horns of aries

Signs sorted into Ilvermorny Houses

Pukwudgie, favors healers and is said to represent the heart of a witch or wizard: Cancer, Libra, Taurus

Horned Serpent, favors scholars and is said to represent the mind of a witch or wizard: Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn

Thunderbird, favors adventurers and is said to represent the soul of a witch or wizard: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini

Wampus, favors warriors and is said to represent the body of a witch or wizard: Leo, Aries, Scorpio

Ship Names
  • Aries x Aries: Open Flame
  • Aries x Taurus: Mess with the Bull, you get the Horns
  • Aries x Gemini: Think before you Act
  • Aries x Cancer: Frustrated Tears
  • Aries x Leo: Spotlight Lovers
  • Aries x Virgo: Impulse Control
  • Aries x Libra: Lovers and Fighters
  • Aries x Scorpio: Left on Mars
  • Aries x Sagittarius: Adrenaline Junkies
  • Aries x Capricorn: Same Difference
  • Aries x Aquarius: Rebels Without A Cause
  • Aries x Pisces: Pure Imagination
  • Taurus x Taurus: Money Lovers
  • Taurus x Gemini: "I don't know how we made it."
  • Taurus x Cancer: Silver and Gold
  • Taurus x Leo: The Actors
  • Taurus x Virgo: Dressed To Impress
  • Taurus x Libra: Highschool Sweethearts
  • Taurus x Scorpio: Possession and Obsession
  • Taurus x Sagittarius: Restraints
  • Taurus x Capricorn: Sugar Daddy
  • Taurus x Aquarius: The No Comfort Zone
  • Taurus x Pisces: Lovers and Dreamers
  • Gemini x Gemini: The Twins
  • Gemini x Cancer: Head or Heart?
  • Gemini x Leo: Bring Me With You
  • Gemini x Virgo: Nerdy Babes
  • Gemini x Libra: Alice and The Hatter
  • Gemini x Scorpio: "You Only Call Me When It's Raining Out"
  • Gemini x Sagittarius: Philosological
  • Gemini x Capricorn: Doctor and Nurse
  • Gemini x Aquarius: Guess We're Heartless
  • Gemini x Pisces: Facts or Fantasy?
  • Cancer x Cancer: Clingy Couple
  • Cancer x Leo: Pulling Along
  • Cancer x Virgo: Netflix n' Nap
  • Cancer x Libra: Home is Where The Heart is
  • Cancer x Scorpio: Cigarette Smoke and Whiskey-Soaked Clothes
  • Cancer x Sagittarius: Homesick
  • Cancer x Capricorn: Mother and Father
  • Cancer x Aquarius: Head Over Heart.
  • Cancer x Pisces: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
  • Leo x Leo: Model Lovers
  • Leo x Virgo: Attentive to Detail
  • Leo x Libra: "Relationship Goals 😍"
  • Leo x Scorpio: Late Nights and Bar Fights
  • Leo x Sagittarius: Hera and Zeus
  • Leo x Capricorn: The Princess and the Knight
  • Leo x Aquarius: Gods and Goddesses
  • Leo x Pisces: The Cowardly Lion
  • Virgo x Virgo: Attention and Details
  • Virgo x Libra: Pressed Flowers
  • Virgo x Scorpio: Red Rose, Wine and all that's Fine.
  • Virgo x Sagittarius: The Well Prepared Nomads
  • Virgo x Capricorn: Boss and Secretary
  • Virgo x Aquarius: Intellectual Lovers
  • Virgo x Pisces: Rational Emotional Breakdown
  • Libra x Libra: Sweet Love
  • Libra x Scorpio: Love and Lust
  • Libra x Sagittarius: Snow White and The Huntsman
  • Libra x Capricorn: Flower Crowns and Let Downs
  • Libra x Aquarius: The Social Butterflies
  • Libra x Pisces: Hopeless Romantics
  • Scorpio x Scorpio: No Strings Attached
  • Scorpio x Sagittarius: Didn't think we'd make it this far
  • Scorpio x Capricorn: Ambitious Passion
  • Scorpio x Aquarius: Harley Quinn and Mister J
  • Scorpio x Pisces: Bad Influence
  • Sagittarius x Sagittarius: Swingers
  • Sagittarius x Capricorn: Rockstar and the Groupie
  • Sagittarius x Aquarius: Detachedly Attached
  • Sagittarius x Pisces: Dream Team
  • Capricorn x Capricorn: Workaholics
  • Capricorn x Aquarius: Drug Deals
  • Capricorn x Pisces: "You're Grounded"
  • Aquarius x Aquarius: I'll Never Belong To You
  • Aquarius x Pisces: Science vs. Magic
  • Pisces x Pisces: Rose Colored Glasses
Meanings Behind the Sign Symbols


