horrible form

- Firebenders with burns on their hands and feet from their own flames

- Waterbenders shaking because they are surrounded by water, there is just so much of it.

- Earthbenders constantly covered in dust and not fully getting it when people comment on it, because its dirt, its clean to them.

- Airbenders wishing that their culture hadnt been lost for 100 years.

- Firebenders crying when they learn all the bad things that had been done for 100 years.

- Waterbenders who cant heal for rubbish, who move in jerky motions and get the same results as the other benders.

- Earthbenders getting horribly sick from most forms of travel because they cant feel the earth under their feet.

- Airbenders who spend so much time in the air they feel more natural in the air then on the ground

a comparison
  • what aesthetic, on-screen studyblr looks like: going to cafes to study, drinking enough water, reading in your spare time, everything is neat and organized
  • what it looks like behind the screen: staying home all week because holy fuck i procrastinated too much, messy and rushed notes, not getting nearly enough sleep

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Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 

ANIMAGI by J.K. Rowling

from  Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies

An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can transform at will into an animal. While in their animal form, they retain most of their ability to think as a human, their own sense of identity and their memories. They will also retain normal human life expectancy, even if they take their animal form for long periods of time. However, feelings and emotions are simplified and they will have many animal desires, feeding off whatever their animal body craves, rather than demanding human food.

It is immensely difficult to change oneself into an Animagus and the process, which is complex and time-consuming, can go dramatically wrong. As a result, it is believed that fewer than one in a thousand witches or wizards are Animagi.

An Animagus has a great potential advantage in the spheres of espionage and crime. For this reason, an Animagus Registry exists on which all Animagi are expected to log their personal details and the precise appearance of their transformed self. It is usually the case that distinctive markings or disabilities belonging to the human body will transfer to the animal self. Failure to enter oneself onto the Registry may result in a stretch in Azkaban.

When the process of becoming an Animagus goes wrong, it often goes seriously wrong. Impatience with the long and complicated process is generally at the root of such disasters, which usually take the form of horrible half-human, half-animal mutations. There is no known cure for such mistakes and those who make them are often forced to live out their days in their pitiable condition, being unable to become fully animal or fully human.

Talent in both Transfiguration and Potions is necessary to become an Animagus. No responsibility can be taken for any physical or mental problems resulting from following these instructions.

  1. For the space of one entire month (from full moon to full moon), a single leaf from a Mandrake must be carried constantly in the mouth. The leaf must not be swallowed or taken out of the mouth at any point. If the leaf is removed from the mouth, the process must be started again.
  2. Remove the leaf at the full moon and place it, steeped in your saliva, in a small crystal phial that receives the pure rays of the moon (if the night is cloudy, you will have to find a new Mandrake leaf and begin the whole process again). To the moon-struck crystal phial, add one of your own hairs, a silver teaspoon of dew collected from a place that neither sunlight nor human feet have touched for a full seven days, and the chrysalis of a Death’s-head Hawk Moth. Put this mixture in a quiet, dark place and do not look at it or otherwise disturb it until the next electrical storm.
  3. While waiting for the storm, the following procedure should be followed at sunrise and sundown. The tip of the wand should be placed over the heart and the following incantation spoken: ‘Amato Animo Animato Animagus.’
  4. The wait for a storm may take weeks, months or even years. During this time, the crystal phial should remain completely undisturbed and untouched by sunlight. Contamination by sunlight gives rise to the worst mutations. Resist the temptation to look at your potion until lightning occurs. If you continue to repeat your incantation at sunrise and sunset there will come a time when, with the touch of the wand-tip to the chest, a second heartbeat may be sensed, sometimes more powerful than the first, sometimes less so. Nothing should be changed. The incantation should be uttered without fail at the correct times, never omitting a single occasion.
  5. Immediately upon the appearance of lightning in the sky, proceed directly to the place where your crystal phial is hidden. If you have followed all the preceding steps correctly, you will discover a mouthful of blood-red potion inside it.
  6. It is essential to move, at once, to a large, secure place where your transformation cannot cause alarm or place you in physical danger. Place your wand-tip against your heart, speak the incantation ‘Amato Animo Animato Animagus,’ and then drink the potion.
  7. If all has gone correctly, you will feel a fiery pain and an intense double heartbeat. Into your mind will come the shape of the creature into which you are shortly to transform. You must show no fear. It is too late, now, to escape the change you have willed.
  8. The first transformation is usually uncomfortable and frightening. Clothing and items such as glasses or jewellery meld to the skin and become one with fur, scales or spikes. Do not resist and do not panic or the animal mind may gain the ascendancy and you could do something foolish, such as try to escape through a window or charge a wall.
  9. When your transformation is complete you should find yourself physically comfortable. You are strongly advised to pick up your wand at once, and hide it in a place of safekeeping, where you will be able to find it when you regain a human form.
  10. To return to a human form, visualise your human self as clearly as you can. This should be sufficient, but do not panic if the transformation does not occur immediately. With practice, you will be able to slip in and out of your animal form at will, simply by visualising the creature. Advanced Animagi can transform without wands.

