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I think that when Zeke says he'll give Reiner's armor to someone else, he means Reiner has a younger relative that could obtain it. The flask's label from which Eren got the hardening ability implyed Braun was a bloodline like the Reiss. And also Eren didn't get a full armor.

It’s possible Zeke was speaking metaphorically. He may have simply been suggesting he was going to pull Reiner from the job and replace him with someone else. It’s also possible he’s threatening Reiner with death. The whole exchange was chilling.

The serum Eren ingested was clearly labelled “ Armor Braun”, making a strong possibility that Reiner’s bloodline is connected to the armored serum. But if I’m thinking through all available options, it’s possible the RBA are not using their real names. “Braun” may also be Reiner’s alias.

I agree that “armor” and “hardening” abilities are not the same thing. The vial Eren ate was called “armor”, but it seems more in line with what the Wall Titan can do. Reiner’s armor seems to be another thing entirely. I think it helps clarify our understanding of getting an ability as a base type vs as a power up.

Reiner is an “armored type” titan. Eren is a “normal type” titan with an armor power up. Likewise, the Wall Titans are “colossal type” titans with an armor power up. I can’t be adamant about this, but it seems to make sense.

Going Out Of His Way

Harry: You step back to allow Harry to open the door, looking down at your little brother, pure excitement in his eyes. The door opens and Harry holds it for your Mom, brother, and sister to walk in first. You smile up at him, he had surpassed your expectations with this trip already, and you just landed. “Are you serious?” You hear your sister shout from inside the house Harry was renting for the vacation he was giving you all. “Thank you for this,” you say, walking up to him, still standing in the doorway. “Anything for them,” he replies and your heart is warmed. You were so lucky to have someone who treats your family equally as wonderful as they treat you. “So what exactly do you have planned for us here in Imerovigli, Mr. Styles?” You question as you follow him into the house’s second master bedroom. He hadn’t told you a thing about this trip, only that you were going to Greece. He was secretive like that. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He answers, a wide smile on his face. “Oh my God.” You stop once you walk into the bedroom. The wall of windows in front of you showcasing the Aegean Sea right outside. “Best view in the house,” Harry remarks, setting the bags he had carried in on the bed before returning to you as you stood in the entryway. He takes your hand, pulling you forward and out onto the balcony. “This is incredible,” you finally say as his arms wrap around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder. “So I did good?” He questions playfully. “Absolutley.” The two of you stare out at the sea you would be waking up beside of for the next two weeks. “Harry!” You hear from back inside the house and your little brother comes running out onto the balcony. “Yeah, mate?” He asks, removing himself from you as he bends down to be on eye level with the eight year old. “There’s a Play Station in my room,” he answers excitedly. “I know man, I made sure of it.” You shake your head slowly, going unnoticed by both of them. Of course he would make sure your brother had video games while he was in the middle of paradise. You were sure your sister had the fastest internet in the village knowing Harry. But all he wanted to do was give them a well-deserved vacation. Your mom would never be able to afford a place like this for the four of you, especially not for the length of time you would be staying. You weren’t sure of the lengths Harry had taken to plan all of this, but you were sure most of it was unnecessary. “A Play Station?” You inquire, once your little brother runs back inside to continue exploring the house. “Maybe?” His innocent smile made you laugh. “He’s going to need something to do when I take you on the Ancient Greece road trip Friday.” Your eyes grow wide, your dream. “Harry, no. Are you serious?” His smile grows wider and you wrap your arms around his neck tightly. You had just arrived and he was already surprising you. “Someone’s excited.” Another voice emerges out to you. This time your Mom stands in the doorway, tears in her eyes. “Mom, what’s wrong?” You ask, letting go of Harry and walking to her side. “This is just so unexpected and perfect.” She’s talking directly to him now. “I will never be able to repay you or thank you enough for this, this is incredible.” “I just want to see you all enjoy the vacation you deserve,” he responds, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into him as she continues to cry. You smile at this scene. You couldn’t ask for anything more from either of them. You were so grateful to have them both and to see that their relationship was just as strong as your own.

