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excuse the messy handwriting & scribbles :c

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literally you have the softest little voice ever??? i can't handle it tbh u don't have to publish this or anything i just really needed to point it out tbh

thank you so much! ♥♥ I sound less young irl I think? I used to be embarrassed (I can’t get angry can you imagine how ridiculous, I’m too soft) but it might end up being great for my future patients as I was told a couple of times my voice was calming :*

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One Song: Closer by the chainsmokers

Two Movies: captain America: the winter soldier, the bronze

Three TV Shows: greys anatomy, gossip girl, and stranger things

Four People: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Jai Courtney, Ryan Reynolds

Five Foods: pizza, chocolate, gummy worms, bbq, yogurt

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