Generally wizards prefer to have their clothes Transfigure with them, to escape the embarrassment of reappearing naked. However, it is possible to leave clothes behind if one wishes to give the impression of having gone for a bath or something similar. The longer a witch or wizard has been an Animagus, the better they will become at choosing the precise form of their transformations.

The animal into which one turns, if an Animagus, seems always to be that which becomes the Patronus. There is no known instance of the Animagus form changing to match the Patronus if the latter changes, but the Animagus who can also produce a Patronus is highly unusual and no study has ever been done on sufficient numbers to draw firm conclusions.

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Kacchako maybe training together? Or "you should have paid attention" love them. I've never requested them before so not sure if the prompts are any good.

They’re twenty-three and sparring when it happens.

They’re alone, the training hall empty and dark, a single light illuminating the room. Everyone else has left for the night, leaving the two of them to practice until the late hours of the night, the darkness surrounding them like a blanket, heavy and thick.

It’s an accident really, she catches him off guard, sneaking under his arm when he’s not paying attention, thoughts drifting towards memories he’d like to forget. Sometimes he doesn’t remember how fast she is. They’ve been training together for years, ever since their fight that first year. He could barely remember her name back then, but now she’s a constant in his life. He can’t get rid of her, not that he’s been trying very hard.

Uraraka slips beneath his arm faster than he realizes, coming after him from behind. Bakugou twists around at the last second, barely ducking out of the way of her fist, aimed for his face, no mercy. Oh, she’d apologize for it later, and he would just shrug it off, managing a barely there smile despite the blood dripping from his nose. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s been hit, and certainly not the last, and he likes knowing she can defend herself, even if he’d never admit that aloud.

She grins and he knows he’s fucked up. He’s miscalculated. He doesn’t have a moment to react, distracted by her bright eyes and growing smile, and when she hooks her foot behind his ankle and yanks Bakugou doesn’t have the sense to do anything but fall.

His form is horrible when he hits the mat, and he drops like dead-weight, blinking up at the ceiling in silence before releasing a barely audible groan.

Uraraka leans over him, a smile on her face and her hands on her hips, staring at him triumphantly, a fire burning in her eyes. He thinks it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Bakugou doesn’t think as he inhales sharply, eyes locking with hers and widening only a fraction when he sees something fond in her gaze, Uraraka staring down at him like he means as much to her as she does to him, even if he’s loath to admit how much that is.

He opens his mouth without a thought, speaking before he can catch himself. “Marry me,” he blurts, expression utterly serious as he stares up at her, on his back and wheezing from their spar. It doesn’t come out as a question, more of a demand than anything else, and for half a second he berates his own lack of tact before deciding he simply doesn’t give a shit.

She stares back at him, utterly bewildered for a long moment, and her mouth opens and then closes, silent words forming on her lips. Her jaw locks suddenly, entire body going tense, and something squeezes in his chest as he imagines her telling to fuck off.

Then, she crouches down beside him, half leaning over him, and ducks down to steal a kiss from him, giggling as she breathes a “yes” against him.

I don’t know, I don’t think it’s just me but I DON’T feel safe within the “LGBT community”?

There are phobias flung everywhere, false accusations of phobias in order to dismiss people you disagree with, horrible forms of abuse and harassment and trying to label people you disagree with as child abuse sympathisers.

You have some letters openly declaring that they don’t care about other letters to the applause of their supporters.

Calling LGBT a safe space is as ridiculous to me as saying “feminism is a safe space”. It’s not, our gender or sexual identities are inherently political, whether we like it or not, and political ideology and discourse isn’t safe.

You can try and create communities within them that eliminate negativity and I encourage that, but talking about a barely connected series of people with very little in common as though this vague concept could ever be actually safe is just completely confusing for me.

The Darkness - Void!Stiles [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Void!Stiles/Reader, Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4493

Notes: Spanking, Bondage, Oral (male receiving), Fingering, Marking, Blindfolding, Over-Stimulation, Choking. Please note this took sort of a darker turn, nothing too bad but if any of the above upsets you or the thought of rougher sex does, please don’t read this one.