Liam: What to do today? Sunday’s were so lazy that this wasn’t really a question you could answer with anything except ‘absolutely nothing’. The television provides you with the company you need; it always does. Tour sucks. You had been in this empty house for a solid three months now, slowly dying from the silence it held. Sure you went out with friends regularly, however, nothing you did replaced the horrible feeling you would get opening the door back up after calling it a night only to yet again realize you were alone. You had no idea where he was at the moment. You were sure it was either America or Canada, both too far away to even bother. You put the kettle on for morning tea before slumping back down on the couch, scrolling through Netflix to find something to keep your attention. The kettle whistles before you get a chance to make a decision on what to watch. You leave your search, getting up before walking over to the kitchen, grabbing Liam’s Batman mug from the cupboard. As you pour the hot water onto the tea bag you hear a clanging at the door. By the time you make it around the wall the front door is open. You stand in shock only for a moment before rushing across the floor and jumping into his arms. Your legs wrap around him and your arms bring him in as close as possible. “What are you doing here?” You ask, your voice muffled in his neck. “Well we are on a break, so I thought I would come home.” Your heart jumps, ‘home’. He was home. You pull back from him, your legs still around his waist. “I missed you,” he says before you can. You press a hard kiss to his lips before jumping down. “How long are you here?” You question, as you notice he hadn’t brought anything in with him. “Just today. We have a show tomorrow in New York.” Tomorrow? He could see your disappointment. “I know it’s really short but I’m here now, right? All yours for the entire day.” You smile and nod, he was right. He was here and that is all that matters. He brings you in for another hug. “What are you watching?” He asks once the two of you finally get away from the front door. “I haven’t decided yet; the kettle interrupted me.” You return to the kitchen as he falls down onto the couch letting out an exhausted groan as he picks up the remote. You had missed this picture. You didn’t get to see it often, and you certainly weren’t expecting it today. You couldn’t help but smile as you watch from the kitchen lazily as he scrolls the Netflix guide. “You want tea?” You inquire, moving to the fridge to get the cream. “Please.” You bring down another mug from the cupboard, keeping the Batman one for yourself. Once both cups are made to the liking of the drinker you head to the couch. “Where’s my Batman…oh you have it.” He sits up and takes the Union Jack mug you had prepared for him, moving over to make room for you to sit closely beside him. “What did you decide?” You question, noticing the guide was no longer on the screen. “You’ll see,” he answers with a smile, taking a sip from his mug. “God, I’ve missed your tea. Sarah can make a good cup, but it isn’t like yours.” You smile proudly as you nestle closer into him, at least you could beat Sarah in something. “Skins?” You say as the intro begins. He nods. “You know me so well,” you reply. “I know.” You could spend the rest of the day like this. Who were you kidding that’s exactly what you were going to do. You only had him for the day, but, you couldn’t think of any better way than this to spend the time.

