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Haikyuu Fics

> dork realises his feelings towards smol ball of sunshine
> two childern holding hands
> “dumbass!” freeform

> 94% angst
> 5% cuddles + angst
> 1% did i mention angst in the tags bc there’s angst
(bonus: major character death)
> AU galore
+ “rude, iwa-chan!”

> I AM STRAIGHt well hello there
> 40% sinnamon suga

> oh shit i like him but he’s like a friend to me and friends don’t do that what do i do and oh god here he comes i am totally not freaking out - asahi

> bro
> dude
> man
> we should fuck

> shut up yamaguchi i love you
> the fluff is strong in this one

> AKAAAASHI I LOVE YOU or *bokuto hiding behind kuroo everytime he sees akaashi bc he can’t handle his feelings* - there is no in between
> the shitty (but effective) matchmaker kuroo tetsurou
> flustered owls + pda

> “one minute, i need to clear this round”

> sin
+ a surprising amount of teeth rotting fluff
> ushiwaka

> flustered daichi/kuroo
> nerds @ college AU
> “holy shit those thighs” - kuroo

> sNARKy fluff
> saltyshima supreme
> ya’ll need bibles

> creampuff duo
> meme team ft. friendship & mutual banging


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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How Could You? // Zach Dempsey.

Hey guys! I have so many imagines coming your guys way you just don’t understand. Also, i’m finally writing an imagine on my computer so this will come out in way better quality AND I can write faster yay! I hope you guys enjoy this one it was requested by @chloesalva! Happy reading.

Pairing: Zach x Reader

Request: Can you do one where Zach cheats on the reader and the reader finds out about the tapes? Thanks :)

Warnings: Cheating and swearing, if you’re looking for something with a happy ending this is NOT it.


Saturday night..

Readers POV~

“Hey Jess have you seen Zach?” I questioned. Zach convinced me to come to this dumb party. I’m not a party person at all, if anything i’m the exact opposite. Something about warm bodies all around me and red solo cups everywhere just aggravates me. Unfortunately, Zach’s convincing game is strong. So here I am, surrounded by drunk teens and searching for Zach. But that didn’t stop me from having a couple drinks.

“I haven’t seen him since when you guys walked in…want some?” Jessica slurred offering me a swig from her lipstick stained cup. I took four big gulps and returned the cup before I walked away. 

I needed some place away from all the sweaty figures, so I made my way to the bathroom for a breather. I opened the door to and saw two people. A girl on the sink and a guy standing between her legs, showering her neck in lustful kisses.I was about to close the door but the boy looked familiar to me. 

“Z..Zach?” I slurred, the liquor from before finally kicking in. He pulled away from the girls neck and snapped his head in my direction. His eyes were full of regret and sorrow.

I pushed past all the sweaty bodies in the house and made my way outside. My eyes were starting to form tears as I made my way down the sidewalk to my house which wasn’t too far from Jess’s place. It didn’t really help that Zach was my ride and I was anything but sober.

I heard quick heavy footsteps trailing behind me and I started to walk faster. I knew exactly who was following me. The boy that made all my troubles go away. The boy that made me forget all my problems. The boy I gave my heart to, and he destroyed it in return. 

“Y/N please stop I can explain!” He grabbed at my wrist.

Don’t fucking touch me!” I yanked away from his grip. He was shocked. He had never seen me angry like this and he didn’t know what to do.

“How could you..?” I questioned with a look of disgust on my face. He was about to talk but I cut him off.

“I’m an idiot for thinking that somebody like you could be in love with a girl like me.” Nothing I was saying was making sense, but that didn’t stop me from coming clean about everything. I told him about how I thought I was never good enough for him and how I would never be. I told him I never loved even though it was a lie. Soon my voice got louder to the point where people were pulled me away from him. 

Sherri  pulled me into her car and she took me home. The whole car ride was filled with awkward silence and a sniffle from me every now and then.

We finally got to my house and I put my hand on the car door handle but Sherri placed her hand on top mine.

“Y/N hold on just one second okay, sweetheart.” She spoke softly as she reached into the backseat and grabbed a shoe box.

