Love in 2019.

Aries: in 2019, someone is going to become your muse. you’re going to realize that you could not spend your life without this person. they’ve been in your life for a long time, though. you just haven’t seen it. you’re going to have this hit you very hard and fast, but soon it’s going to blossom into something beautiful.

Taurus: in 2019, you have to let go of what is holding you back in order to find love. let go of the person that keeps giving you false hope so that you can finally have what you’ve been waiting for. you’re deserving of it. stop convincing yourself that someone is perfect for you if they don’t want to put in the same amount of effort as you do. learn to only give love to people who are deserving of your energy.

Gemini: in 2019, you are going to meet someone completely new. at first, you might actually hate them for some psychological reason that you can’t conceptualize. but, you’ll find that this person has the same humor and thoughts as you. you’ll end up being mesmerized by them and soon you’ll be spending every waking moment thinking about them or being with them.

Cancer: in 2019, at first you may have many questions when it comes to love. you might have a few flings or you might be embracing the single life. but, towards the middle of this year someone will come and brighten up your world. you are going to fall in love, deeper than you ever have. romance will ignite a fire within you and you’ll find your heart dancing to the song that it brings.

Leo: in 2019, your love life is going to become stable. whether you’re in a relationship now or not, by the end of this year you will have something consistent. this might seem surprising, because maybe you were always scared of the thought of commitment or you think maybe you’ll always get bored, but that’s not the case. the person coming along this year will be everything you didn’t know you needed.

Virgo: in 2019, love is going to come to you when you’re not even thinking about it. you’re often so busy that someone being interested in you is very hard to notice. but the love coming to you is going to be hard to ignore. you’ll finally be admired in a way that helps you to keep your independence while also giving you everything you need.

Libra: in 2019, love is going to come to you in many forms. maybe in a relationship, but also in friendships, a career, or just in day to day life. you’ll begin to love your life and inspire the right things to come to you. when I see you this year, I picture you filled with so much love that you are about to burst. it could be in any way you choose to see it.

Scorpio: in 2019, you will learn to love yourself before you love anyone else. that may not be what you want to hear, but listen. until you are able to believe in yourself and that you are okay alone, the purest form of romance will not come your way. but you will figure it out this year, and you will find love by the end. you just have to focus on yourself first.

Sagittarius: in 2019, you’re going to find a love that brings your walls down. it could already be in your life, but you just haven’t let yourself be vulnerable quite yet. this year is your year of letting yourself be happy and in love. all the secrets and things you’ve kept in for years are going to come pouring out.

Capricorn: in 2019, you’re going to find a best friend. at first, this friendship will seem nothing but innocent, you’ll crack jokes and talk to each other about life. after a while though, you’ll gain feelings for them and be thinking about them quite a lot. it’ll be a very big surprise to you, but you’re going to find that falling in love with your best friend is the best way that things could’ve gone.

Aquarius: in 2019, love is on the horizon. whatever love you have in your life right now, is going to rise to lengths you’ve never seen it be. additionally, there will be people entering your life that you never knew you needed. life will seem way more peaceful and hopeful with them around. you will end up having many people around you who have pure and great intentions.

Pisces: in 2019, you’ll stop fearing love. you will let it come to you, I suspect it will be earlier in the year. and when it comes, you will have the deepest talks that you’ve been seeking. you’ll have someone want to learn about you just as you want to learn about them. it will be pure, it will be happy, and it won’t be as scary as you might’ve thought. this love will feel safe.

the signs as fake restaurants from the good place’s groundhog day episode

ARIES: You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food

TAURUS: Caviar on a Stick

GEMINI: Hot Dog on a Stick on a Stick

CANCER: From Schmear to Eternity

LEO: Ziti of Stars

VIRGO: Chicken Soup for the Mouth

LIBRA: Lasagne Come Out Tomorrow

SCORPIO: Cruller Intentions

SAGITTARIUS: Beignet and the Jets

CAPRICORN: Ponzu Scheme

AQUARIUS: Mmmm! Chowder Fountain

PISCES: Knish from a Rose

Important Dates for the Signs in January - 2019

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 5, 23, 24

Taurus: 13, 19, 21

Gemini: 19, 27, 30

Cancer: 1, 18, 26

Leo: 10, 22, 31

Virgo: 7, 17, 24

Libra: 4, 13, 29

Scorpio: 16, 26, 31

Sagittarius: 2, 19, 27

Capricorn: 7, 10, 23

Aquarius: 11, 12, 21

Pisces: 8, 17, 20

the signs and why i love them

aries (f) - i love how she is so mature, strong minded, and strong willed. she is so assertive and isnt afraid to put someone in their place. i love how she knows what she wants and what she doesnt want and it is so admirable.

