horrible fantroll

dis ish mai fantroll ashley sosexy.

she ish 16 yers old. i dnt no how old dat wuld be in swreeps. 

she ish totally flushed for gamzee >//////< an he ish 2.

karkat lieks her 2, but he ish 2 shy 2 say et.

her lusus ish a werewolf/vampire fairy ^^

she typies liek dis: |-|! ^^y ^@^^3 !2h @2|-|l3y

btw her sign ish in japnese which means freindship!!!!! she ish also teh highest blood evar!!1!

What am I doing with my life? 

She is totally canon, ‘cause hussie saaaaid. 

This is Satnav Takrak.
He’s Terezi Pyrope’s long lost brother.
He is 5 sweeps old.
His moirail and matesprit is Karkat Vantas.
Everyone else is his kismesis, because they’re all jealous of him.
He can use all weapons.
He can also change his horns at will.
He’s a redblood but everyone treats him like a highblood anyway.
His mark is the most respected sign on all of Alternia.
Recently, he found out about the kids and his matesprit and moirail is now Jake English, causing Karkat to be his kismesis too.
He wants to fit in with the kids, so he tried to change his skincolor to humancolor by dying his skin in a bathtub, using sharpie pens and alchohol.
Despite everyones so called love, he still feels unloved and alone in this world.
He’s also a seadweller and a woman.
His title is Ruler of Alternia and his trollhandle is sufferingAngel