She handed me the shoe box and rubbed the back of my hand with her thumb.

“Don’t open it now, open it when you get inside and don’t ask questions. Just listen.”

I nodded and thanked her then went inside my house.

I flipped the lid of the shoe box and looked at the cassette tapes inside. “Why would Sherri give me this?” I thought to myself.

I grabbed my moms old tape player and put in the first tape.

“Hey it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker.”

Monday morning..

Zach texted me about a million times this whole weekend. I didn’t bother to open any of the messages. Between him and the tapes I didn’t know how to feel anymore. My perspective changed on everybody and I even questioned myself. How could I be one of the reasons why Hannah killed herself? How could Zach be one of the reasons she killed herself?

I went to my locker to get my English book when I felt a large figure next to me.

“I don’t think you understand how sorry I am about everything, you’re the one person that made me feel better in life after everything that’s happened, and it kills me inside knowing that I messed up what we had. It kills me knowing that you don’t love me anymore.” Zach stated. I looked up at him and he looked horrible. There were dark circles under his eyes and his hair was all messy and untamed. His lips were dry and his face was pale. He really let go of himself.

“When I said I never loved you.. I lied. And ever since Saturday I’ve constantly told myself to forget about you just like you forgot about me that night. And then I heard your tape. And I really realized how pathetic you are. And I keep trying to convince myself to remove you from my life. But no matter what I do, I can’t stop myself from loving you. And that’s the part that kills me.” I shut my locker and walked away, leaving Zach standing there defeated and sobbing.

A/N: I’m not even gonna lie I cried while writing this. I really liked writing this. It was a challenge for me because i’m not used to writing things without a happy ending. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this! My requests are currently closed i’m really sorry but I have a lot of imagines to write and I don’t want to keep people waiting. I have a couple more imagines coming out this weekend so I hope this makes up for the little dry period I had. I love you guys! Thanks so much for reading. :)  ps. (the gif isn’t mine)

Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky x reader where you bring bucky to your parents home or they come to visit at the compound or wherever you live and they bring pictures of you as a baby,pre teen and high school

Words: 1,337

Warnings: Nope

Tags: pabegay1 i-am-mina frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass

Literally I was cringing just thinking about my preteen awkward pictures as I wrote this. I hope my boyfriend never finds those…..hahahaha

“I miss this.” You sat down at you and Bucky’s kitchen table. Your grandma was sitting across from you, a cup of coffee in front of both of you. Your hair was off your face, being pushed back with a couple bobby pins and hair sprayed to avoid it from coming loose.

“So have I, but it’s not like we’re necessarily right around the corner from one another anymore.” Your grandma chuckled softly, and placed both hands on the sides of the cup. You hummed in agreement and blew on your coffee to cool it down. Although you knew you weren’t really helping it cool down.

“I wish we were.” You admitted. Your grandma made a tsking sound and looked around your kitchen and dining room area.

“But you like it here, especially now that you live with that handsome man of yours.” She nodded to where your mom and Bucky were in the living room. Your mom and him laughing at something one of them said.

“I’m lucky.” You laughed softly, turning around to face your grandma again.

“That you are.” Your grandma agreed with you, a sly smile crossing over her red stained lips. “And so is he. You two are perfect for each other, never have I ever seen such a beautiful couple. So young, so in love.”

“Thank you?” You giggled, playing with the locket hanging from your necklace. You heard Bucky’s laughter erupt from the living room and you turned around quickly to see what had caused it.

“Mom? What’re you doing to him?” You scrambled up from your seat and made your way into the living room where your boyfriend and mom were looking through photos in an old photo album. “You brought that?”

“It’s for you, Y/n. I thought you would like to have pictures of your childhood around in your new home.” She looked up at you with a sly smile on her face, and you simply rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Scoot over then. I wanna see.” You sat in between your mom and Bucky. Your mom laughing at where you chose to sit, and placed the photo album in your lap.

The pictures started off sweet. They were from when you were just a little baby or toddler. Your outfits were adorable and awkward at times, but nobody can harsh on a little baby with pretty eyes and a silly smile. Bucky cooed at what you looked like all those years ago and you giggled softly, you cooed at yourself several times as well.