aries (m) - i love his ability to make me feel cared for with the amount of effort he puts into messages of love and support. i love his positive outlook on life and the future. i love how he has so much strength and always gets through obstacles life puts in front of him.

taurus (f) - i love her passion and intensity. how she loves so entirely with her whole heart, body and soul. i love her strength and her tolerance and her methods of doing things and dealing with everything in life.

taurus (m) - i love his newfound fire for life. i love his practical view on things and his way of knowing when things are realistic or not. i love his wide knowledge about the universe and the way things are.

gemini (f) - i love the way she has developed and changed with the world and the way things are. she is responsible and incredibly mature. she makes life look effortless and fun. she makes life fun for others too.

gemini (m) - i love his vulnerability and the way he speaks with true thoughtfulness and caring for himself and other people. i love his strong connection with both the earth and the universe.

cancer (f) - i love how she places such a high importance onto others’ feelings. but she doesnt forget to look at herself. i love her passion and dedication to the things she loves.

cancer (m) - i love that he is a homebody, and welcomes others into his space with open arms. i love how sympathetic he is with others and how honest he is with his feelings.

leo (f) - i love her raw open emotion. her fire n her belly and her sparkle in her soul. i love how she is passionate, strong, and powerful.

leo (m) - i love his selflessness. his ability to always care for others but also look after himself. how big his heart is and how much room he allows other people. his ability to deny people the right to his heart if they take advantage of it. his kind and open spirit.

virgo (f) - i love how she is so vulnerable and raw. she speaks her mind and isnt afraid to get it all out. she is a leader, who is determined and ambitious. she always makes time for other people while still trying her best to look after herself. she is balance and she is calm and she is strength.

virgo (m) - i love his humour. he makes me laugh more than anyone else i know. i love they way he can open up to me even though being vulnerable is hard for him. i love our connection which is deeper than surface.

libra (f) - i love her fearlessness physically and most importantly emotionally. i love how she isnt afraid of speaking her mind and laying it all out on the table. she doesn’t care what other people think and i look up to her because of that.

libra (m) - i love how he goes for what he wants. he always stay dedicated and true to his wishes and needs. i love how he thinks about other people as much as he thinks about himself.

scorpio (f) - i love that even though life throws everything it has at her, she comes out at the end stronger and fiercer than ever. i love her fire and i love her connection to the universe and finding out what it has in store for her.

scorpio (m) - i love his charisma, and his ability to make friends in one conversation. i love his calming nature and openness, but also the juxtaposition of his edgyness and quiet side.

sagittarius (f) - i love her kindness and thoughtfulness. i love the way she makes me and others feel so welcome into her life and friendship. i love her empathy.

sagittarius (m) - i love his independence and they way he always lives his life to the fullest. i love the excitement he has for all aspects of his life. i love that he is social and loveable, and cares about others with his whole heart

aquarius (f) - i love her drive for life and the things she wants to achieve. i love that no matter what is going on in her life she still has her goals which bring her comfort and a sense of security. i love her ability to bring others such joy no matter how she feels. i love her ability to open up and let it out.

aquarius (m) - i love his passion for the world and other people. i love how he cares so much about things that aren’t personal and still makes time for himself. i love his progressive mindset.

capricorn (f) - i love her free spirit. i love how she has so much love to give. she is a natural born leader and handles authority and responsibility fairly and kindly. i love her kind nature and full heart.

capricorn (m) - i love how connected he is with himself, his beliefs, and what he wants for himself in life. i love how tightly he holds these things to himself and doesnt care what anyone else says about them or anything else to do with his life. i love his kind and big heart.

pisces (f) - i love how she is finally opening up to people. big and impactful events affect her so heavily but she always makes it through which is so wonderful to see and fills my heart with so much love for her.

pisces (m) - i love the way he takes charge, and the way he can take on responsibility with ease. i love his dominant, out there personality, and his engaging presence. i love the bits of softness that seep through and that special sparkle in his eyes.

Your soulmate based on your Juno sign/Venus sign


Your soulmate is fiery, assertive, full of energy, and a self-starter. They might even be a bit aggressive but this is only because they care so much. A partner without a fire burning beneath their actions will bore you or even make you feel insignificant. Your soulmate won’t be afraid to create limitless electricity with you.


Your soulmate is dependable, stable, and wholeheartedly committed to you. They’ll provide you with grounding energy so that you never have to worry where you stand. They show their love by being a provider. A partner who doesn’t give you a sense of safety and security will leave you feeling helpless and worried. Your soulmate’s arms are all the protection you need.


