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Ken was born to be L♡VED £2   

↳ P.S. I love how their heads naturally turn in his direction and their gazes are fixated on him. This is true love ㅠ.ㅠ

#Work Doodles Part 4. This makes it seem like I’m not doing my job but istg I am!1!! Shiro is just such a cute grumpy baby boy pouting! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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Is baby Hannibal supposed to be under age? Or just tiny? It's doing me a concern. :/



Having a Toddler With Tom Would Include:

anon request: can you do another Having a Baby with Tom? I loved it! Maybe like with a toddler or something

this was fun to write!!!! I’m getting some requests done but i have had a few ideas come to mind and I’m quite excited to start writing so lots to come!!

requests are open:))

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having a toddler with tom would include:

- tom is his favourite.

- when he gets home from filming your son mitchell is always the most excited to see him. 

- more excited than you and tessa.

- they play the spider-man a game they created. 

- basically tom runs around carrying your son from door to door since he is ‘webbing’ around new york city. 

- yes tom is singing the old spider-man theme song. 

- “spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can" 

- his tongue would stick out as he focused on carrying mitchell and the lyrics. 

- "mommy mommy look!” your son would shout as he would run out of the shared bathroom with tom. 

- he would come out with his hair gelled back and a large smile on his face. 

- “mommy come here darling” he would mock tom in his horribly adorable british accent. 

- “are you mocking me mitchell" 

- tom would pull out his queens accent.

- tom would grab him and throw him over his shoulder as he looked to you.
- "y/n come here darling" 

- tom would pull you in for a hug and then kiss your forehead.

- "daddy put me down!" 

- you and tom would laugh as he pressed his lips to yours. 

- the noise of two lips moving together would be made.

- "mommy why does it sound like macaroni and cheese being stirred.”

- tom let out a loud laugh and you joined in.

- “let’s go make mac and cheese mitchy" 

- tom would carry the boy over his shoulder.

- mitchell would wanna help make the food and tom being the softie would let him. 

- mitch would pour in the milk and tom would do the powder cheese cause it could get "messy” if mitch does it. 

- lets leave it to tom. 

- “good job daddy!" 

- "are you kidding me tom" 

- mitch and you started laughing as tom would stand there looking down at the cheese all over the floor. 

- "tessa!" 

- tessa comes running in trying to lick up the mess. 

- "tess!” tom would scold her but not but won’t stop to the situation.

- mitch loves toms dog. 

- at first you weren’t sure what tessa would be like with a child but she is the most loving around mitchell and she is so protective of him. 

- “tom clean it up!" 

- "yeah tom clean it up!" 

- you and tom both looked at your son in shock. 

- did he just

- tom was about to burst out laughing

- mitch thought his face was red with anger. 

- "tessa get daddy!”

- mitch went running down the hall with tom chasing after him. 

- “ill get you mitchell" 

- you just shook your head at the two children in your house.

  • Lirin: Good response to getting stabbed with a sword?
  • Gojyo: "Rude."
  • Dokugakuji: "That's fair."
  • Hakkai: "Not again."
  • Goku: "Are you gonna want this back, or can I keep it?"

Richie Tozier: the clown returns

Pairing: richie tozier x reader (gender neutral)

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A/N: this one is hilarious in my opinion, but also kind of short.

Requested by @lissbethsalander

Warnings: cursing

It was Halloween, and you and your good friends were looking forward to going to the town’s annual spook fest.

You’d been introduced to “the loser’s club” as they called themselves, when you moved to Derry at the start of this year (freshman year). Within the first week of you being in Derry, Richie had won you over using horrible but adorable pick up lines, and the two of you were inseparable since.After the two of you started dating, you just naturally became friends with Richie’s friends.

For a while, you could tell that there was an unspoken tension in the group, and so one night you asked Richie. He told you all about the killer clown, Bill’s brother, and it’s horrible history. When you expected him to yell “pranked!” after telling you, he broke down crying, so you KNEW it was real.

So far, everyone except for Richie had gathered as you all waited outside of the festival in your costumes. Mike was a vampire, Ben was a zombie, Bill was a undead doctor, Stanley was a wizard, and you weren’t sure what Eddie was supposed to be, he had kind of just glued a bunch of q-tips onto some of his old clothes. You’d dressed up as a haunted doll, and you were pretty proud of your costume to say the least.

When you had asked Richie weeks ago what he planned to come as, he simply grinned mischievously and said it would be “something that nobody would ever forget”.

“Where the hell is Richie? He should be here by now.” Said Stan as he peered at Eddie’s watch and tapped his foot impatiently.

“Hey guys!” Said a high pitched voice from behind you. Before turning around, you saw the loser’s club’s faces fall. They all looked panicked and scared to death.

You turned around, and you were met with a horrible disgusting looking clown. That was him… that was IT. You were sure of it.

As everyone else behind you stayed glued in place, horrified. You tried to punch the thing as hard as you could. You landed a solid blow in it’s stomach and we’re about to turn to run away when the thing you’d punched let out a “oof” and said “ouch that hurt babe”.

Yikes. OF COURSE your dumbass boyfriend would be the one to dress up as the thing that had mentally and physically traumatized half of the kids in Derry.

“Richie…. WHAT THE FUCK!” Yelled Mike. You thought that there was about to be a full out fight, but then Eddie giggled childishly.

“Too soon man… waaay to soon.” He said

Richie looked rather proud of himself, and then one by one everyone of the losers lined up to punch him as hard as they could. Once they were done punching him, you walked over to him.

“Come on you idiot.” You said with a smile as you wiped his face makeup off using your sleeve, and took the dumb looking ruff off of his neck.

“Worth it!” Richie yelled.