               The glyph for Aries represents the face and horns of a ram. Aries is a sign that is known for its initiative, and its innate ability to move with fervor towards its goals. Like a ram charging forward an Aries pursues its target with abandon. The glyph can also be seen as a geyser bursting forth from the ground, or the female reproductive system, which alludes to the creative potential of the sign as well as its position as the first sign, and the baby of the zodiac.


               The glyph for Taurus shows us the head and horns of the bull. Steadfast, stubborn, and sensual the bull is a great parallel to the Taurean nature. Taurus is known for its ability to work tirelessly towards its goals, not budging from the path that they’ve set for themselves. The glyph shows us the crescent of the mind atop the circle of the spirit, which reflects Taurus’ ability to push forward with their whole beings to attain the security and comfort that they desire.


               Gemini is the sign of the twins, and in its glyph we can see the duality that is at the very core of its symbolism. Gemini sees the duality of all things, that of light and darkness, right and wrong, male and female then incorporates these dual natures into the same being. The glyph is the Roman numeral for two, and yet at the same time it can be seen as a tunnel or a doorway. Gemini synthesizes information, pulling it in, processing it, and then disseminating it to others. The Geminian works as a conduit for knowledge and its role in the zodiac is that of the informant.


               The glyph for Cancer shows us the claws of the crab. With its hard protective shell, home beneath the waves, and propensity to cling to its prey and possessions the crab is an apt metaphor for the watery Cancer. Crabs live their lives in the endless ebb and flow of the ocean, and for Cancer it is no different. They feel the endless tides of their emotions and instinctively feel the ups and downs in all things. The glyph is also reminiscent of the earth and moon, circling each other in their eternal dance through the cosmos. We’re also shown a mother’s breasts, which are ruled by the sign as well as their function of nourishment.


               Here we see the head, mane, and swooping tail of the lion. Leo reflects much of its qualities, with the females being aggressively enterprising and fiercely loyal, and the males being protective and deeply prideful. In this glyph we again see the circle of spirit, the sun, and a tendril that reaches out projecting its power and influence. A Leo similarly projects their innermost power and warmth in order to attract attention and admiration from those around them.


               The “M” of Virgo shows its ties to the sign of Scorpio. Indeed at one time the two were considered to be one and the same, representing the processes of birth and death and their inexorable link. At some time in the past the two were split, with the sign of Libra occupying the space between, representing the harmony between the two. The tail of Virgo’s M is turned inward becoming the female genitalia and being representative of the fertility and purity of the sign.


               The glyph for Libra is that of the setting sun. It is the twilight before the darkness, the time of day where light and darkness exist in equal proportions, appropriate for the balance that is representative of this sign. Libra seeks harmony in its relationships with those around it and has an innate ability to find balance in opposing forces. The glyph is also the Mirror of Venus, resting atop a shelf. This alludes to the planetary ruler of the sign as well as Libra’s association with the 7th House, which is sometimes called the House of Mirrors.


               The glyph for Scorpio shows its ties to Virgo, but instead of its tail pulling in it thrusts outward. This shows how the Scorpion’s will and drive is turned to power and the ability to change the world around it. Scorpio is a sign known for its great initiative and ambition as well as its great capacity for change and transformation.


               The glyph is an arrow, ready to fire from the bow of our fiery archer. The arrow symbolizes the far-reaching search for knowledge that is inherent in this sign. Sagittarius wants to push the boundaries of human knowledge and experience and push their minds and bodies forward with abandon towards this goal.


               The glyph gives us a silhouette. It is that of a creature that is half mountain-goat, and half fish. The mermaid has climbed out of the primordial nurturing waters to climb the mountain of success and accomplishment. It’s important to recognize this dual nature in Capricorn. The goat can no more escape where he came from than he can the drive that propels him forward. There will forever be a connection back to the home and indeed what is built in life serves to provide sustenance and security for it.


