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Dating Jin/Seokjin

you, our lovely followers, decided for which member we should write a ‘Dating…’ post next and the result was Jin, so here we go~

! next up is Jungkook !

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- a lot of date nights

- you would be spoiled with his amazing food

- that’s why you would have to sart working out together

- just to eat more food

- him teaching you cooking skills

- getting very competitive about Mario Kart

- that’s basically the only reason you two ever fight

- and because Jin’s bed is stuffed with Mario plushies

- leaving no room for you

- cuddling together after he had an exhausting day at dance practice

- fighting off maknae line together [+ Hobi (and Rapmon if he breaks        something)] 

- Jin would take care of you even if you don’t notice it

- like, he would always put a water bottle in your bag to make sure you drink enough

- or he would remember a small detail and act after that

- for example you once mentioned your favourite band and he buys you a CD so that you can listen to it in your car

- dancing horribly together when no one’s watching

- except that all members are watching you through a slit in the door

- then you would get embarrassed and Jin would take you in his arms to comfort you

- he would always try to be a good boyfriend, but he would be insecure about it

- so he always comes to you for reassurement

- which results in long talk on your bed in the middle of the night

- where you would always somehow stumble across the topic of married life together 

(-he wants a baby girl so bad)

- just imagine Jin braiding her hair and driving her to ballet class

- when you’re hanging out with all of BTS, you two are in your own little world

- making him happy just with food basically

- which leads to him making his famous sounds when he eats something delicious

- wearing his gigantic sweaters in which you sink into

- him hugging you from behind and his shoulders keeping you in place

- Jin might be the princess of BTS, but for him you are the only princess in his life~

-Admin Krümmel and Moon