Niall: You hated these phone calls. It always took so long to actually get ahold of anyone who could actually help you. The invoice you had gotten in the mail today was absolutely not correct. Although a zero balance would be incredible, you still owed about twenty thousand more to your federal loan provider, so this needed to be fixed. You listen via speaker to the horrible choice of holding music, annoyed that you had already been on the line for fifteen minutes. Car insurance comes in fifteen minutes, not college loan services. You continue to browse the internet, Christmas shopping on the mind, as the music stops. “Hello, how can I help you?” Thank God, at actual human. “Uh hi, I got an invoice in the mail today with a zero balance on it. I would love to think that’s correct, but I know it isn’t. I need another one sent to me of how much I owe this month.” You provide her with the necessary information needed to prove your identity before she continues. “Okay, (Y/N), I have pulled up your payment history and it looks like the invoice is correct. Your loans were paid in full at the beginning of the month.” If the phone wasn’t on speaker you would have dropped it. “Excuse me, what?” “Yes, it shows we received an electronic transaction on the third for the nineteen, two-twenty five.” “That’s not right, I didn’t pay that.” “Well someone did,” she said happily. You shake your head in disbelief. “Congratulations, you’re college loan is paid off.” You have no words. The stress this has been causing you these last few months and now it is all over. How is it all over? Oh. “Thank you,” you say still in shock. “Have a great day,” she says before hanging up. You immediately pick up your phone to dial another number, one that was sitting in London right now you were certain. “Hey, what’s up?” He answers cheerfully. Tears were falling from your eyes now as the realization that you had no more debt hits you. “What’s wrong?” Worry crept into his voice. “Niall,” you begin, but that’s all you can get out without having to pause. You take in a deep breath before trying to continue. “Niall, I love you so much.” Again, all you can get out through your emotions. “I love you too, is everything alright?” You laugh through your tears. “Everything is perfect. I got an invoice in the mail today that told me I had a zero balance on my loan,” you begin to explain, your tears flowing faster now. “Oh?” You could tell he had a massive smile on his face now. “I don’t know what to say.” “You don’t have to say anything, babe. I know you wanted to pay it off yourself, but I just couldn’t watch you go through all of that stress. It was a spontaneous decision, really.” You shake your head in disbelief of his kind heartedness. “I love you so much,” you manage to get out before another round of tears begins to fall. “And I love you too, I want you to be able to enjoy your life, and not stress over it.” You can’t believe how lucky you are to have him. Even from across the ocean he still makes you feel like the most important girl in the world. “I’ve got to get back to the studio now; everything is good, though, right?” “Everything is wonderful,” you respond. “That’s what I like to hear. I love you, and I’ll call you when we finish up here.” “Okay, tell everyone I said ‘hello’.” “I sure will.” “I love you. Thank you so much for everything.” “Anything for you,” he responds before you hang up the phone. You sit in front of your computer still in disbelief at what he had done for you. You certainly didn’t deserve it. You would never deserve such a grand gesture as this. More tears fall from your eyes. The stress was gone. You were now free from the hold of that invoice coming every month. It wouldn’t be returning. All because the most amazing person from across the pond decided to do something a little spontaneous.

Louis: “He’s just trying to make a good impression,” you respond over the phone to your brother. “He’s kind of making a fool of himself.” You can’t help but laugh at the thought. Louis was over in the States for a month, and you wouldn’t be joining him for another few weeks. He had been the one to suggest working out with your brother’s basketball team while he was on the East Coast, and to be quite honest you were shocked. He has never been one to volunteer to work out and seeing as he would be around your brother without your there, the shock grew even more. “Jon, he’s never played basketball a day in his life, not like you have anyway, so give him some slack.” “You should see all of the slack we’re giving him.” He was practicing and working out with one of the top college teams in the nation. In fact, you were shocked Coach K actually let him sit in on practices. “How has he been with everyone though? Making any friends?” “Oh yeah, loads,” Jon responds sarcastically. “Jon,” you whine, “Give him a chance. He’s only down there because he wants you to like him.” “Yeah, I know. He’s a good kid, (Y/N). I know it’s taken me a while to admit it, but he’s growing on me.” A bright smile stretched across your face at your brother’s words. “Well thank you for taking him in and letting him be a part of the team while he’s over there.” “Anything for you, but know that if he shows up for a game he won’t get off the bench.” You laugh loudly, knowing Louis would never sign up to actually play in Cameron for a game. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about there. He belongs on the pitch, not the court.” “The what? Is that one of those British words? I swear (Y/N), sending you over there to live was a terrible mistake on the family’s part.” “Oh shut it, I’m pretty sure you all had nothing to do with me moving over here.” “Yeah, you’re right, because if we did you would still be living in Chicago.” The sibling banter between the two of you was always on high. “Is he around?” You inquire. You hadn’t talked to him yet today, so before he took off for another show you thought a conversation would be nice. “Yeah, he’s just over there trying to learn how to dunk the basketball. Amile is trying his best.” “Oh you all are just being mean. He isn’t remotely tall enough to dunk.” “Yeah, but it’s still funny to watch.” You roll your eyes. “Call him over.” A few moments later the phone switches and you hear Louis’s exhausted breathing on the line. “You alright?” You question, trying to hold back a laugh. “Yeah, fine,” he says between deep breaths. “How close are you to being able to dunk?” “I’m at a solid ‘never going to happen’.” A laugh escapes and he sighs. “I’m thinking that the only reason he keeps me around here is for a right laugh,” he tells you and you can’t really argue with him. “Since when are you not up for a laugh, Lou? No one is expecting you to be Michael Jordan.” “But your brother is a coach and I can just see him judging me.” You would have to talk with him about giving Louis a little more slack…again. “Of course he’s judging you, but he’s judging all the rest of them as well, it’s just his job.” “Yeah, I guess. I am having a great time down here though. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was coming into when I suggested this but the guys around here are really great. Thanks for putting a good word in for me. I think it’s working.” You had practically begged Jon to get Louis into these practices, promising he wouldn’t get in the way. Seeing as the team was making him their muse you were sure no one had a problem with him being around, especially since he was only around on his days off from tour. You admired his persistence to win your brother over, he certainly didn’t have to be doing what he was. He could have easily purchased Jon a nice watch and he would have been an immediate favorite. Instead, he chose to work for it, and you knew this route would get him more respect.