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As soon as I noticed the beauty of Alien: Covenant photography, I realized one thing: that movie had powerful “Romantic vibes”.
That movie had a lot of references to Romanticism.

(Romanticism is an artistic, musical, cultural and literary movement developed at the end of the 18th century in Germany and later spread throughout Europe in the 19th century).

Romanticism exalts FEELINGS, imagination, spontaneity, CREATIVITY, fantasy, personal sensibility and MELANCHOLY, refusing rationalism and perfection of forms of Neoclassicism. David exalts all this things in the movie, he tries to teach Walter to appreciate creativity and emotions, all these characteristics Walter doesn’t possess; David tries to convince Walter that he (Walter) loves Daniels as much as he (David) loved Elizabeth. David cries. David speaks while is crying. David believes that “nostalgia is enemy of science” in the Advent video in the Blu-Ray version of the movie, he says that while we see a drawing of an Engineer/humanoid shaped head (the “original perfection” of human form) that David has sectioned… then we see that David, trough others draws, has CHANGED the “human like” form in a “monster like” form, in the form of an “Alien mother”, in the forms of his alien creatures. David is using his creativity to change the “original perfection” and make something new, without feeling “nostalgia” for the “old” canon of beauty. David doesn’t like the absolute rationalism of Walter. Walter can’t “lose control”, he doesn’t feel emotions, emotions can’t guide his actions. But maybe that’s why Walter lose, in the end (Walter to Daniels in a deleted scene, talking about David: “there is an emotional intensity in him I can’t understand”). In Romanticism the reason lose to emotion and irrationalism.
The LANDSCAPE (in romantic poetry, romantic literature and romantic art) IS SYMBOLIC and represents the emotions, the passions, the dreams, the unconscious. The Romantic man feels himself as part of nature and shapes the nature in function of his moods. That happen in Alien: Covenant too: the storm, the weather that changes from good to bad as things start to get bad (the infection of Ledward and Hallet), the night, David’s cape floating in the stormy night, the horrible shape of the Neomorphs and Xenomorphs too: expressions of pure instinct and scaring parodies of the human form.

What does that mean? Why Alien: Covenant is full of references to that artistic movement?
Maybe there are two reasons:

1) This movie refers to Romanticism because this is the movie that show us the change in David’s character. This movie is about the EMOTIONAL, HUMAN TRAITS OF DAVID that finally have taken control of him. Alien: Covenant is the movie that show us that David is more human than robot. “He may have a soul” said Ridley Scott. The sceneries and the dark situations of Alien: Covenant reflect David “human” personality, his inner turmoil… just as like the landscape was a symbol of the romantic man’s mood in romantic art and poetry.
The crew of the Covenant would like to behave “rationally”, Captain Oram tries to show off his “rationalism” and pretends people around him to be rational. Romanticism refuse rationalism. The misfortune: the irruption of the neutrino burst in the crew’s life. The neutrino burst is imprevedibile. The crew of the Covenant is about to set foot in a planet that David shaped as his personal, emotional, irrational hell. The fate of the Covenant crew is doomed right from the start.

2) Alien: Covenant is also the movie in which we see the Xenomorph for the first time. The Xenomorph is finally born. The first Alien movie was an horror movie in space and become a cult movie. But where did the HORROR GENRE came from? The horror genre was born from Gothic fiction, a part of romantic literature. So… maybe Ridley Scott is telling us where the Xenomorph and the horror genre were born at the same time. I think that this is an interesting parallel to do. The Romanticism brought the horror genre to life/ David’s mind brought the Xenomorph to life. The style of Alien: Covenant is different from the style of the first Alien because the style of old horror stories was different from the style of the contemporary ones… but soon the “style” will “evolve” alongside the evolution of the Xenomorphs that surely David will bring on.

There is another fascinating romantic element in Alien: Covenant, the RUINS of the Engineers city.
The beautiful dead city scenery.
Ruins are a typical element of Romanticism. The ruins inspire the sensation of the decay of the things produced by man, giving the spectator the emotion of the passing time (that is the theme of Ozymandias poem too, quoted by David in front of the ruins of the dead city).
The ruins are a source of emotions for the romantic man (David cries while is watching the Engineers dying and cries when is watching the ruins with Walter).

Alien: Covenant, with its sceneries, its terrible storm that traps the crew on the planet, the horrible but fascinating form of the Xenomorph, let us connect to another important element of the Romantic feel: the “SUBLIME”.
The sublime is a fundamental feeling sought after by the Romantics. The sublime is not born from the pleasure of the measure, from the beautiful form of an object, from “objective beauty,” but the sublime is born from the feelings of fear, dismay, astonishment incurred by infinity, disrepute, and terrible things.
Don’t we like horror stories for the same reason? Don’t we like Xenomorphs for the same reason?

