horrible hair and all

Haikyuu Fics

> dork realises his feelings towards smol ball of sunshine
> two childern holding hands
> “dumbass!” freeform

> 94% angst
> 5% cuddles + angst
> 1% did i mention angst in the tags bc there’s angst
(bonus: major character death)
> AU galore
+ “rude, iwa-chan!”

> I AM STRAIGHt well hello there
> 40% sinnamon suga

> oh shit i like him but he’s like a friend to me and friends don’t do that what do i do and oh god here he comes i am totally not freaking out - asahi

> bro
> dude
> man
> we should fuck

> shut up yamaguchi i love you
> the fluff is strong in this one

> AKAAAASHI I LOVE YOU or *bokuto hiding behind kuroo everytime he sees akaashi bc he can’t handle his feelings* - there is no in between
> the shitty (but effective) matchmaker kuroo tetsurou
> flustered owls + pda

> “one minute, i need to clear this round”

> sin
+ a surprising amount of teeth rotting fluff
> ushiwaka

> flustered daichi/kuroo
> nerds @ college AU
> “holy shit those thighs” - kuroo

> sNARKy fluff
> saltyshima supreme
> ya’ll need bibles

> creampuff duo
> meme team ft. friendship & mutual banging

Somebody write a fic about someone getting Harry a hair stylist to fix Harry’s horrible hair and it’s draco fucking malfoy. But imagine all the teasing draco would do whilst styling Harry’s hair. Tipping his chin up or running his fingers through Harry’s hair. Imagine Harry’s little gasps. Ugh, just imagine hair stylist draco.

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fuck me so hard you leave bruises, pull my hair back and whisper in my ear all the horrible things you could do to me, choke me until i beg for you to fuck me harder, tell me how good of a job im doing while i whine for more

Harry Hart is a disaster of a human being.

He named his dog Mr. Pickle.

His house is an interior designer’s nightmare with too many pictures on the wall.

He has a room dedicated to dead things.

He knows how to pair twinkies (and no doubt other junk food) with high end alcohol.

He’s ALWAYS late.

He curses like a sailor.

He makes sexual puns/innuendos to younger men.

He beats people up with an umbrella.

He’s a perfect, amazing, disaster. And I really want to see more of it. Like him teaching Eggsy not only to make the perfect martini, but also all the junk food that can go with said martini. Harry trying to get Eggsy into butterflies. Harry being a horrible mess in the morning, all disheveled and curly haired and just so un-perfect that it’s perfect. And Harry purposely being late just to annoy Merlin. And Harry swearing in front of people without even realizing it and then having to apologize to the old ladies. And Eggsy and Harry getting another dog and Harry wants to name him after food like Mr. Noodle or Mr. Peanut or Mrs. Muffin or Mrs. Sugarlump and Eggsy is just ‘NO HARRY’.

Strawberries and whipped cream

words: 655
pairing: KuroHina
summary: Hinata Shouyou was too adorable. And Kuroo Tetsurou was so fucking in love with him it hurt.

inspired by this post on tumblr
day 3 of rare pair week
prompt: date + tip of the nose
my rare pair week tag

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I may have taken some inspiration from your selfies and died my hair pink...yours looks better than mine lmao

I went from blackest black to pink in less than a month. It was not good for my hair at all. And at first it looked horrible! But now I have sort of gotten the hang on how to dye it so that it works, the hair under the pink is a yellow weird colour. So my hair is more peach than pink. I wanted really light pink hair. Like Almost white, but I also don’t want to damage it too much. So it’s a prosses. Good luck with yours! I am sure It will look great after a few sessions :) xxx

s/o to all the alt/goth/scene/emo black kids who think they’re too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids

s/o to all my sensitive and fragile dark skinned girls who think they’re too dark to be cute and soft and pretty

s/o to all my white passing black kids who have to deal with people trying to tell you how black your are(you’re as black as you wanna be)

s/o to all my sensitive black boys that feel like you can’t show any emotions

s/o to all my ghetto kids gettin made fun of on a daily for their dialect only to go online and see these non black people gettin praised for doing the exact same thing

s/o to all the black kids with 4c hair that think they can’t go natural because their hair is too kinky(your hair is not nappy; shrinkage is horrible ik)

s/o to all my mentally ill black people who get told they just need to pray it away

s/o to all the black girls who wear sew-ins and get their hair done every month, don’t let people tell you you don’t love yourself(ain’t nobody finna spend 2k on they hair and not love themselves)

s/o to all the black people that grew up in white neighborhoods and can’t speak aave and bump justin bieber

s/o to all the mixed black people who grew up with an antiblack/fetishist parent and relatives

s/o to all the black girls with no ass and dance off beat

s/o to all the black people still trying to overcome their internalized antiblackness

s/o to all the sexual black girls/black girls who do sex work out here getting condemned on a daily and having people laugh at jokes about literal assault(ex: zola)

s/o to all the black people dealing with drug additions that are seen as nothing but a cheap “crackhead” joke

s/o to all the darkskinned fat black girls who are treated as nothing but mammy and precious and “strong independent sassy black women” jokes

s/o to black trans boys and girls being hated on by not just the black community but the trans community as well

s/o to all my black nerds who play pokemon and animal crossing and watch anime

s/o to all my black kpop fans getting harassed for liking a genre that copies off of your own culture 99% of the time

s/o to all the darkskinned boys who think they have to be tough and strong

s/o to all my underrated and stepped on black people that get hated just bc you don’t fit some made up 2d stigma we gon live thru this


Guess what (who) my new obsession is.