               The glyph for Aquarius shows us waves, it is multi-faceted in its nature now more than ever. It is the ever-permeating waves of electromagnetism and energy that surround us. It is the radio waves encoded with information as well as the sound waves that carry a human voice to all ears that listen. This is the “water” that is poured forth from Aquarian amphora. It is the free and ever present information that will lead to an even more enlightened future.


               Two fish are swimming in opposite directions, but cannot escape one another because of the chains that bind them. This represents the dual-nature of the Piscean individual. One fish swims upwards toward divinity. It wishes to return home and be one with its source. The other fish swims downwards toward the material realm. There is much that is unfinished and the weight of the world is constant in the emotional ties that bind.  Pisces seeks to use this connection to higher spirituality to work as a conduit for healing. They take on the pain and suffering of others in an attempt to soothe them.



Aries sun Cancer moon Cancer rising

Aries sun Cancer moon Pisces rising INFJ

Aries sun Capricorn moon Scorpio rising

Aries sun Virgo moon Gemini rising

Aries sun Leo moon Sagittarius rising Gryffindor/Hufflepuff ENFP

Pisces/Aries cusp Virgo moon Aries rising

Aries sun Taurus moon Libra rising

Aries sun Virgo moon Sagittarius rising

Aries sun Cancer moon INFP Gryffindor

Aries sun Pisces moon Scorpio rising

Aries sun Virgo moon Capricorn rising Ravenclaw

Aries sun Scorpio moon Leo rising Hufflepuff INFP

Aries Sun / Moon Hufflepuff

Aries sun Virgo moon


Taurus sun Leo moon Scorpio rising

Taurus sun Leo moon ENTP Slytherin

Taurus sun Scorpio moon INTJ

Taurus sun Pisces moon Capricorn rising

Taurus sun Aquarius moon Aquarius rising

Taurus sun Libra moon Scorpio rising

Taurus sun Leo moon Libra rising Ravenclaw INFP/INFJ

Taurus sun Aries moon Virgo rising INTP

Taurus sun Pisces moon Scorpio rising INFP Ravenpuff

Taurus sun Scorpio moon Leo rising

Taurus Gryffindor INFJ

Taurus Slytherin ENTP

Taurus sun Saggitarius rising Libra moon


Gemini sun Gemini moon Aquarius rising Gryffindor

Gemini sun Aquarius/Pisces moon Libra rising Ravenclaw Horned Serpent

Gemini sun Capricorn moon Capricorn rising Gemini venus ENFP

Gemini sun Sagittarius moon Leo rising

Gemini aesthetic Cancer moon Cancer rising

Gemini sun Gemini moon Leo rising 

Gemini sun Pisces moon Capricorn rising INFJ Ravenclaw Pukwudgie

Gemini sun Aries moon Sagittarius rising Enfp


Cancer sun Scorpio moon Libra rising

Cancer sun Aquarius moon Libra rising

Cancer sun Taurus moon Libra rising

Cancer sun Sagittarius rising

Cancer sun Libra moon Sagittarius rising

Cancer sun Aquarius moon Libra rising Hufflepuff INFP

Cancer sun Leo moon Aquarius rising ENTP

Cancer sun Leo moon Sagittarius rising Scorpio dominant ESFP

Cancer Ravenclaw INFJ

Cancer Slytherin ENTJ

Cancer sun pisces moon


Leo sun Pisces moon Sagittarius rising

Leo sun Scorpio moon Virgo rising

Leo/Virgo cusp Sagittarius moon Aquarius rising INTJ

Leo/Virgo cusp

Leo sun Sagittarius moon Libra rising ENTP

Leo Hufflepuff ENFP

Leo sun Gemini moon Gryffindor


Virgo sun Aries moon Scorpio rising INFJ

Virgo sun Gemini moon Capricorn rising ENTJ

Virgo sun Aquarius moon Virgo moon

Virgo sun Taurus moon Scorpio rising

Virgo sun Pisces moon Capricorn rising ENFP

Virgo sun Scorpio moon Sagittarius rising ENTP Ravenclaw

Virgo sun Leo moon Virgo rising

Virgo sun Gemini rising

Leo/Virgo cusp Sagittarius moon Aquarius rising INTJ

Leo/Virgo cusp

Virgo sun Scorpio moon Aries rising Gryffindor

Virgo sun Virgo rising Taurus moon

Virgo Hufflepuff INFJ

Virgo sun Libra moon Scorpio rising Hufflepuff ISTJ

Virgo Hufflepuff INFP

Virgo sun Taurus moon Slytherin


Libra sun Taurus moon INFJ 

