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Percy and Annabeth were a perfect example of why. You should have to make someone’s heart whole.

I guess this is the colored version of this sketch, I changed a few things though. Yet i still have trouble with it

Thank you @percyyoulittleshit who came armed with Percabeth quotes to help me with this one.

Art Student AU

Take off that sweater. Please. It’s burning my eyes and offends me.

“That sweater is hideous.”

Pausing, Riskua looks down at the large sweater that covers her torso and nearly half her thighs. Sometimes sweaters that are oversized are cute. 

This one however…

“Okay, so it’s not the prettiest of thi-”

“Ris-ya, it’s offensive; it’s searing when I only catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye. I daren’t look at you head on.”

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Am I doing this right

The Doctor’s Crush | Spencer Reid

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested by anonymous: Hey! :) I saw in your writing list that you write for Criminal Minds so I was wondering if you could one with my bae Reid? Maybe something where they work together and he’s got a major crush on her ‘cause she’s all nice and sweet and always listens to him instead of stopping him like the others do? I leave it up to you. Thank you so much, you’re great!

A/N: Oh my God, first Reid fic ever and I loved it so much. Spencer is the most precious little cinnamon roll and I adore him! Let’s all agree he’s pure perfection, okay? I actually spotted a few more requests for him in my inbox. Can’t wait to work with them! 😍 Lots of love and kisses to all of you.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation, look at that adorable face! Ugh! 💘)

And here he was yet again, waiting for her outside her apartment building. God, could time go by any slower? He hadn’t seen her in like what; three days?

That’s far too long, much longer than he was used to. Two years it had been since she joined the team and he got to know her. And after knowing her, there was no going back.

He could remember the first days of their working together. They hadn’t really exchanged many words, mostly because duty called on them before they got a chance to. But one day she passed by his office and she smiled at him, just a smile, and he came crashing to the ground. Seeing her made his day a million times better, he couldn’t explain what it was but when he was around her he felt like he could breathe.

Then, naturally, came the conversations. Awkward was quite an understatement when it came to describing Spencer while engaging in any kind of social discourse, he could barely have a decent, human conversation with the others.

He would either stutter or endlessly ramble about one thing after the other. Never mind, he still did that. But she was so nice and sweet and she hadn’t once seemed annoyed and disappointed by his odd nature.

And one day -a moment forever engraved on his mind-, she just walked up to him bringing him coffee, or sugar with a hint of coffee as she’d call it, and listened to him ramble about their latest case. Yeah, that was when he knew his heart belonged to (Y/N Y/L/N) the sweetest and kindest person on earth.

Of course, he dared not to make a move on her. What was he thinking, falling in love with her? He was nowhere on her radar. She deserved so much better than he could ever offer.

He had no plans to tell her how he felt, why would he, there was no reason for her to reciprocate them. Besides, he would hate himself if their relationship was ruined. They had grown to be best friends, spending almost every day together.

And now he was waiting outside her door, anxiously anticipating the moment that he would get to see his lovely (y/n) again and cherish her gorgeous smile as while he keeps on going on about a million random things that cross his mind. That’s why he always looked forward to their rides with the bus together. There, he could finally get her all to himself.

The building door opened and he saw a young woman walking out the door with (y/n) joining her outside. They seemed to exchange a couple words before hugging once and then the girl walked away with a tiny smile on her face. (Y/N) spotted Spencer immediately and hurried down the steps to meet him.

“Who was that?” Spencer asked curiously.

“I don’t know. She was having a horrible day though,” she whispered with a small frown disturbing her features. Like talking to a stranger and hugging them is the most normal thing to do. All he could do was smirk at her adorable quirks.

“So you just took the time to listen to a stranger having a bad day and she got a hug from you?” he emphasized on the hug part. The concept of being so affectionate with a complete stranger sent shivers down his spine.

How odd. Before meeting her, he used to have a hard time to even shake hands with anyone but now there was nothing he wouldn’t do to earn a hug from her.

“Why not? I’ve seen her before, I think. She must live here too. Want a cookie?” she turned and flashed him a dazzling smile.

"Sure. Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were invented by the American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938? She invented the recipe during the period when she owned the Toll House Inn - which at the time as a popular restaurant that featured home cooking…”

Our Expiration Date - Spaceless_Sea - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov, makkachin & life
Characters: Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Yuuri’s Family, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Christophe Giacometti, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Additional Tags: Angst, life - Freeform, Alternate Universe - Zombie Apocalypse, AU, apocalypose au, Zombie, Slow Burn, Eventual Smut, Fluff, Ice Skating, in a frozen lake, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, ooc, kind of, Slow Build, Makkachin Lives, Zombies, the husbands kill zombies together, Falling In Love, Denial of Feelings, Angst with a Happy Ending, Fluff and Angst, i cant write great action scenes tho

“Excuse me, I had these first,” Yuuri tried to be polite but you could hear the annoyed edge to his voice. He looked up and furrowed his eyebrows as the man continued to try to pull the medicine from his grip.

