“Many of their sons had clamored for the honor of riding with the Young Wolf, as they had taken to calling him. Torrhen Karstark and his brother Eddard were among his thirty, and Patrek Mallister, Smalljon Umber, Daryn Hornwood, Theon Greyjoy, no less than five of Walder Frey’s vast brood, along with older men like Ser Wendel Manderly and Robin Flint. One of his companions was even a woman: Dacey Mormont, Lady Maege’s eldest daughter and heir to Bear Island.”

The signs as houses from Game of Thrones

Aries: House Tyrell

Taurus: House Arryn

Gemini: House Lannister

Cancer: House Baratheon

Leo: House Martell

Virgo: House Hornwood

Libra: House Karstark

Scorpio: House Florent

Sagittarius: House Targaryen

Capricorn: House Stark

Aquarius: House Redwyne

Pisces: House Estermont

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #15 Jeyne Poole

This is another kinda-sorta not in Game of Thrones character. The above image is of Jeyne Poole on the show, but I don’t really remember her at all. I won’t argue with photographic proof.

Jeyne Poole (whose name is, sadly, pronounced “Jane Pool” not “Jean Pool”) was Sansa Stark’s closest friend at Winterfell. She’s young and innocent like Sansa. There is one scene where Gregor Clegane murders Hugh of the Vale during the Hand’s Tourney and Jeyne becomes hysterical. She is not used to such violence.

That makes what happens to her all the more horrifying. Since Arya Stark goes missing, it is Littlefinger’s idea to dress one brown-haired northern girl as another. Jeyne becomes “Arya Stark” and is married to Ramsay Bolton. You all probably know that on the show, this storyline was given to Sansa herself and it caused quite a stir.

Obviously, being married to Ramsay is no picnic. (His first wife, Lady Hornwood, ate off her own fingers because he starved her. This was another storyline cut from the show, perhaps mercifully.) Jeyne has it bad because, from the get-go, Ramsay knows she is not really Arya Stark. Ramsay keeps her confined to a tower where her cries can be heard night and day. She has scars on her back from whipping and bruises all over her body. Though, unlike the show, Ramsay is never actually seen raping her. 

At Castle Black, Jon Snow & Melisandra mount a plan to rescue his “sister” (he does not know the truth) that involves Mance Rayder (who was not really burned alive by Melisandre, that is a complicated plotline that also got cut) and a handful of wildling women infiltrate Winterfell and attempt to rescue her. At first, Jeyne thinks it’s a trick and resists, saying Ramsay will cut off her feet if she runs.

But eventually she and Theon make a daring jump from the battlements of Winterfell. Somehow the two survive. We next seem them through Asha Greyjoy’s eyes (Asha is called “Yara” on the show–she is Theon’s sister). She no longer recognizes Theon. 

Jeyne Poole might not be the best fighter or a savvy political operator, but she managed to survive in the most horrific situation. I think that makes her awesome.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Jeyne Poole is screencap from Game of Thrones


asoiaf au- “american horror story: wedding" 

1977- sansa uncovers secrets of what happened at the poisonous "purple wedding” of rising movie star margaery tyrell, the wedding that the authorities think she was behind. under a new identity and essentially a hostage of a man who says he is a friend of the family, she must figure out the truth of what has been going on in her life the past few years. but the more she finds out, the more incredible the truth is…

meanwhile, after what the press called the “red wedding”, catelyn stark walks this earth again, thanks to something between magic and religion. but she is not the same catelyn stark as she was, and secretive and deadly roose bolton (as well as everyone named “frey”) is about to find out one of the world’s deepest secrets that even he did not know about…

1999- it’s the last winter of the millennium, and wealthy widow donella hornwood,  who will be forced to marry ramsay bolton (really the serial killer called “the hunter”)  in an unofficial secret ceremony, does not think she will live to see spring. her fellow prisoner  theon greyjoy is close to accepting death. the newest prisoner jeyne poole wants to escape, but refuses to leave either of them behind…time is running out, and when the new year comes, ramsay plans to have his wedding celebration. that is, if he’s still around for it. there is something alive in the forest, something that knows everyone’s name…

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He blames Sansa for it entirely.  Blames her blames her blames her–her and her stupid romance novels and the way she talks about “shipping” as if it’s not a postal service and rather something that everyone does.  He blames her for listening to One Direction–and writing fanfiction where they all fall in love with one another over and over and over again–and the way she squeals with delight when they’re watching movies as a family and someone realizes they’re in love with someone else.