Your soulmate knows exactly what to say and when to say it. You need someone who understands you and communicates with you all their thoughts and feelings in their own unique way. A quiet partnership won’t suit you and will make you feel lonely and misunderstood. Your soulmate will be an endless open book for you to read.


Your soulmate is family-oriented, tender, and caring. They are an infinite supply of affection and understanding. Nurturing the home you share together will always be their top priority. A partner who is never home and doesn’t value family will leave you feeling empty and hopeless. Your soul mate, instead, is your home.


Your soulmate is a shining star to all who know them and together, you light up the sky. They’re motivated to be the best they can be, to be important to their community, and their playfulness surprises you every day. A partner who prefers to remain in the shadows will make you feel unfulfilled. Your soulmate will be a ceaseless source of excitement.


Your soulmate is a hard worker and they motivate you to better yourself every day. They lovingly critique you and help you understand what needs to be done in order to reach your fullest potential. A partner who’s content with idleness, who doesn’t care how well you do in life, will frustrate you to no end. Your soulmate is as much a coach as they are a lover.


Your soul mate is beautiful — and I don’t mean that in a superficial sense. They show you beauty, they care about beauty, and fill you with it every day. They take time to luxuriate and appreciate the extra details. A partner who doesn’t value embellishments in life will leave you yearning for something more. To you, your soulmate is the greatest work of art.


Your soulmate infuses everything they touch with passion — especially you. You are their whole world and they get off on that intensity. You have your own private universe together and its the most magical place on Earth. A partner who’s affections often seem lukewarm will drive you crazy. Your soulmate will never fail to be a thunderstorm of devotion.


Your soulmate is your greatest adventure, the most thrilling journey you’ve ever embarked on. Together, you will travel to the far reaches of the Earth and try something new together, every day. A partner who doesn’t value spontaneity and stepping out of their comfort zone will make life seem dull. Instead, your soulmate will make you feel like you’re on a magic carpet ride.


Your soulmate is someone you learn from, every day. They’re mature, knowledgable, and they know what they’re doing. You admire their courage and tenacity. A partner who gives in to their weaknesses rather than being strong will leave you feeling restless and lethargic. Your soulmate, instead, inspires you to try harder.


Your soulmate is unique, eccentric, and has a philosophical vision for how wonderful life can be. They always have an intelligent opinion you value and together, you want to save the world. A partner who doesn’t care enough to do that, who would rather go through life without making a difference, will infuriate you. Your soulmate will be your hero.


Your soulmate is imaginative, artistic, fantastical, and unfailingly kind. They’re forgiving, understanding, and they’ll nurture and encourage your emotional depth. A partner who only cares about the surface of things, who is too afraid to embrace their most vulnerable feelings, will leave you feeling isolated and alone. Your soulmate will grow wings with you and together, you’ll fly away.

Important Dates for the Signs in February - 2019

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 3, 12, 21

Taurus: 9, 18, 23

Gemini: 19, 22, 24

Cancer: 5, 13, 25

Leo: 13, 19, 24

Virgo: 19, 25, 28

Libra: 9, 15, 21

Scorpio: 2, 10, 22

Sagittarius: 8, 9, 25

Capricorn: 8, 15, 24

Aquarius: 4, 24, 25

Pisces: 5, 15, 24

How the signs show they’re interested in you.

Aries: Aries tend to fall easy and quickly so its important for you to give them a lot of compliments in the beginning. They are direct and dominant. so let them take the lead. its ok to start the first few conversations but let them take the lead. let them know you and be sure to be flattering they love to be encouraged. Aries are also good listeners! so its  easy to see if they like you because they will show more interest in you as well. they are impatient people so be sure to act fast in the beginning to get their attraction.

Taurus: Make sure to feel them comfortable. because they’ll open up about themselves. be patience because they need time to get used to it. be honest and don’t be dramatic. be their friend at first if you wanna play save. show you’re interested in serious subjects that not everything is about funny jokes and memes. sure they love to joke often but they seek maturity in a relationship. they’re going to be more sensual and physical affectionate. dont be stressed if they’ll act awkward and shy around you!! its just who they are they need time and it DOES take a while for them to get used to it but dont give up if this happens!

Gemini: they’re an open book. they’ll probably tell their close friends if they are interested in you. Gemini are seriously good flirts so they’ll be extra romantic and nice around you. since they’re so outgoing of at least a lot on social media they’ll try to contact you as many ways as possible. for ex. snap chat, Instagram. or even just tagging you in some stupid meme on Facebook!! So if you wanna text them as much as possible its ok! Geminis are totally fine with that there is no limit. they like long interesting conversation. since they’re curious. try to talk about the future and cool things you both want to experience.