“I am an athlete, I need to have these on me at all times. Especially in a time like this,” The voice came out smooth in a Russian accent but spoke perfect english, but a sense of narcissism lined his voice.

inspired by @doodle-booty!!

My Digimon Secret Santa gift for @yukimuraruki! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays! ^_^

And a thanks to @secretsantamon for putting this on every year! I always have fun! <3


Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]

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When I see people re-translate it acts like a trigger bringing back all these unwanted memories. I get anxious, feel like shit, stop translating, contemplate deleting my blog and repeat. This is how I feel Every. Single. Time. Someone re-translates.

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i’d like to think marinette has a few sketches of her own up on that wall of worship

When you drag your internet Brother, who only just woke up and doesn’t know a lot about Jack and even less so on Anti, into the stream with you, enticing them into this madness because you know that this kind of thing is their jam.

Yessss. Yess.


Happy, I have successfully succeeded in pulling another down with me into this overnightwatch madness.

My Darling's Job vol.4「彼は旅館の若旦那♥」Sample Voice
四ツ谷サイダー (Okitsu Kazuyuki)
My Darling's Job vol.4「彼は旅館の若旦那♥」Sample Voice

My Darling’s Job vol.4「彼は旅館の若旦那♥」Sample Voice (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki)

*NSFW, headphones advised!

Release Date: November 10th, 2016.


Osomatsu: He pulls them close and force them to laze around, a big fluffy blanket is involved as he presses gentle kisses to their hair. Osomatsu knows they had a shitty day and he wish he could do something productive that could make them feel better, but this was the next best thing. CUDDLES! WHO DOESN’T LOVE CUDDLES? ESPECIALLY WITH THIS SQUISHY BOI. 

“Don’t worry babe, I gotchu. Just come to me if anything happens, okay?”

Karamatsu: Would light candles and put on a dramatic drama, comfort food and snuggles. He wraps his arms around them and sits behind them, whispering little compliments and romantic lines in their ear. His goal to let them slowly fall asleep in his arms, his hands rubbing soothing circles into their hips and exposed skin.

“My darling, I won’t let anything hurt you..So please relax here, safely in my warm and loving embrace..That’s it..”

Choromatsu: The first thing he does is kiss their lips before making a hot cup of cocoa or tea, then he sits beside them, Hesitantly leaning against them while they drank slowly. They both relax and lean against each other, until Choro leaned in to nuzzle their jaw and place a small kiss there. 

“I’m sorry you had a bad day..You can talk about it you know? I’ll always listen.”

Ichimatsu: Cats. He’d bring all the cats and just pile them in cats, his s/o would lay on the floor as he scoops little kittens and places them on their body. Until their covered in purring balls of fluff, then he stroke their hair with a soothing smile. 

“Shhh, just leave it to me..That’s it..So good, relaxing for me so easily.”

Jyushimatsu: ICE CREAM! IT’S WINTER??? TOO BAD! He’ll pull them into a ice cream shop and would make the worker pile a fuckon of flavors in a cup for them to share with a crapton of sprinkles. Then once they set he leans in and kisses their nose gently.

“Ice cream makes everyone feel better! So eat a lot and then we can watch some baseball!”

Todomatsu: Nothing that a nice cup of coffee and some window shopping can’t fix, he’ll drag them out and pull them about until they get so distracted about what made their day so horrible. Though once they’re chill and mellow he’ll pull them into a soft and warm hug, giving them an eskimo kiss.

“Fuck whoever made your day shit, just focus on me and I’ll make it all better~”

NT: Wow….. it’s so scary but tragically romantic when Crazy people are reckless and impulsive……. driving fast into the night and getting into fistfights and telling people their True Hidden Feelings……..

Me, a simple ND: *finger on send button of an email containing only “You said you study lizards so I thought you’d like this” and a meme of an iguana wearing a pink sparkly dress on a razor scooter to send to the professor of my huge lecture class who is pretty much a stranger to me* *has a 14 lb bag of candy corn in my Amazon cart* *has a text message to my little sister including WAY too much information about my sex life including never-before-seen graphic trauma details all typed out and ready to send* I’M GONNA DO IT

First of all…you’re creepy. Second of all, I’ve been busy, okay?

…And by “busy,” I actually just mean lazy. Yesterday Dad had to start throwing stuff at me to actually make me get out of bed around noon. And then my mom wanted me to read my pilot’s education training, but I spent two hours looking at thirty-year-old vintage holo footage of Darth Vader instead.

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I hate it when this happens.

anonymous asked:

109 w/ Dr. reid?