But then the pictures began to move on to when you became older. There was one when you were eight and were overly mad at the time the picture was taken and it was obvious by the look on your face. You knew what was coming, but you didn’t freak out until you saw the pictures that had been erased from your memory.

Your preteen years.

“Oh my god, no!” You tried to shut the album but both Bucky and your mom stopped you. Your preteen years were filled with awkward as all hell pictures. Horrible hair choices and purposely ugly faces every time a camera was pointed your way. Your fashion choice was awful and you cringed just looking at it.

“That’s you?!” Bucky stiffened a laugh. “You’re adorable.”

“No I wasn’t!” You blushed, reaching up to cover your cheeks with your hands as you cringed. “I don’t know what I was thinking, okay? God, shut up, okay!”

Bucky wrapped an arm lazily around you and pulled you closer to his chest as he chuckled at pictures of twelve year old you. You could feel the warmth radiate off his chest and scrunched your nose as his chin dug into the top of your head. You mom watched the two of you with heart eyes, she adored the two of you.

“I love you.” He murmured into your hair, although you could still hear the tease in his voice and the stiffened laughter.

“Whatever.” He squeezed you closer to his chest and you laughed. His scent swarmed your senses and your heart beat a little faster.

The pictures moved on from your preteen awkward years and moved on to when you were in High School. Your fashion taste were way cuter, and your hairstyles were way more stylish. You actually started looking like yourself, unlike when you were twelve. There were pictures of you with your friends, some who you were still friends to this day.

There was a picture of you when you first started learning how to drive and from all the times you went to sports games at your High School. There were pictures of you in Homecoming dresses and at school events. As you neared the end of your High School years, Bucky stared in awe as he saw you in your Prom dress from senior year.

You felt at ease when the album finally shut, and Bucky could feel it too since you slouched back into his chest again. Bucky chuckled once more and your mom grabbed your hands, pressing a light kiss to them and grinning at you.

“I love you, Y/n.” Your mom placed the album on your coffee table for you.

“I love you too, mama.” Your mom stood up and went into the kitchen to where your grandma still was. You tilted your head all the way back against Bucky’s chest and kissed under his chin lightly. He looked down at you, a grin still covering his handsome features.

“Is it too soon to tell your mom I love her?” You couldn’t help but laugh, moving your head back to facing forward. Bucky’s arm wrapped around your shoulder and hung lazily in front of your chest and stomach. You played with his long fingers with your much smaller ones.

“Feel free, she already loves you.” Bucky’s whole face lit up although you couldn’t see it, you just knew.

“When did she say that?” He sounded eager and excited, he adored your mom and her approval of him being with you meant the world to him.

“A while ago. She said you’re already family to her.” Bucky grinned more, and wrapped his fingers around yours before bringing them up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss on them.

Bucky fell silent for several minutes. You could both hear your mom and grandma mumbling a conversation in the kitchen but neither of you could understand a word they were saying. They both adored Bucky to the moon and loved how he was with you.

“You’re so perfect.” The words came out of his mouth softly and his voice was only just above a whisper. Your heart skipped a beat and you froze for a second while playing with his fingers. You wrapped your fingers around his metal thumb and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve always been perfect, doll.” He shifted his fingers around so that they were holding onto your hand instead. The coolness causing chills to run throughout your body. “Even when you were a dork.”

“Hey!” You giggled, your eyes closing softly and staying closed for several moments. You opened them and looked down at the your hand intertwined in his. The metal feeling of his fingers never failed to cause a rush of butterflies in your stomach and electricity to run throughout you. He gave you a sense of life.

“You’re perfect, Bucky.” He didn’t say anything. He only squeezed your hand softly, careful not to hurt you. He was always worried about his arm around you, he always thought he would snap you in half if he wasn’t gentle. For the longest time, he wouldn’t let you touch his arm.

You told him you loved him, every last bit of him. You told him you loved his arm, you told him that it wasn’t scary to you. It was a part of him, and you loved everything about him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”

Fixing Things

Dean hadn’t even noticed he was doing it at first. He just did it blindly and it never seemed to bother Castiel so he kept doing it. Fixing things. His lapel, his tie, his hair.