Cancer: The most striking thing is that they’ll open up about their true emotions to you. that’s definitely the sign they’re comfortable around you. they’re usually shy to people but once they’re interested in someone they tend to let their guard down. they usually dont notice that so be attentive! they will be super loyal around you and will ask a lot of questions about you. that’s just because they dont usually open up first. so dont be stressed if you see them not opening up to you they need the right time and moment because if something doesn’t goes their way they’ll be moody.

Leo: Easy, there are so many things you can easily see if a Leo is interested. they want your creativity and passions to come out. they love to hear more about you. like stories,ambitions,pictures. they will also give you a lot of attentions. they will cheer on you and encourage you on you daily activities. but you’re insecure? dont worry i know a lot of sites say that leo ppl dont like insecure ppl. they kinda do? but they’ll seriously help you with that because that boosts their ego. they’ll make you feel special. so i think its pretty obvious.

Virgo: these ppl analyze a lot once they’re interested so it could be they’re quiet af in the beginning. they’re not ignoring you they’re just observing the whole situation because they dont wanna fuck it up. they will open up to you once they’re interested. they will also slowly show more romantic hints.  they also like to ask a looot of questions. thinks about your family or your life itself. they talk easier through the phone than in real life. they will also think highly of you, they look up to you and see that you’re a person who takes they’re emotions seriously.

Libra: just like the Gemini they’re obvious flirts. but dont make conclusions too soon! they’re like this to everyone. dont be fooled by their false signs. one of the signs that they’re interested is that they will invite you to things. like parties, dinner, or just to study. they tend to act the clumsy jealousy act towards you. they dont want you to be open toward anybody else than them. they like to compliment you so they probably  text you at midnight just to tell you’re beautiful. they will be also more determined if you play hard to get. they will put more effort in it to make sure you’re going to be theirs.

Scorpio: They’ll try to have a deep connection with you. by starting deep conversations. also they will try to gain your attraction by flirting constantly. they also analyze the shit out of you. So dont worry once they reply later on your texts. they also like to drag you to their world. like their hobbies, friends, family. one thing that is notable is that they will act extremely protective and jealous ! they come over as mysterious creatures but once you’ve gain their attention its clearly that they like you. but dont stress if you think that they dont open up to you too much because these people will always have secrets for you they stay mysterious. they will eventually tell you everything but it takes time…

Sagittarius: these people are just to straight forward. they will probably tell you right away that they “like to hang out with you“ or something like that. so dont be shy to do the same! they are super honest and bold. they are also people who flirt through compliments. they are intelligent people so they will tell how good that brilliant and intelligent that last convo went! or how smart you are. they are adventurous so they will ask you to do things with them as well. like go doing sport sometime or just some silly adventure. these people will text u a lot. so do the same to them. the also like to make a lot of jokes around you :)

Capricorn: Very serious people. they can be goofy or outgoing but they take love very seriously. they will act shy at first but soon after they will be super passionate to you. they act sold sometimes so when they’re interested they act very sensitive around you. they will also be more dependable on you. they will rely on you and trust you more. for ex. when they plan something with you they expect you to be there early. one thing that just stands out the “i like you“ atmosphere is that they will adjust their schedule for you. they like to make you feel loved and comfortable so they will talk about boundaries.

Aquarius: Very playful people but still clumsy. they will try to flirt with you in a playful way. its not always recognizable. They are creative and unique people try to act cold and aloof at first but that’s because they enjoy their freedom. so expect them to tell crazy en weird things they wanna do! for ex. going to some awesome place they know, last minute planning, taking the train to i dont know where. they are more of a listener so its better to take the first steps. they wont always reply directly because they are just not that active. dont worry! another sign is that they will be fascinated by you. saying how good you are or how cool your hobbies are. how they take example of you. they want to spend a lot of time with you to know you better.

Pisces: probably the best flirts and smoothest sign of the whole zodiac. they fall in love very easily, they will probably tell you at the beginning that they are starting to feel something for you. they will be extra romantic and physical affection is also a big thingy like hugs etc. they like to just have a date at home like watching Netflix or having a dinner at home with each other. they are very smooth so they will try to ask personal questions. They also share their dreams with you and will protect you from everything negative these people are optimistic so they want to see you happy too. It could be that they are shy and awkward at first but they just need to go with the flow.