Still gotta adjust the style a little bit.


First of all, yes I look horrible without make-up, pls don’t be scared! (I use make-up every day..so…)
Also this was supposed to be a video where I explain everything but it took too long ;A;

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chai latte: your starbucks/coffee order? fairy lights: do you sleep with the lights on or off? peaches: do you enjoy photography? summer nights: summer or winter? or perhaps something else?

Chai Latte: My heart can’t typically handle a lot of caffeine so I rarely order from shops (they almost always forget to use decaf). The two shops that I sometimes go to have Italian sodas so I get that or a low caffeine fruit tea.

Fairy Lights: Honestly, I’m still afraid of the dark but I can’t sleep with any form of light sooo I somehow manage.

Peaches: Yes! A few years ago I learned how to develop film and that was really cool. I also took a mobile phone photography class my sophomore year of college, and it was super dorky and fun.

Summer Nights: Fall, then spring, then summer, then winter. I hate winter, it makes my joints ache and I’m tired all the time. Summer is horrible on my hair. Fall and Spring are magickal.

can we just address the Hunter’s of Artemis for a second?
They don’t age. Time seems to stop for them and they just stop growing in general. So you know what would probably happen to them? Their hair wouldn’t grow. Neither would their nails. Or their eyelashes. Plus they are void of sickness as Thalia says in the Demigod Files, they can’t get sick and they don’t age. So you know what kind of Hunter’s I wanna see?
• Hunter’s who thought it was a good idea to get a hair cut and now they look absolutely horrid but they can’t change it and now they’re stuck with horrible hair for all of eternity
• Hunter’s who before they were Hunter’s were sick with an illness that you can’t get rid of; such as cancer or something and they join the Hunter’s and suddenly they’re cancer free and they are so joyous because they have full knowledge that it’s never coming back and for once they might finally be okay
• Hunter’s who wear wigs because once again tHEY MADE THE HORRID CHOICE OF GETTING A HAIRCUT
• Hunter’s who are constantly in fear of everything around them because even though they don’t age and don’t get sick they can get hurt by anything else like a monster or something and they might not be able to prevent that from happening and they could /die/
• Hunter’s who joined the hunt so excited because?? they don’t age?? hOW AWESOME?? And then after a few centuries they’re just so tired of their appearance because they never change anymore and they will never be able to experience that again because now they’re stuck with a damned hunting group for their entire lifetime (which is a very long time)
• Hunter’s who go completely into a panic when asked to fight up close and without their bow because they were so used to long range and being out of danger and with the knowledge that they were most likely going to come out alive
• Hunter’s just being so sad because they watched their friends and family die and they didn’t think being immortal would be this heart renching because they would never see any of their friends again
•Hunter’s afraid of making friends because they would die and they wouldn’t and they would be stuck alone yet again, heartbroken
• just

Cube is making my hair fall out with all these horrible decisions they’re making for CLC. First they get TWO new members to join an already cohesive and well-balanced  group, but I said “yeah they’re cute, I’ll believe in you Cube and I’ll support these two new daughters of mine, Eunbin and Elkie.” Except Eunbin is also on Produce 101 and the trainees on Produce 101 have a contract stating that they may not conduct promotions while on the show. But I guess Cube forgot that along with their ability to plan out proper schedules and activities for their artists. So after all the pictures and teasers for the comeback have ALREADY been released, Cube takes Eunbin out of the group “temporarily” and cuts out all her parts in the song and music video and further damages her chances to even become a part of Mnet’s new girl group, let alone become active with the now dying CLC. This results in a fucking SHORT VERSION MV that has no dance parts, nothing from the teasers shown, just long, awkward close-ups of each member. And it doesn’t even showcase the full song to add more shit to this trainwreck. And now they just banished CLC to Japan, after not even a week of promotion, after not even giving them a chance to succeed in Korea with some actual promotional material that was thought out and the backing of a company that actually knows what it’s doing. CLC has so much potential to be something great, I mean just look at Pepe. Cube’s management had even superbly fucked up 4minute’s comeback, G.NA’s entire solo career, and now CLC’s. And I bet they’ll just be moving on to their next target and wondering why they’re company is still in the negatives. Anyways, Cube is shit and I’m angry