It’s the sort of simple, easy things he’s good at, the kind of things that show people he cares without him actually having to say it, the kind of things that take the bite out of his words when he says something stupid.
That’s what he’d thought anyway.
Now, he’s not so sure.

It was his fault, you see.
He told Cas to never change but he was the one who exploded time after time, taking it all out on the angel, picking him apart when he was angry, reaching for all the stupid things that he actually loved about Cas to use them as ammunition.

It started with the tie.
Dean always fixed Cas’ tie. It was their thing. Cas didn’t even frown anymore, he just kept talking about whatever new problem had come up in their lives. So, when Castiel hadn’t given any news for a whole week, even after Dean’s insistent calling, and then showed up like nothing was wrong, it began.
Dean scoffed when Castiel said he was there to help, his face blank but his insides burning with acidic bitterness and wrathful anger. Out of spite, and because hurting back when he was hurt was the only way he knew how to deal with these things, he’d snapped:
“What the fuck do you think you can help with if you can’t even tie your freaking tie?!”

After that, Dean never had to fix Cas’ tie again. Cas always showed up with it lined up and turned with the right side out. He pretended it didn’t matter, pretended he wasn’t being slowly eaten away by remorse, pretended on and on until he actually made himself believe it wasn’t that important anyway.

Then, came the trenchcoat.
Dean had been furious, absolutely furious. Cas had jumped in front of him during a hunt and got a knife to the chest. And sure, he hadn’t died and he was okay, but Dean was still shaking and mad beyond belief, so he’d spit it out:
“I don’t need some jerk that doesn’t even know his coat size jumping in front of me, thanks but no thanks.”

Cas had looked so broken and helplessly lost right then that Dean almost backed down, almost hugged him and apologized and pleaded that the angel didn’t do that sort of thing because he couldn’t take Cas getting hurt because of him again. But that was too much, too soon, and Dean was still trembling with the thought of losing Cas, so he turned his back and walked away.

The next time he saw him, Cas was wearing a trenchcoat that was far too small for his size, looking awkward and uncomfortable without the beautiful beige flowing behind him majestically. Dean swallowed hard and looked away.

He promised he wouldn’t say stupid things like that again because obviously Cas wasn’t getting that he didn’t really mean any of them, that he was just mad and horrible at dealing with all these emotions. So the hair thing came out of nowhere.
He had noticed that Castiel’s hair looked more tamed each day and it was confusingly strange that his chest actually ached slightly whenever Cas showed up looking impeccable. But Dean just accepted it as a fact - telling himself he just missed the old Cas, all ruffled and messy and completely oblivious to human appearances.

So, when Cas had walked into the kitchen one day with messy hair spiking every each way, Dean didn’t question why his heart burst and soared, beating irregularly, instead he just rushed close and put his hands on the dark, soft strands that he hadn’t touched in too long. He’d even smiled, huffing as he commented fondly, “your hair is a mess.”

But Cas pulled back like he’d been burned, frowning so hard that Dean crashed from his high almost instantly. His hands replaced Dean’s on his hair and he apologized softly, assuring Dean he’d fix it before turning away and disappearing.

That’s when Dean knew.
That’s when he knew for sure it had been his fault.

Now, here he was, days later, hovering in front of Cas’s door, hand raised, ready to knock. But he couldn’t find the courage to do it. What would he even say? Where would he start?
He dropped his hand for the third time, finally deciding to give up completely and try another day, even though he’d told himself the exact same thing yesterday and the day before that. He was about to turn away when the door abruptly opened. All of the sudden, he was faced with a rumpled, startled Cas looking at him like a deer in headlights.
“Dean? What are you doing here?”
And then, worried, hands rushing to fix his appearance, “I wasn’t expecting you, I’m not presentable. I’ll just-”

But Dean put his foot on the door, stopping Cas from closing it, and barged in confidently. That is, of course, until he was inside, staring awkwardly at Cas while the bewildered, hesitant angel stared back. And… well, maybe he was crazy but he wasn’t good with words so he just did what he always did, breaking the space between them, hands reaching to gently fix Castiel’s hair before running down his neck, gently correcting the askew lapels and tie before patting Cas’s chest and dropping his gaze.
“It’s okay. I like fixing it.”
Cas frowned, tilting his head like what Dean had just said didn’t make any sense.
“You do?”
Dean swallowed, biting his lip and looking back up, trying for a grin but failing.
“Yeah,” he muttered softly, hands still running down Castiel’s coat though it was already fixed, “I do.”

