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We’ll Be Such A Beautiful Family

AUTHORS NOTE: Alright, this is a short one, but it’s a continuation of my last fic “A New Addition”. It’s pretty fluffy if I do say so myself lol. Hope you enjoy :D

Harley sighed as she took off her clothes and put on a silky black nightgown. They had just returned from a deal that had gone… wrong. As usual, no survivors.

Ya know, you’d think they woulda learned by now… Those lowlifes think they can just do whatever they want. Not when my boss is running this city…”

Harley muttered as she walked over to the other side of the bed.

Everyone should know Gotham is yours…”

She bit her lip seductively and smiled. Joker glanced over at her as he took off his shirt; still stained with blood from the night’s earlier events. His piercing blue eyes always keeping her entranced in him.

It won’t be long, my darling. I think they’ll find out soon enough…”

Joker murmured menacingly as he put his gun on the bedside table.

She loved knowing just how much power they had. As long as she could keep Bat-Brain from screwing with their plans, Gotham would be all theirs.

Harley looked down and smiled at her growing belly.

We’re gunna be such a beautiful family. I should really start thinkin’ on names…”

She gently took Joker’s hand and placed on her stomach; his pale tattooed skin standing out significantly against the black fabric of her nightdress.

I’m so proud to carry on your legacy. This is the beginning of somethin’ really beautiful. I know it…

Harley smiled as she felt him rub her pregnant belly before kissing her deeply.

I think you’re right, Harl. The Bat won’t know what hit him…”

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WATCH: NY Nets owner Prokhorov raps in video in bid for Russian presidency

Here’s a sample:

‘We don’t speak English we use iPad because or English is very bad.' 

It seems that the Russian mogul Oligarch and presidential candidate has taken to khip-khop to spread his message to the masses.

What even was the Attack on Titan Movie.

I found out that the damn thing is available online now. I should have waited so I didn’t have to waste my money on this monstrosity. In any case, I am going to rant about this. I feel like I am owed this at the very least after I gave three hundred pesos to this bullcrap.


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