Bran blames Sansa.  Entirely.  Because you can't not pick up some of that, right?  If you’re constantly exposed to it?  It just sort of osmoses in, right?  Entirely Sansa’s fault.

He sees the way that Arya rolls her eyes a little more frequently around Gendry.  He sees the way that Gendry smiles more around Arya than he does around…well, anyone else.  He notices that they both have this tendency to smack the other across the arm when the other says something they deem stupid.  He notices the way that sometimes, Arya stares at his shoulders.  He notices sometimes the way that Gendry stares at her hips.

And he doesn't want to notice any of this.  He really doesn’t.  He wants to focus on his college apps and not the grad student that Arya brought home for Thanksgiving because he didn’t have anywhere else to go.  He wants to focus on “Why do you want to go to Middlebury?” (Because he wants to?) or “Please describe a time you overcame a challenge.” (Will they think it too obvious to write about adjusting to his paralysis?  He shouldn’t even have to worry about that).  He doesn’t want to focus on the way that Arya and Gendry throw popcorn at each other while marathoning LOST.

It gets worse, if anything, when he overhears Dad grumbling to Mom that he’s not sure how he feels about Arya sharing a bedroom with her friend, even if he’s on an air mattress on the floor.  Not–Dad appends quickly–because he doesn’t trust her.  But because it’s just…he doesn’t know.  (Arya’s nineteen, Ned.  She can take care of herself.)

And, when he can no longer bear it, he brings it up to Sansa.  "Is it just me or are Arya and Gendry…“

Sansa’s eyes sparkle with delight.  "It’s such a best friends trope!”

“A what?”

“A best friends trope,” she repeats excitedly.  "Not my favorite to write, but always fun.  Basically, people living in denial for a very long time that they’re actually in love with their best friend.“  

"There’s a trope for that?” Bran asks.

“Of course!  There’s a trope for everything!” Sansa says happily.  Then she pauses, and looks at Bran, cocking her head and her eyes going wide.  He doesn’t like that her eyes are going wide like that.  "Bran?“


“Do you ship it?”

“What?  I don’t ship things!  No!”

“Bran’s a shipper!”  She croons with delight and kisses his cheek.  "Welcome to hell–waiting for your OTP to become canon!“

The serving men brought every dish to Bran first, that he might take the lord’s potion if he chose. By the time they reached the ducks, he could eat no more. After that he nodded approval at each course in turn, and waved it away. If the dish smelled especially choice, he would send it to one of the lords on the dais, a gesture of friendship and favor that Maester Luwin told him he must make. He sent some salmon down to poor Lady Hornwood, the boar to the boisterous Umbers, a dish of goose-in-berries to Cley Cerwyn, and a huge lobster to Joseth the master of horse, who was neither lord nor guest, but had seen to Dancer’s training and made it possible for Bran to ride. He sent sweets to Hodor and Old Nan as well, for no reason but he loved them. 

hornwoods  asked:

literally you have the softest little voice ever??? i can't handle it tbh u don't have to publish this or anything i just really needed to point it out tbh

thank you so much! ♥♥ I sound less young irl I think? I used to be embarrassed (I can’t get angry can you imagine how ridiculous, I’m too soft) but it might end up being great for my future patients as I was told a couple of times my voice was calming :*