Thank you for reading my bad english! ^-^
I’ll get into more specific topics next times here on this blog! I’ll write about more specific references to some gothic fictions and Romantic thematics that I have found in Alien: Covenant (and in Prometheus too).


Sauron being evil through the ages (em,sorry for my english)

1) The Years of the Lamps - Mairon (future Sauron) is one of Aule’s smiths and Melkor’s spy among ainur first on Almaren,then in Valinor. 

2) The Years of the Trees - The Years of the Sun,450-s of the First Age. Sauron-Gorthaur the Cruel is Melkor’s right hand,the most powerful of his servants, beloved maia © wikipedia, sorcerer, shapeshifter, master of ghosts and illusions, lord of Melkor’s Werevolves and commander of Angband. Still beautiful,already have cat-eyes,his hair became more red,as fire and gold - Melkor’s elements.

3) “True” form, End of the First Age - Second Age,until the downfall of Numenor. After battle on Tol-in-Gaurhoth Sauron was not in favor, and after War of Wrath he lost his master Melkor. He refused to return to Valinor with Eonwe and stayed in Middle Earth. For 600 years he begin to slowly lose his mind. His hair became gray and his beauty fades away.

4) End of the Second Age. Sauron dies during downfall of Numenor. His spirit can’t take a “fair” form anymore - since this moment his physical form became horrible 


Words: 6,985
Sam x Reader
Warnings: language (Umm, ya, I wrote it so obviously there’s swearing… you should just take this warning as a given always for my fics), mentions of blood and injury, anxiety and fear
Summary: Sam tries to get to Y/N and wake her while Dean, Cas, and Crowley wait for their showdown with Rowena.
A/N: Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with this story. I hope you enjoy reading this conclusion as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is the final part of our Mess Is Mine series.
This is part of a series! Read the other parts here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

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Dean was watching the flames and smoke rise higher and higher beyond the point where Sam had disappeared into the tangled mass of thorns. He paced in his fiftieth frantic circle and stopped in front of Cas.

”I don’t like this,” he said. His green eyes were wide and frantic, and his stomach was twisting.

The angel nodded. “I know. But give him time.”

”How much time?” Dean asked. “There’s no way for us to know if something goes wrong. We can’t see shit in there!” Dean turned again to face the crumbling, smoking ruins feeling helpless and sick.

Suddenly, Crowley’s voice behind them snapped their attention elsewhere.

”We’re about to be otherwise engaged,” he said. “Hello, Mother.”

The angel and Dean whipped around to see Rowena standing just beyond Crowley, a fierce and wild light in her eyes, her red lips pressed together in a thin line. “Fergus,” she said through her teeth. “Have you not yet learned your lesson about meddling in things that don’t concern you?”

“It’s not that I don’t learn,” Crowley said. “It’s just that the thought of torturing you forever and having you at my complete and utter mercy after your betrayal is much too appealing.” He raised a hand and pressed his middle finger and thumb together.

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Imagine: Prank War

Wilford and Yan team up, and their pranks generally involve large knives, guns, and a mic. (No-one knows what the mic is for and no-one wants to find out)

The Google Bois also team up. Blue is head of the squad, he makes up the pranks and who to play them on. Yellow is usually the diversion. He does accidentally set off the traps sometimes though. Green makes the traps and Red sets them in the strategic locations

Ed and Silver usually stay out of it, but when a rogue water balloon flies out of nowhere, they form a (horrible) team. Ed keeps on selling their traps and Silver will not do it because HE’S A SUPERHERO DAMMIT

Host works alone, and uses his narration and reality-bending powers to create the absurd, such as a grand piano almost squishing Wilford and a ‘land-shark’ destroying Dark’s favourite pair of shoes. Host may work alone, but he has a thin truce with Bim

Bim tries to stay out of it and spends most of his time hiding in his 'dressing room’ (really just a fancy broom cupboard) with his houseplants. When he does get into tricks, he pits the others against each other in a game-show style thingy

Dark also works alone. He creates incredibly 'dark’ (haha) traps and incredibly sophisticated plans which usually involve lots of reality-bending. One of the funniest things was when Wilford 'accidentally’ spilt white paint on Dark’s suit. Cue the biggest temper tantrum Ego HQ has ever seen.

Don’t even ask about the King of the Squirrels…