Glimpses into 2019

Aries: Gothic books, a piano in the dark, glitter on the floor, a friend lost, a lover unmasked, a crime observed, the hush just before twilight, the hush just before a kiss, black tea laced with longing, a white dress in the moonlight

Taurus: 50’s love songs on repeat, feeling like you’re living in a film noir, a bouquet of red roses, the dreamiest of evenings, a question met only with silence, a ferry ride, the gift of a necklace, hospital loneliness, meeting someone you’ll love for the rest of your life

Gemini: Late night pubs, Irish music, a lucky break, a spring to remember, breaking up and then getting back together, wandering a castle, pushing him too far, reconnecting with a former roommate, falling asleep to the sound of thunder, be sure to talk to that person next to you on the airplane

Cancer: A sunrise with a loved one, planting a garden, popping champagne, a celebrity sighting, rabbits will bring you luck, a long hallway, strawberry ice cream, laughter at brunch, silver sandals, a call from a lost friend, a wedding

Leo: Pancakes at a diner, a new job, starfish, staring at a painting, a cousin, an unanswered text, hearing her swear under her breath, meeting your Daisy, sleeping in too late, a gold anklet, a seaside town, watch out for whispers

Virgo: A boy in plaid, doubting a death, an apple tree, spilled wine, a mystery to solve before you can continue, wishing to go back, a blizzard, lighting a bonfire, a Siamese cat, breaking a resolution, going up to the attic

Libra: A girl with an umbrella, a cemetery, watching the world from a rooftop, an island, hasty decisions, meeting your doppelganger, a favorite song from your childhood, cherry pie, waking up in the countryside, don’t trust James

Scorpio: A phone call at 2am, a dove, pine trees, a fish caught, a night kiss under a streetlamp, storm clouds, insomnia, an unspoken agreement, a pet lost, a secret heard, fresh baked bread, unfamiliar bed sheets, dyed hair, watching the sun set over the water

Sagittarius: Rose-covered wallpaper, a walk through a snowstorm, goodbye forever whispered at the airport, sending apology flowers, tottering home in heels at 3am, an apartment in Seattle, a tattoo, newfound optimism, tears on blue tile, meeting your Mr. Big, a red bathing suit

Capricorn: A kite, a fortune teller, seeing a ghost, a fist full of lilacs, long walks through the woods, singing a lullaby, visiting a new country, a tire swing, letting go of a secret you’ve kept for too long, a white Christmas

Aquarius: Ice skating, too much caffeine, falling asleep in a book, remembering your mother’s words, a train ride, going back to him, standing up for yourself, a violin in the dusk, speakeasies, pressed flowers, asleep under the stars, big blue eyes begging

Pisces: A parrot, overwhelming jealousy, whiskey by the fire, talking until the sun comes up, dancing under the moon, a haunted room, a love letter, an unanswered text, picking wildflowers, a broken bone, a new home

The Moon 🌙

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Mysterious, secretive, reflective… beautiful.

The next step to learning astrology is, in my opinion, the most fun. The moon sign.

The sun will reveal a brighter, forced part of yourself, but the moon comes naturally. Just like the waves of an ocean, the moon sways our emotions and feelings. The sign your moon is in is also reflective of the you that you were as a child: shy and awkward or bright and talkative? The moon reveals all. Even when the sun does not shine on it, it still lingers there, hiding your secrets but still with a promise that what has been lost will be found.

So now; without further adu, my take on what your moon sign means for you. Heads up: this is gonna be a long one. I have spent YEARS taking note of someone’s birthday (famous people and close friends alike), specifically looking at the moon sign for them.

Moon in Aries

When the moon is in Aries, the emotions are rash, passionate, and childish. This “childish” doesn’t always act as a flaw, as it can sometimes be refreshing with someone who views things innocently and honestly. Despite being inattentive at times, these natives are perceptive to their emotional environments and “feel” things out rather directly. If something is bothering them, they are not shy at all when bringing it up. In fact, these individuals are rather good at talking about their feelings. The only time they falter at being direct is when they feel they’re being threatened emotionally in some way, and even then, subconscious body language is bound to give them away. Moon in Aries can be quite infuriating sometimes, but sometimes the truth they are trying to point out is where the real hurt comes from. These are amazing friends for keeping you in line and also complimenting you on your achievements.

Moon in Taurus

The moon in Taurus is stubborn, unmoving, and powerful. These natives can take a tremendous amount of emotional stress and pressure before they break. Unlike the comparatively easy-going Aries, the moon in Taurus thinks long and hard before expressing their feelings to others. When they finally do, they will stubbornly uphold everything they have and haven’t said. They are also very traditional, and may have conflicting thoughts regarding gender, for example, a born man may have trouble expressing feminine thoughts and vice versa for a born woman. These people also have a strong sense of loyalty. There are very few things which would convince them to betray their companions trust, especially in emotional matters.