Typical Girls Names of The North
  • Alys (Alys Stark was a daughter of Lord Cregan Stark and Lady Alysanne Blackwood, Alys Karstark I married Lord Brandon Stark, Alys Karstark II married to Sigorn, Magnar of Thenn)
  • Alysane- a varient of the popular Alysanne (Alysane Mormont also known as the Young She-Bear is Lady Maege Mormont’s second daughter.)
  • Aregelle (Aregelle Stark was the eldest daughter of Elric Stark and Serena Stark she married Robard Cerwyn)
  • Arra (Arra Norrey was married Lord Cregan Stark) 
  • Arrana (Arrana Stark was the youngest daughter of Edric Stark and Serena Stark she married Osric Umber)
  • Arsa (Arsa Stark was a daughter of Lord Brandon Stark and Lady Alys Karstark)
  • Arya (Arya Flint was married to Rodrik Stark grandmother to Eddard, Arya Stark Lord Eddard and Catelyn Tully’s second daughter)
  • Barbrey (Barbrey Ryswell was married William Dustin and is the current lady of House Dustin)
  • Berena (Berena Hornwood is wife of Leobald Tallhart and the sister of the current Lord Halys Hornwood, Berena Stark was the eldest daughter of Lord Beron Stark and Lady Lorra Royce)
  • Eddara (Eddara Tallhart the daughter of Ser Helman Tallhart)
  • Erena (Erena Glover the daughter of the current Lord Robett and Lady Sybelle Glover)
  • Jyana (Jyana Reed is the wife of Lord Howland Reed and the mother of Meera and Jojen Reed)
  • Lorra (Lorra Royce was married to Lord Beron Stark)
  • Lyanna (Lyanna Mormont the youngest daughter of Lady Maege Mormont, Lyanna Stark I the only daughter of Cregan Stark and Lady Lynara Stark, Lyanna Stark II sister to Lord Eddard)
  • Lyanne (Lyanne Glover was married Lord Willam Stark)
  • Lyarra (Lyarra Stark was the second daughter of Rodrik Stark and Arya Flint and married to her cousin once removed Lord Rickard Stark, and had four children with him; Brandon, Eddard, Lyanna and Benjen Stark.)
  • Lyessa (Lyessa Flint is the current Lady of Widow’s Watch)
  • Lynara (Lynara Stark was the third wife of Lord Cregan Stark)
  • Lyra (Lyra Mormont is the third daughter of Lady Maege Mormont)
  • Lysara (Lysara Karstark was married to Artos Stark)
  • Sansa (Sansa Stark I was the Lady of Winterfell and the second daughter of Rickon Stark and Jeyne Manderly she married her father’s half-brother Lord Jonnel Stark, Sansa Stark II first daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully)
  • Sarra (Sarra Stark was the eldest daughter of Lord Cregan Stark and Lady Alysanne Blackwood)
  • Serena (Serena Stark was the eldest daughter of Rickon Stark she married twice once to Jon Umber and then to her uncle Edric Stark)
  • Wylla (Wylla Fenn was from the Neck and was the mother of Lord Brandon Stark’s bastard son Lonnel Snow, Wylla Manderly is the second daughter of Ser Wylis Manderly and Leona Woolfield and granddaughter to Lord Wyman)
  • Wynafryd (Wynafryd Manderly is the eldest daughter of Ser Wylis Manderly and Leona Woolfield and granddaughter to Lord Wyman)

As a reminder: Succession in Westeros (excluding Dorne* and the Targaryen throne**) is male-preference cognatic, where sons inherit before daughters regardless of birth order, but a daughter inherits before her father’s brothers. But nowhere ever does a widow inherit before her children (though widows sometimes can retain some power, like Lysa and Lady Hornwood and Lady Dustin), or a widower before his children if his wife was a ruling lady. (Though he might try to take it illegally/with force of arms over his step-children if he’s a dick like that.) And definitely a lord’s widow’s second husband doesn’t inherit anything. (Ramsay Snow’s actions re the Hornwood inheritance was extremely illegal on multiple levels.)

*Dorne has absolute primogeniture, where inheritance is by birth order regardless of sex.

**The Targaryen throne (post-Dance of the Dragons) practiced a modified agnatic primogeniture, where female claimants were placed behind all male claimants, so that an uncle would inherit before a daughter. (e.g. Viserys II inheriting instead of Daena the Defiant after the death of her brother Baelor the Blessed.)


Game of Thrones themed comp capes! :)

Comp cape codes:

