You’ll be very upset.”

“What’s the problem, Chanyeol, just spill it.”

“I lost it.”

You exhaled. “Okay… You lost what?”

Chanyeol winced and put his hands up in surrender as he spoke almost too fast for you to register.

“I lost the baby.”

Your eyes grew to the size of oranges. You just stared at your husband for a few moments in silence as he froze in his defensive position.

“You lost the baby..?”

He didn’t move as he shut his eyes closed.

“You lost the baby?!” Your voice raised incredulously. “Chanyeol, we live in an eight-hundred square foot apartment! How can you possibly lose a baby?!”

“I don’t know!” He backed away from you a smidgen, preparing himself in case you decided to strike. “I turned my back for like, ten seconds, and he was gone!”

“I swear to God Chanyeol,” You facepalmed. “At least he’s somewhere in this apartment.”

After ten minutes of scouring the recesses of the household, you found the little toddler curled up next to the washing machine, fast asleep in his favorite blanket. You were quick to scoop him up and carry him to the nursery room where you tucked him in.

You chuckled to yourself as you closed the door behind you. “You really couldn’t last thirty minutes, could you?”

Chanyeol was sitting on the couch, hands buried in his fluffy brown hair.

“I’m so sorry, Jagi, I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

You sat down next to him and took both of his hands into your own. “It’s okay, it all turned out alright, and I know it’s-”

“You don’t understand,” Chanyeol interrupted you. “I promise, I had my eyes on him the entire time”

You smiled. “I know, honey, I know, I wasn’t expecting you to-”

He cut you off again. “I even followed the handwritten list you made for me about how to make the little baby food and how often to check his booties because he likes to untie them and play with the laces.”

“And I’m sure you did a great j-”

“And then I turned around! And it was like the little guy was a teleporter! I searched for a good five minutes before the panic set in and then I just had to text you that something was wrong.”

You huffed. “Chanyeol, it’s fine, I-”

“And then I was hating myself, telling myself how horrible of a husband I am that I couldn’t even keep track of our baby for half and hour when-”

“Stop interrupting me!” You grabbed your husband’s cheeks in between your palms, squishing them.

He looked at you with confused eyes and his lips smushed in the shape of a fish.

“I love you.” You put emphasis on every syllable. “This is all a learning process, okay? And we’ll get through this together.”

Chanyeol nodded and you pulled him into a hug that lasted what seemed like several minutes. You broke the hug off as a cringe-worthy smell filled your nose.

“What’s that smell?” You said, sitting up straight and eyeing your surroundings.

“Oh, yeah, about that.” Chanyeol scratched the back of his head and looked at the ground. “I thought I’d make up for it by making dinner.”

You stood up in a hurry and looked across the floor to the kitchen. Your gaze traveled down to Chanyeol and he met it relunctantly.

“Honey,” You called down to him with as much calm and tranquility as you could manage. “That’s awfully sweet of you.”

His eyes brightened and he grinned from ear to ear before you continued.

“-But you’ve set the stove on fire.”

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Ahh, for the anon who wanted this, I hope you liked it!! (When I first read #13 I thought it was talking about a miscarriage and I was like OMG THAT’S TERRIBLE HOW IS THAT FUNNY… Then I realized Chanyeol would totally lose his own kid that was in the same room as him) I tried to make it humorous for you~