And he’d done what he’d come here to do, so he just brushed another stray strand of hair from Cas’ forehead and turned away.

After that, Cas was back to his rumpled, oblivious self and whenever Dean grumbled about how much of a mess he looked that day while fixing him, Cas tilted his head slightly and smiled like he knew some deep, ancient secret that no one else did.

And hell, maybe he did, because it was the angel that leaned over one day, his lips brushing over Dean’s in a soft, gentle kiss. At Dean’s startled, wide eyes, Cas had just smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Thank you, Dean.”

After that, it became a lot harder to fix Cas’ look. Whenever Dean tried, he always ended up doing worst. When he grumbled about it, all flushed cheeks and swollen lips, Cas just made fun of him and kissed him again.


It was an idea from a bunch of stupid ass kids.

Dig to the center of the earth.

Everyone’s done it, but usually within a day we all forget about it, leaving a hole maybe a feet deep, something that our parents would twist their ankles in and get mad at us for later.

Not us. Not the boys of Redwood Drive.

There was about twelve of us, ranging from age five to twelve, and we wanted to dig a hole so deep we’d fall into the center of the earth. I can’t remember why we decided to do it. I think Parker read ‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth’ one too many times, or maybe that summer was just that boring. Either way, it was in the woods in my backyard where we began ‘excavation’.

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me: [sleeps for like 11 hours every day, barely eats, hasn’t showered in a week, hasn’t left the house in even longer, can barely muster the energy to leave her bedroom]
me: wow i haven’t had a depressive episode in a while

“You coming or what, doll?”

Prompt: [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, mentions of Nat & Tony

Pairing(s): Mentions of Stucky and possible Steve x Reader x Bucky

Word Count: ~1187

Warnings: Nudity, getting caught in a towel, suggested sexy times

A/N:  (o˘◡˘o) More of me working out my writer’s block lol. I’m probably posting way too many things in a day but whatevs.

Tags: @shamvictoria11 @fangirlnyxx

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The shower in your bathroom was broken for the day until Stark decided to fix it himself or send someone else up to repair the busted pipe. FRIDAY had quickly shut the water off to your bathroom so you didn’t have to worry about flooding your whole apartment or being without water in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it still meant that you had to go elsewhere to use the toilet or bathe if the need arose.

The thing is though, you hated using the communal showers in the locker rooms and you knew you were scheduled for a pretty intense training session with Natasha in a few hours. You groaned and flopped down onto your couch. Hopefully you’d be able to sneak into someone else’s apartment or something afterwards. Nat was always pretty protective over her bathroom (with good reason considering she lived with Clint for so long before he met Laura) so you never bothered to ask her unless it was an immediate emergency.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where the reader is sick and Remus skips class to take care of her and Sirius and James joke around and make fun of him for it like "oh look Moonys in love" and then Remus realizes he's in love with her and freaks out while she's asleep but she wakes up and calms him down to tell him she loves him too

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Word Count: 951

“Remus, leave! You can’t skip Transfiguration too! McGonagall will be furious!” you said to him. 

“Yes I can, Y/N. Don’t worry. I got James to make up some excuse. Now just lie down and stop fussing,” he said calmly. You were sick, with something that you assumed was like the flu (which wasn’t even that bad!) and Remus wouldn’t leave you alone. You appreciated him staying with you, but he had already skipped Charms and Herbology. And you looked horrible. Your hair was a mess and your eyes were all puffy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, your positively enormous crush on him had only gotten bigger when he so kindly tended to you.

“But, Remus-”

“No, Y/N,” he said firmly but not unkindly. “I’m staying.”