Zayn: He hadn’t told you were he was going; there was no note left for when you woke up. You assumed he had been called into the studio, but it was rare that you wouldn’t hear the phone ring before he did. Mornings were never his thing. You roll onto your side in the bed, wrapping the blankets closer into you; the chill of the Autumn air within the house was not what you wanted to get up to. You needed this bed more than you needed anything else at the moment. The stress of the week had taken everything out of you, and this weekend was a well-deserved one. Waking up without Zayn beside you was a letdown in every way possible. You reach over to the nightstand to grab your phone to see if he had sent you his whereabouts yet. Nothing. The time displayed on the screen tells you it’s probably time to get out of bed. The afternoon was almost upon you, and you hadn’t done a thing but lay here. You moan as you slowly get up out of the bed, putting a pair of socks on so your feet won’t freeze as you make your way down to the kitchen. You bring your phone with you, but it’s unlikely Zayn will be sending you anything. You put some bread in the toaster before searching the fridge for something to put on top. Butter. Jam. Nutella it is. You shut the fridge and open the cupboard. You sit down at the breakfast bar once your toast had been fixed to your liking. You scroll through the social media you had missed while you were asleep only to hear the front door open and Zayn walk through. “Hey you,” you greet as he walks over, a large envelope in his hand. “Did you go to the post office?” He looks down at the envelope. “No.” He walks around the bar to begin making his own toast, sitting the envelope on the counter next to you. “Okay..well, what is that?” He turns to look from the cupboard. His face is empty of emotions. You have no idea what’s going. “I don’t know, open it up,” he says before turning his attention back to the open cupboard. You set your toast down, dusting your fingers of the crumbs before picking up the large yellow envelope. His back is turned to you as you break the seal. As soon as you reach your hand inside to take out the contents, he turns around to face you. You slide out the thin, hard cover onto the counter. Your eyes scan the illustrations. They look familiar. You continue to look them over and as your eyes fall to the bottom right corner you quickly look up. “What is this?” A wide smile is on his face now. “What does it look like?” You open the book, turning each page. “No.” It was all you could say as you read over the words you had written alongside beautiful illustrations. “No,” you say once more. “What have you done?” You ask, looking back up at him, tears in your eyes. “They’re shipping it worldwide Monday,” he says, ignoring your question. Your hand covers your mouth in disbelief. “Zayn,” you respond, even though your voice is muffled. “It’s a great book (Y/N), and now kids all over the world get to read it.” “No,” you cry, both hands covering your face now. He chuckles to himself as he sets down his plate and walks over to you, pulling you in for a tight hug. “I love you,” you say into his chest as you sob. He can’t help but laugh. “And I love you.” You pull back from him, still in shock as you look over the pages once more. “Wait, did you illustrate this?” He smiles brightly. “Of course you did. Oh yeah, I guess if I would have read the dedications page I would have seen it.” You flip through to see his gorgeous interpretation of your story. You were in absolute awe. This story had been your pride and joy for the longest time, however publishing it turned out to be more difficult than you had anticipated. You didn’t mind the strings you knew he had pulled with his fame; your book was published. Your story was out there, and you couldn’t be happier.