horns take up so much space


And the last two transformers animated sparkling ocs!

Skyrocket is the daughter of Blurr. (But me being shockblurr trash) At a young age, she was kidnapped by Shockwave and tampered with, giving her her deer horns and the third eye. She’s been labelled as unstable and it’s destroyed her dream of being part of the Elite Guard. She can be controlled by Shockwave whenever he pleases, so she is under intense watch 24/7 to keep everyone safe if she goes insane.

Powerhouse is Bulkhead’s sparkling. Just like his dad, he’s a little cinnamon roll, taking on his father’s passion for art and is super clumsy. He’s not much interested in being in the army or what not, he’s totally content with growing up to help fix space bridges like his dad.