Moon in Gemini

The nitty gritty of this sign is hard to pin down. Their emotions flow from one place to the next in a matter of seconds, yet not necessarily like water, the flow is more remiscent of the wind. Unlike Arian moons, these natives lack a hard substance in their emotions. Not to say that they aren’t there, because they certainly are, but they don’t have dramatic, passionate urges. In fact, they’re modes of handling emotion would be to approach it logically. Rarely will these individuals get caught up in the heat of a moment for anything other than sheer curiosity. These natives have a yearning to understand the human psyche and flow of emotion, but when it comes to their own, they have few dramatic instances.

Moon in Cancer

The moon in cancer is quite different from Gemini. It is extremely loyal, shy, and very much tangible. Their energy is like bounds of water held behind a dam. The emotions are not easily shared with others, and when it is, they need to have complete trust and honesty from the other person. Even those who are more open keep their deepest thoughts and feelings in some sort of containment. These individuals are also the first in this list to be the most intuitive. The water signs are much more privy to having an empathetic niche about them. For cancer, however, this empathy is more geared for their loved ones. For anyone else, the cancer native has their emotional curtains closed. In other words, they more easily handle blocking out unwanted energy than Pisces, but not as well as Scorpio.

Moon in Leo

The moon in Leo is dramatic, boisterous, and self-orientated. No matter how self-absorbed these natives may seem sometimes, they are perhaps one of the most self-aware of their emotions. They see their own energy clearly. Sometimes, this supposed self-absorption is just them trying to relate to the emotions of others. This self-awareness oft can turn into problems of self-consciousness. After all, seeing their flaws is just as easy, if not more, as seeing their best features. Leo doesn’t do well in the moon; it wants to shine, but only at the mercy of the sun. A Leo moon with a critical sun, like a Capricorn sun, is bound to have plenty of blockages of energy, especially around their sense of self. Nonetheless, the sunshine is STILL there, that fun and cool person, they just need to feel emotionally safe.

Moon in Virgo

The moon in Virgo is very particular, critical, and intelligent. For the Virgo moon native, their emotions may appear to them as different pieces of a puzzle they have yet to finish, or something that needs to be logically understood. While mutable like Gemini, the Virgo has more deep and sensual emotions. But similar to Leo, the only person the Virgo feels they have to prove themselves to is themselves. They fight their negative emotions more than others, and their perceptive nature lets them see every single flaw. The challenge for this native is to accept their imperfections, and find peace with the craziness of the world and their own psyche. This moon is less focused on the emotional nature of the world and more so with the emotional nature of themselves and those closest to them.

Moon in Libra

The moon in libra is flighty, sociable, and naturally shying away from conflict. The lunar Libran will find themselves fighting many emotions in the name of keeping the peace, even if it means their own unhappiness with the matter. Sometimes, they will even shy away from the conflict in their own mind, preferring to focus on more positive and “pretty” emotions rather than dealing with more darker matters. These natives are still intelligent and have an eye for beauty, but this part of them is subject to the scrutiny of their sun. This may make them more or less likeable. The biggest challenge for the moon in libra is find a way to express their true feelings without filtering or putting on a facade.

Moon in Scorpio

It is not clear whether Scorpio does or doesn’t thrive in the moon. Here, it is secretive, passionate, and intense. The natives have deep wells of emotions inside them, and they are only unleashed once in a blue moon. This sign is one of the most distrustful, with emotions this strong and powerful, those who are smart take care not to let them flow regularly all the time. This moon does not flow well with a sun that is boisterous and expressive, like a fire sign, because it draws upon a well that has long since been holed up. Lunar scorpios are transformative in nature. Their energy has the power to make or ruin someone else’s day. These are the people who, when angry, leave a scalding energy everywhere they walk. But when you befriend them, it can be very rewarding.

Moon in Sagittarius

The moon in Sagittarius is light-hearted, fleeting, and intelligent. These natives are one of the most adept at handling their feelings. Although they do have some yearning to make logic and sense of their emotions, their exploration of the mind is more so for the sake of curiosity than scrutiny. They have a need to have some sort of self-understanding and usually work well with others because their emotions just kind of “make sense” to them naturally. The Sagittarius moon is also somewhat optimistic when it comes to their emotions. They can easily approach their darker emotions with a sense of humor and live comfortably with their secrets. Their biggest challenge is probably this need for self-exploration, which can lead them to a sort of restlessness. They may feel trapped if circumstances do not allow for emotional freedom and exploration that they desire.