“Fine, but you have to promise that you’ll go and eat lunch later,” you said desperately. You didn’t want the poor guy to starve himself. 

“Okay,” he said, grinning. You had a feeling he crossed his fingers behind his back.

You glared at him and were about to say something when you sensed another wave of sickness coming over you. “One sec,” you squeaked out, and sprinted up the stairs to the bathroom. You heaved into the toilet and collapsed on the tiled floor in exhaustion. You hadn’t stopped throwing up since 6:00 this morning. Remus followed you up the stairs and quirked an eyebrow when he saw you lying on the floor. 

“Feel free to use our toilet,” he said.

“What? Oh, crap, this is your dorm, isn’t it.”

He nodded. “Don’t worry about it. You should rest.” He leaned down and picked you up bridal style and carried you to his bed, tucking you in under the sheets. He sat across from you on Sirius’s bed and took out a book. “I’ll be here if you need anything.”

You smiled shyly at him. “Thanks. Remus, will you… will you read to me?”

He grinned. “Sure.” He cleared his throat and turned to page one. “Once upon a time, in a small village in France, there lived a beautiful, intelligent girl named Belle. Her father…” As he read, you closed your eyes, feeling safe knowing that he was right there, reading to you. His calm and deep voice lulled you to sleep.

Remus read up to Chapter 2 before he stopped reading. You fell asleep after the first chapter, but this story was one of his favorites. It was about a beautiful girl who met a ferocious beast and fell in love. Even if he would never admit it, he often imagined himself as the beast and you as Belle.

As he closed the book, he heard Sirius and James coming up the stairs. He jumped up and hurried over to the door to quiet them so as not to wake you. 

“Moony, where’ve you been all day?” James asked.

“Yeah, this is the first time you’ve ever missed Transfiguration. We needed you to take notes!” Sirius added. 

He shrugged off their chatter and said, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll make it up tomorrow. But could you guys quiet down? Y/N’s sleeping.”

Sirius and James exchanged glances and smirked. “Oh, if Her Royal Majesty Y/N is sleeping, then we best be as quiet as mice, right, Jamesy-boy?” Sirius said in his best old-timey voice.

“Right you are, Sirius sir. We mustn’t wake the lady, else King Remus will have our heads for disturbing his wife’s rest!” James said, stage-whispering to Sirius.

Remus rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Just shut up.”

“Ooh, Sirius I think I realized something!” James said, reaching over and grabbing a light bulb-shaped cutout that was lying on his bed. 

“James, why do you even- you know what, never mind,” Remus said.

“And what is that, James?” Sirius asked in wonder.

“I think… Well, I think Remus here is in love!”

Remus choked. “What!?” 

”Why, James, I think you’re right! He looooooooves her! We should leave these two alone. Just keep yourselves off my bed!” Sirius shouted. The two of the scampered down the stairs, presumably to lunch. 

Remus shook his head at the two idiots that were his best friends. What delusion were they under? Of course he didn’t love Y/N. Sure, he liked you a lot, ever since fourth year, but love? That was ridiculous.

Or was it? Did he love you? Could he? Could you love him, even if he was a beast? 

For the next half hour, Remus’s thoughts whirled around faster than he could keep up, until, finally, he came to a conclusion. 

You woke up at that moment, sitting up and stretching. “Remus? Why’re you-” you cut yourself off with a yawn. “Why’re you still here?” 

He looked up at you hesitantly. “Y/N, I have something I need to tell you. I know it’s stupid and you don’t feel the same way, but I-I think I love you-”

You stopped him. “Well, that’s a relief. Because I think I love you too. I thought you were going to say you got expelled or something!”

He stared at you in disbelief. “Really?”

“Yeah. Now, I’m going to take a shower because I’m disgusting. Do you have a sweatshirt or something I can borrow? I don’t want to go all the way to my dorm.”

“Uh, sure,” he said slowly. “Here.” He stood up and pulled the sweater he was wearing off over his head and handed it to you. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he was wearing a t-shirt underneath.

You smiled brightly at him and stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

He grinned. You loved him! The book he had placed on his nightstand caught his eye. Yes, Beauty and the Beast was definitely his favorite book.