Sure! Thank you for requesting! Enjoy! :) I’m not even going to tell you how many words I wrote for this… Warning: mentions of adult fun 🙈

109. Naughty (Reid x Reader)

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

At the time when this tale took place, you and Spencer had been seeing each other for about six months, or “five months, two weeks and three days”. You never heard the rest because you usually silenced the genius with a kiss; that always put the goofiest smile on his face for a good chunk of the day. He was adorable, like a puppy that you just can’t-help-but-hug-and-smother-in-kisses kind of adorable. You had it bad, you knew that, but he was in the same state of infatuation as you, so you didn’t care.

The bad side to this was that you were always smiling around him, or sending him not-very-subtle flirty looks… and, with a group of profilers around you almost 24/7, that meant that everyone knew of your feelings for him, even before you figured it out and actually worked up the nerve to ask him out. Yes, you asked him out. Spencer had his insecurities and was never going to take the first step, so you did.

The other “bad” side to the relationship, something you found out a few months into it, was that Spencer was unable to keep his hands off you. He, of course, kept it professional when the team was out of state and working on a case. But in the office? He would find excuses to get you alone in secluded places like old file rooms or empty offices.

This, however, happened on a slow, summer day when only half of the team was in the office. It was a horrible day, even though you were inside. The AC of the entire building had been off since midday due to some repair work that needed to be done, and the heat was unbearable. Sure, there were a couple of fans in the ceiling and around the bullpen, but that’s not enough when your body is clad in formal wear all day.

You had already shed the tights you had put on that morning, and your favourite blazer was hanging from the back of your chair. You were thankful for your make-up-less face that day; your foundation wouldn’t have made it intact because you were constantly wiping your forehead. While you were standing in front of the sink in the ladies bathroom, you tried to remember how many times you had got up to splash cold water on your face and you realised you had lost count.

You sighed and exited the restroom to go back to the mindless pile of work that awaited you at your desk still. You hoped JJ and Morgan were having fun with their families while on holiday, but you also missed them, especially since their work had been divided among the remaining members. Once you sat down, you opened a few of the top buttons of your dress shirt. You didn’t think too much of it since you were wearing an undershirt, but the genius sitting in the desk in front of you did not share your opinion.

You had gone to the bathroom in seven different occasions in the past three hours, and he had followed your retreating figure each and every time. The last trip, though, had been different for him. You had not dried your face completely, and a few drops started travelling downwards once you sat down. His eyes had already been glued to your chest, and when you decided to reveal a bit more skin, he could not take it anymore. He had seen where those drops had gone and he desperately needed to trace the same pattern with his tongue.

He texted you and got up, although somewhat awkwardly due to a certain well-known strain in his pants and pretended to go look for some information in one of the file rooms. You followed him about ten minutes after, making sure everyone thought you had gone to the bathroom again. Once you made it into the desolated and dark room, you turned on the light, and Spencer pushed you up against the wall at the same time you wrapped both legs around his waist. Your hands found their usual place in his hair, and soon enough he turned you into a complete mess, begging him for things you should not have been doing in the office.

You had always kept your shenanigans there to some touching and kissing; you had never gone all the way since you both preferred the privacy of your apartments for that. But Spencer was having none of that. You ended up panting but very much satisfied, as you tried fixing your clothes to their previous state. You gave up and decided to blame the heat if anyone saw you and gave you any weird looks.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Spencer when he grabbed you by the hand and moved your body closer to him once more. He brought his other hand up to cup your cheek and kissed you sweetly, unlike earlier.

‘I’m sorry I wasn’t very gentlemanly before,’ he said against your lips, to which you responded with another kiss and a smile.

‘You’re kidding? That was fantast-’ you both heard the gasp and the clicking of shoes moving fast away from the door. ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no.’

Spencer opened the door quickly but quietly and turned his head both ways before he came back in.

‘Did you see anyone?’ you whispered, scared of who could’ve heard you, and he shook his head.

‘No, but I did see something that can help narrow down our search. I saw a very familiar, yellow, five-inch heel making its way around the corner of this hallway.’

You nodded and led the way towards Garcia’s office. Internally, you sighed in relief because it was at least someone from the team. But you would be lying if you said you weren’t terrified that she would tell the others. Only Hotch knew of the relationship thus far, he was your unit chief after all; the others only thought that the two of you were secretly in love with each other.

Once you arrived, you were greeted with a smiling Garcia, who turned around in her chair the second she heard you knocking on her open door.

‘Ah, I was hoping to see you soon, my naughty, naughty friends. Now, what are you willing to do in exchange for my silence, peeps? I was thinking something along the lines of bringing me breakfast every day… you could take turns, of course. Or maybe even…’

She continued with her endless list for a good five minutes, but you tuned her out and took a seat yourself. You knew Spencer would remember it anyway.

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