Moon in Capricorn

The moon in Capricorn is critical, practical, and punctual. These individuals experience emotion with a sense of apprehensiveness, because unlike other areas of life, emotions are not so easy to categorize and explain. Just like the Virgo moon, the lunar Capricorn can have a hard time because of their own critical nature. Self-consciousness is not unheard of with these individuals, and they may also have a hard time sharing and exploring their emotions. On the other hand, they are unlikely to have passionate and quickly passing emotions. While not as slow to anger as a Taurus, they also do take some time to break down because of their own determination to stay sane. As companions, the lunar Capricorn is also emotionally dependable and welcomes the energy of a loved one. They are the ultimate caregiver.

Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius is also another difficult one to pin down. In my experience, the lunar Aquarian has experienced something in their childhood that has stripped them of their ability to explore and express their own feelings. Emotion is stale and dry in the fixed wind sign, and while they do indeed have real and valid emotions, they are buried and encrypted deep within the logical and impersonal heart of the Aquarius. As a lunar Pisces, the lunar Aquarians I’ve been friends with have never failed to perplex me. At the end of the day it’s very difficult to find out what they really feel because that is hard to pinpoint for themselves. They might view their own feelings as “different” and quirky from those of others out of sheer will to not confront their feelings.

Moon in Pisces

The moon in Pisces is easily swayed, empathetic, and psychic. While the other signs are rather adept at hiding emotions if they want to, a lunar Pisces practically drips with emotions at all points. There are few walls to contain their feelings and it flows continuously from all points. Even a lunar Pisces who is rather quiet about their personal feelings will express subconscious body language that will give them away. Other moons knows they can easily trust or distrust this person from the moment they meet them. This sign is also bound to have problems creating boundaries. With their heart continuously on their sleeve, there is not a single one without a single story that has taught them to be more careful with their relationships and what they allow.

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Your gift to the world ❉

 a r i e s:  your tenacity. your nerve. Your willingness to scream when the world awaits in silence. Others are drawn to the fire that burns in your blood.

 ❀ t a u r u s:  your unconditional loyalty, which knows no boundaries. The vow you take to seek out a soulmate, and share your life with them, even within a universe of misfortune and disappointment.

 ✲  g e m i n i:  Your message. You capture this world with your words. If you have faith in what goes on in your mind, you can challenge us all to broaden our mental horizon.

✹ c a n c e r:  Your protection. The way you keep an eye and ear out for everyone else. Like the stars finding solitude in the moonlit sky, the world seeks shelter in your arms. They would be lost without you there to catch them.

✣ l e o:  Your influence, which illuminates the earth, like the sun. You have a flame burning in your heart, fiery and bold, bright enough to lead a village out of darkness. 

 ❉ v i r g o:  Your truth. You preserve the purity of life. The sincerity and authenticity of autumn morning memories from long ago. You remind us all to stay tied to our roots, and not to let facades cloud our obligation to reality.

✲ l i b r a:  Your judgement. Your allegiance to justice. You are the mediator of cosmic chaos. You divide the sky between night and day–always equal and impartial. Like the air after a storm, you being a peaceful breath of fresh air. 

✾ s c o r p i o:  Your drive. Fueled by your relentless passion, your actions conduct a quiet storm. Your heart’s core is as deep as the ocean, and the world gets lost in your inexorable current.

❅ s a g i t t a r i u s:  Your initiative. Your insatiable need to reach out to the lives around you. You light a match in other people’s hearts. You set their souls on fire. You may just burn the whole world down with you.

❀ c a p r i c o r n:  Your wisdom. It seems as though you’ve lived a thousand lives. You’ve remained perfectly true to who you’ve ever been, as sure as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Your word is your honor.

❉ a q u a r i u s: Your rebellion. Your curiosity. Your unwillingness to trust conformity, or allow the tradition of yesterday to dictate the fate of the future. You challenge us to embrace change like a summer breeze. 

✿ p i s c e s: Your empathy. Your ability to share your heart with another person, and feel their emotions rush through your veins like a winter rapid. No one knows the feeling like you do.

Aries: Does what you did keep you up at night? If it makes you feel any relief they forgave you for everything you did. Their at peace, so now you have to make peace with yourself

Taurus: Stop fucking with people not worth your time. Stop fucking with people who will only toy and play you. Be with someone whose proud to be yours or step back

Gemini: You are free. Start acting like it. Because you got everything you needed. Now you just have to have the courage to run. To break free from the past.