A/N: Okay so I’m going back through all of my old posts and realize that this one was a little weird because it shouldn’t have been attached to the ask, it should have been a separate post you know?? but oh well I think I know better now ;)

hi-im-little-miss-me  asked:

So i don't know if you've answered this before but in your To Belong universe if someone has something permanent on their bodies like piercings or tattoos do they stay on their skin in animal form? And for piercings specifically how would that work if someone had an ear piercing but their animal form was like a bird or a seal that doesn't have ears like humans do?

  • Tattoos, piercing holes, scars, burn marks, etc are visible in both forms. 
  • If you have a small piercing in your ear as a human you will have a hole somewhere around your animal ear, relative to size.
  • Warning! If you wear a BIG piercing as an bear, a sudden transformation can/will tear up your small human ear-nib since the jewelry itself does not shrink. Some logic applies in other cases.
  • The majority of people who like wearing any kind of jewelry have taught themselves to always remove anything that could brake or hurt them before changing forms.
  • But stories which include “but you see, I had forgotten to remove my nose-ring/etc…” are extremely common.
  • Tattoos remain on your skin no matter what form, but depending on your animal it can be hidden under fur/feathers/scales. 
  • Tattoos do shrink, but they are can become misshapen. Don´t expect that pretty flower on your trunk to look any good on your human nose. (Ask an expert before inking, they have seen it all!)
  • Fur/hair will not grow over horrible burn marks.
  • If you have many painful scars then shifting between forms can be hurt due to the stretching.
  • Your fancy pansy new hairdo will not survive a from change. All those hours of pampering would be wasted.  
  • OBS: Bird ears are creepy. Don´t google it.   

Screen shots from the game.  Still playing with the Cotter family.  Lidia gave birth to a son, I’m glad actually because I had wanted them to have a boy initially when she was pregnant with the girls.  Sent the girls to Magnolia Park when I had included some of the Romantic Garden items including the Wishing Well, since they all really seem to match the park.  Anyone who has played with the well knows that things don’t always go as planned so when Leila wanted to make a wish, I thought, “What could go wrong…” and did it anyway. She was flirty so I had her wish for romance and the well gave her a boyfriend (can’t remember his name).  I pulled him into CAS to fix the horrible hair and outfit and add some “make up” but all in all, not too bad.  I might tweak his face later but he’s fine for now.

Sam Winchester-Imperfections

Title: Imperfections

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1088

Summary: Moments where the reader has done something that would be counted as a imperfection or embarrassing, but Sam finds it adorable. 

Being Sam Winchester’s girlfriend was not as easy as everyone would think. Not because he was a hunter, or because he had a bad past of his girlfriends staying alive… but because he was damn near perfect. 

Sam Winchester was a god. He was made in a lab you’re sure of it. He was perfect. Tall, hot, cute, sweet, strong, brave…. what was wrong with him? Nothing. 

Monsters; now them you could handle. Gore; easy. Downing pints; gimme! Being perfect and girly? Nope. 

You had so many imperfections, well at least to you, you did. You were always so nervous around Sam, not even wanting to sneeze in case it looked ugly. 


You glanced around, making sure none of the brothers were here as you carefully slipped on your glasses. You began to continue to read, now seeing the words clearly. 

‘’hey, babe, I thi-’’Sam stopped half way, you almost having a heart attack as you fumbled to get your glasses off but failed. You blushed, cheeks flaming up as you looked anywhere but him. 

‘’Are you wearing glasses?’’He chuckled, a small smile on his face as he squinted his eyes at you. 

‘’Y-yeah’’You coughed, placing your elbow on the table and hiding your face. 

‘’They suit you’’He smiled kindly, tilting your head and kissing your lips He walked back off, flicking through a book as you stared at him in shock, no jokes or frowns came from him, he said nothing bad about your imperfection. 


‘’Mmm…’’Sam hummed, kissing all the way up your neck. You groaned, elbowing him playfully as he chuckled against your skin, his hot breath fanning down your neck. You turned over, still not over how perfect Sam looked in the morning. You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, shrieking as you pulled the covers up to your face. 