  • Stark: 0-0-127, 0-0-107, 0-0-17, 0-0-30
  • Tully: 0-7-53, 0-7-37, 40-4-32, 36-2-54
  • Tarth: 5-3-118, 62-3-118, 37-6-78, 35-0-127
  • Clegane: 8-7-86, 7-7-79, 8-0-1, 8-0-1
  • Hornwood: 1-7-74, 1-7-54, 1-5-11, 1-5-18
  • Cerwyn: 0-0-1, 0-0-8, 0-0-63, 0-0-45
  • Manderly: 32-0-127, 32-0-116, 32-7-90, 32-6-111
  • Florent: 5-0-126, 37-7-34, 2-7-82, 3-7-90
  • Arryn: 5-0-126, 5-0-126, 42-6-11, 42-6-17
  • Baelish: 19-0-95, 19-0-80, 19-5-44, 19-5-59
  • Whent: 7-0-1, 6-6-99, 8-6-106, 7-6-106
  • Lannister: 8-2-101, 8-3-85, 0-7-32, 0-7-45
  • Marbrand: 3-6-95, 2-7-79, 2-0-53, 2-0-64
  • Redwyne: 22-6-34, 53-6-44, 44-6-20, 44-6-28
  • Mormont: 18-0-0-, 17-5-53, 17-3-83, 17-4-67
  • Dayne: 45-0-127, 45-0-112, 45-3-109, 45-2-109
  • Glover: 0-0-127, 0-0-113, 0-7-25, 0-7-39
  • Greyjoy: 8-0-11, 8-3-101, 8-0-1, 8-0-11
  • Karstark: 0-0-107, 0-0-107, 0-0-14, 0-0-9
  • Bolton: 0-6-84, 0-7-71, 60-4-93, 60-5-84
  • Estermont: 24-5-29, 24-5-35, 27-4-70, 27-5-58
  • Martell: 0-7-65, 1-7-69, 1-7-80, 2-7-84
  • Baratheon: 7-0-1, 7-0-11, 7-6-100, 6-6-89
  • Dondarrion: 48-4-39, 51-4-39, 51-0-8, 51-0-13
  • Connington: 0-0-127, 0-7-31, 0-7-31, 0-0-127
  • Targaryen: 0-7-32, 0-7-20, 0-0-0, 0-0-7
  • Tyrell: 8-4-75, 8-5-87, 16-6-63, 16-5-75

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can you recommend some game of thrones blogs? it can be just people who reblog stuff, so long as they're mainly got

And now, you’ve woken the dragon:

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Just follow everyone I follow, is what I’m saying.

Barbrey: Lord Wyman is not the only one who lost kin at your Red Wedding, Frey. Do you imagine Whoresbane loves you any better? If you did not hold the Greatjon, he would pull out your entrails and make you eat them, as Lady Hornwood ate her fingers. Flints, Cerwyns, Tallharts, Slates … they all had men with the Young Wolf.

Roger: House Ryswell too. Even Dustins out of Barrowton.

Barbrey: The north remembers, Frey.

– Barbrey and Roger Ryswell, to Aenys Frey

Asoiaf minor characters

Barbrey Dustin

Barbrey Dustin has wrinkles around her mouth and eyes, but she is still tall, unbent and handsome. Her hair is equal parts brown and grey, wearing it tied behind her head in a widow’s knot. She usually dresses all in black, but she sometimes accentuates her attire with vair. While intelligent, she has grown into a bitter woman over the years. Barbrey’s personal banner flying over the keep of Barrow Hall quarters the spiked crown and crossed long axes of House Dustin with the golden horsehead of her father, Rodrik Ryswell.

Barbrey is the surviving daughter of Lord Rodrik Ryswell and is the sister of Roger, Rickard, and Roose Ryswell. Their sister was Bethany, the late second wife of Lord Roose Bolton.

In her youth Barbrey was infatuated with Brandon Stark, who took her maidenhead. She claims Brandon never wanted to marry Catelyn Tully and that the match was made when Lord Rickard Stark’s maester, Walys, put the idea in Rickard’s head. Lady Dustin is extremely distrustful of maesters in general and refers to them as grey rats.

When her husband, Willam Dustin, rode off to war in Robert’s Rebellion, Barbrey gifted him with a fine red steed, the pride of her father’s herd. Lord Willam swore he would return to her mounted on the horse. After the war Lord Eddard Stark returned the steed to Barbrey, but not her lord husband, who died at the Tower of Joy. She bears an intense grudge against Eddard for not bringing her husband’s bones north with him so she could bury him at his ancestral home.

Bolton Civil War| sansa


She rode through the snow north with what little army she could gather from between her and her aunt’s people, and the Hornwood smallfolk. It had taken a little bit to persuade Lady Dustin, her aunt to pick a side in this war between two Boltons but she had something in her favor that Ramsay didn’t, she was related to the lady by blood and he had done nothing to keep her from being a thorn in his side. She knew that Sansa might be at the wall and she was determined to join up with her friend and add to whatever host they had gathered. When she saw their camp she paused because she knew that they could see her banners, the flayed man, and would probably think her an hostile force if she kept marching them closer, instead she did the smart thing and sent a rider under a white flag to let Lady Sansa know it was her. She waited on a horse for word because if they weren’t welcomed she would try to lay siege to Winterfell and hopefully starve her half brother out.