Cancer: You are not what they did to you or the mistakes you made. You’ve made something great of yourself even among the ashes. You should be proud. You are a miracle.

Leo: If you don’t like it, then change. Rewrite the whole damn book. Throw it all out only to start over. Don’t be to scared of what’s new that you keep accepting the less than. You don’t deserve it

Virgo: I Hope life treats you well. Even with paths diverging. You can’t be good for everyone, you’ll always be someone’s poison. So it’s okay. But I still hope life treats you well. I hope things get better. I hope you are better

Libra: Say a prayer for the kids you use to be as you drive old city streets. But not a moment more. Dwelling in the snow covered past will never give you a good future

Scorpio: the bruises were not your fault. The scars were not your fault. What you did to defend and save yourself was not your faults you are not the villain. No matter what they said

Sagittarius: Grit your teeth and get through it. If they see you cry they will know. You are a better person. You need to be the better person. I know it’s hard. But someone has to do the right thing

Capricorn: Set your pride and bullshit down. Admit mistakes and fuck up to move past it. The past can teach you lessons, doesn’t mean it has to haunt you. Stop living in the extreme.

Aquarius: some people weren’t meant to stay. I know. it’s not fair and there’s rage against the universe. Still, some people weren’t meant to stay. I’m sorry.

Pisces: if you’re gonna shoot, better make sure it’s a good one. You get one chance to lay it all out and walk the fuck out. If that’s what we’re doing, make sure you commit. Then grab your shit and walk out the door

This weeks zodiac

2019: Time to Believe


Aries – Let go and let things be. This is your moment to rise up from the flames and take on every single challenge that comes your way. The tears are for 2018, the laughter and happiness for 2019. Make sure to focus on what you want and you shall see that the wonderful and beautiful things your heart desires will easily manifest. Believe.

Taurus – A new creative era will be entered, trust yourself. Whatever is meant to be will come easily, so do not try to force the outcomes or a situation to go your way. Do not push people or manipulate those around you. Practice patience and you’ll see how those answers will come seamlessly to you.

Gemini – Meditation will do you wonders in 2019 as well as getting more in tune with the world around you. Traveling can be in your horizon or just a new thought process will come to be. 2019 is the year where we learn to trust ourselves and what we are capable of.

Cancer – This is the time to focus on developing stronger partnerships and to get whatever business prospects you might have brewing going. 2019 is the year of expansion and riches, so connect and inspire others because it will help you in the long run.

Leo – 2019 will be the year of the Lion and everyone will want to hear you roar. The confidence of the Leo has been boosted and you are ready to take aim and action. This is the time for you to shine, enjoy the spotlight. Your words will impact, so think first before speaking.

Virgo – There will be a lot of work for you in 2019 but you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty. This is the time to show everyone what you are made of. 2018 might have made you feel as if you were being pushed back, but this was just part of the test for the New Year. Expect a stronger and braver version of you.

Libra – Exploring the world could be in your to do list now and if you do not have the finances to take that trip, you can easily crack open a book and expand the mind. Learning is a wonderful thing to do in 2019 because it will help you grow and connect. This upcoming year, we will all be networking after the trials of 2018. Use your shine to make a difference out there, Libra.

Scorpio – This New Year, please leave the ego aside and make sure to watch your tongue. Your words bite and this is not the type of attitude we want to bring in 2019. The next year is about growth and expansion as well as healing those tough wounds. Be more mindful, courteous and humanitarian.

Sagittarius – Your main focus will be on how to fix the things that you own. You’ve learned a lot in the last two years because it has not been easy for you. Finally, it might feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Sagittarius is ready for the fight and the opportunities that await.

Capricorn – 2018 was a challenge for you since Saturn was welcoming you with open arms and her embrace was suffocating to many of you. Those were tests that you still need to learn but once you pass, you will be rewarded with great gifts that will extend to 2020.

Aquarius – You might feel like you want to crawl and hide from the world, but this is because you are just recharging the batteries before you have to take on whatever challenges the New Year may bring. This is the perfect time to be introspective, to read, to learn, to analyze and decipher. Dreams might be more important to you now as they will hold symbols that will guide you. 2019 will be the start of your metamorphosis for a powerful 2020.

Pisces – Social gatherings will take on new meaning for you next year. You will understand the value of friendships and families. Interpersonal relationships will come to the forefront and those who will not meet your standards will easily be cut off. 2019 will help you develop a sense of independence, so that you can become stronger with the help of your best tools. Like Aquarius, you too will be going through a metamorphosis because the person you are now will be improved in the following years to come.

Here is to wishing everyone a safe and Happy 2019!