‘’what are you doing?’’Sam chuckled, large hand pulling it down. You tried to hide but you were unable to. 

‘’I look so horrible! My hair is sticking up everywhere, I have sleep all in my eyelashes and drool on my pillow!’’You groaned, covering your flushed face. Sam laughed, pulling your hands away from your face. 

He kissed you sweetly, hand smoothing down your hair. 

‘’I think you look perfect’’He whispered, nuzzling his nose against yours before clambering out of bed. 


‘’Awesome!’’You and Dean grinned in sync. You had both ordered the big sized burger, Sam sticking with his salad. 

You bit down into it, too much meat in the burger to handle as it spilled onto the table, some mayo smearing on your chin. You tried to cover your mouth, tried to quickly swallow down the messy food but it didn’t work out well. 

Sam was watching you with a smile, your face blushing as you turned your head. Sam shook his head, swiping his thumb across your chin and collecting up the mayo. 

‘’Ew, nice, (y/n)’’Dean cringed at your mess. How did Sam put up with all this, how did it not bother him? Instead he simply laughed it off and smiled at you as if you had just done something cute instead of ugly. 


You sat on the edge of your shared bed, a frown plastered on your face as you stared down at ‘it’. 

You thought about all the girls Sam had dated, how perfect and flawless they were. Then there was you, covered in scars from hunts, and not small cute ones either. 

Sam came into the room, watching you for a moment before he he settled between your legs and crouched down. He braced his hands on your hips, lowering his head and kissing your scarred thigh. 

You sighed, running your fingers through his hair as he delicately kissed each one. 


If it was something you didn’t have… it was a flat stomach. Your stomach was slightly round, still pudgy with a slight bump. It was basically anything but paper flat and full of abs. 

You always felt nervous whenever Sam would rub your stomach, whenever he would trace his fingertips over the smooth skin. It didn’t seem to bother him, but you knew if he saw a girl with a flat stomach then it would.

Today was just that. A girl you were interviewing was wearing a crop top, she happened to be a dancer, flexible, flat stomach that showed her abs. 

You felt insanely insecure especially since Dean kept commenting on it. Sam simply laughed at his brother, standing behind your and rubbing your stomach. You tried to suck in but you still felt like he could feel all the lumps and bumps. 

You glanced up at Sam who seemed quite happy and content, not even looking at the girl. You didn’t understand why he wasn’t bothered by it. 


You were a hunter, yes. But clumsy was your middle name. You tripped all the time. You were hunting with a partner, a girl who was steady on her feet and graceful. 

You were all sneaking into the warehouse, trying to be quiet until you had tripped on some wire and did a full gambol forwards and landed on your bum. You sat slightly shocked, looking flustered and embarrassed.  

The three of them turned back to you, the girl rolling her eyes as Dean rose his brows at you. Sam simply walked over, chuckling as he walked up to you and let the other two walk off. 

‘’What have you done?’’He laughed, trying to untangle you. You didn’t know it, to you you looked like an idiot who was tangled up in wires. But, to Sam? To Sam you looked like an adorable puppy who had been caught being naughty and tried to act innocent. 

You red cheeks only made him coo over you even more, smiling widely as he unravelled you and helped you up. 


‘’Sam, can I talk to you’’You whispered, your cheek wet with tears. Sam frowned, standing up as he grasped your hand. 

‘’Baby, what’s wrong?’’he whispered, caressing your cheek. Then you spilled it all, telling him how you felt like you didn’t deserve him and how clumsy and stupid you were. 

Sam chuckled shaking his head before wiping your tears. 

‘’Baby, I think all those things you do are adoable. You looked so cute the other day when I had to untangle you, I don’t want a girl that is perfect and never screws up. I like that you eat messily, I like that you have scars. It proves that you’re human and it’s what makes you, you.’’

Somebody write a fic about someone getting Harry a hair stylist to fix Harry’s horrible hair and it’s draco fucking malfoy. But imagine all the teasing draco would do whilst styling Harry’s hair. Tipping his chin up or running his fingers through Harry’s hair. Imagine Harry’s little gasps. Ugh, just imagine hair stylist draco.