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Requests #68
  1. A twisted Beauty and the Beast. Where the only way for the Beast to break the spell is to get a willing girl pregnant.            
  2. I’d love to see a story about some form of cowboy/cowperson (any gender) who is actually part cow like with horns/ears and cow legs and a massive udder and theyre so full from breeding. Like hugely pregnant. Their tits and udder are leaking so much they have to be milked by their partner (focus on the breeding and lactation/milking! Make it super pleasurable if you can)             
  3. I’d love a rapid pregnancy where the character is (unwisely) wearing a short sundress and no panties. Her growing belly and boobs take up more and more space under the dress, exposing more and more of her naughty bits. Naturally, this happens at a family BBQ / friend’s wedding reception / work function / some other event where she should have dressed more modestly in the first place, and now she’s fighting a losing battle to keep covered up until she can slip out unnoticed.           
  4. Can you do one wear x is tied down giving birth and y is torturing her like tying her legs together or waiting until the baby is almost out but they push it back in and fuck them (also they do this with every baby)     
  5. More unbirth stories please! Preferably accidental and fluffy!             
  6. Request: More variety of points-of-view. Less “You’re pregnant” and more “I’m, he’s” pregnant             
  7. Do you have any interracial impregnation? Especially with either prostitution or magic? E.g; fertility statue corrupts housewife, scarab arm band possesses girl with spirit of ancient fertility priestess. Female forced into prostitution and ending up pregnant, college girls playing with black magic get branded with an intimate spade and enslaved. Just like… for example. I’m browsing your stories but there is a lot to read.             
  8. someone is playing sims and as their sim gets pregnant they do too, and the pregnancy progresses at the same rate as they do in the game. Maybe the person discovers this and uses cheats to speed up the pregnancy or to cheat multiples.             
  9. can someone write more unbirth please?             
  10. Alright ya’ll, we seem to have a shortage of fluff: Imagine you’re the smol wife (at around the seventh month of her pregnancy) of a tol, muscular Husbano; people start talkin’ dirt about you and when you start feeling self-conscious, your husband just goes on about how you shouldn’t listen to them and that you’re beautiful and such. (Bonus points if Husbano is stoic but loves you to bits)             
  11. A story about a guy jokingly dressing as a massively pregnant woman (yoga balls for breasts AND stomach, and lots of padding for hips, butt and thighs) for a party only to realize his outfit feels heavier and heavier and his features feel softer and softer until he actually is a huge pregnant woman who can barely walk with ridiculous udders that leak with every hefty step.             
  12. imagine you’re a pregnant teacher and a slave to the principal. Your entire Pregnancy is one big humiliation, where he sells you out to a few students as well. Only a few boys and girls know this, but they make your life hell. Your labor is made to last an entire 3 months, where you endure contractions while teaching. You also have to attend the school’s gym class. Ofcourse you’re not given any maternity leave and birth is very humiliating.             
  13. Could you possibly do a story where a very powerful demon falls in love with a young mortal girl and impregnates her although it is highly forbidden in the demon realm             
  14. Story abt a boy feeling sick on a roadtrip with his best friend, and his belly suddenly starts to grow. Hes short of breath and has to brace himself as it grows through one intense growth spurt after another, but theyre trapped in the middle lane and cant pull over, even as he has to strip his pants off and gives birth to the first of a litter into his loose boxers             
  15. More pregnancy transfer please