Libra sun Sagittarius moon Leo rising

Libra sun Taurus moon Sagittarius rising

Libra sun Leo moon Cancer rising Libra venus

Libra sun Leo moon Cancer rising

Libra sun Capricorn moon Aquarius rising  

Libra sun Aquarius moon Ravenclaw

Libra sun Cancer moon Virgo rising ISFJ

Libra sun Scorpio moon Pisces rising

Libra sun Taurus moon Pisces rising Slytherpuff

Libra sun Cancer moon Cancer rising INFP

Libra sun Scorpio moon

Libra sun Sagittarius moon Capricorn rising ENFP Gryffindor Wampus

Libra sun Libra moon Libra venus Virgo mars Cancer rising

Libra Hufflepuff ENFP

Libra Slytherin ESFJ

Libra sun ENFP Gryffindor Pukwudgie

Libra sun Gemini moon Aquarius rising Uranus and Air dominant ENTP

Libra sun Aries moon INFP Slytherin

Libra sun Cancer moon Taurus rising

Libra sun Virgo moon Scorpio rising Scorpio dominant INTP

Libra sun Leo moon Sagittarius rising

Libra Infj

Libra Hufflepuff ISFJ

Libra sun Aries moon Virgo rising Ravenclaw

Libra sun Scorpio venus Gemini rising Slytherin INFJ

Libra Hufflepuff Enfj

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Scorpio sun Scorpio moon Libra rising Sagittarius venus

Scorpio sun Scorpio moon Libra rising

Scorpio sun Capricorn moon Scorpio rising

Scorpio sun Aries moon Gemini rising INTP/INFP

Scorpio sun Aquarius moon Aquarius dominant Virgo mars ISFJ

Scorpio Gryffindor ENFJ

Scorpio sun Aquarius moon Leo rising

Scorpio Slytherin ISFP

Scorpio sun Aquarius moon


Sagittarius sun Leo moon Virgo rising

Sagittarius sun Libra moon Cancer rising

Sagittarius sun Cancer moon Aries rising Gryffindor ESFP

Sagittarius sun Gemini/Cancer cusp moon Gemini rising

Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon INTP Ravenclaw Horned Serpent

Sagittarius Slytherin ESFJ

Sagittarius sun Gemini moon Cancer rising

Sagittarius sun Taurus moon Ravenclaw Horned Serpent INFP

Sagittarius sun Pisces moon Sagittarius rising Slytherin Thunderbird ENTP

Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon Aquarius rising Ravenclaw ENTP

Sagittarius Slytherin ENTP

Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon

Sagittarius Slytherin INFP


Capricorn sun Leo moon Virgo rising Slytherin INTP

Capricorn sun Scorpio moon Leo rising

Capricorn sun Gemini moon Pisces rising

Capricorn sun Taurus moon Gemini rising

Capricorn Slytherin ISTJ

Capricorn Ravenclaw INFJ

Capricorn sun Libra moon


Aquarius sun Virgo moon Sagittarius rising INFP

Aquarius sun Cancer moon Aries rising

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Pisces ENTP Ravenclaw Horned Serpent

Pisces sun Aries moon Gemini rising Hufflepuff INFJ

Pisces/Aries cusp Virgo moon Aries rising

Pisces sun Scorpio moon Capricorn rising

Pisces sun Gemini moon Aries rising INTP

Pisces Slytherin ESFJ

Pisces Slytherin INTP

Hogwarts Houses:


Fire signs- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

 Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Moon signs:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Zodiac Signs as times of the day:

The Dark - Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius

The Dusk - Pisces, Libra, Virgo

The Day - Capricorn, Aries, Leo

The Dawn - Cancer, Sagittarius, Taurus


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ice ice baby

Sooooo I said under my Incubus!Yuri post that I might draw Viktor too and it ends up I did lol.

Again, this is from the Melting Ice AU by @amberstarfight and this is kinda my take on IceDemon!Viktor??? I took the general outfit pieces from the fic, like the cloak, white pants and the insignia and added my own little things to it that I thought would fit Viktor? I gave him capricorn/goat horns because his zodiac is a Capricorn (and so is mine, so I had to show my pride as fellow goat), I also gave him an icy staff because he’s Extra like that.

Eh, so that is my take on Viktor!! It’s probably not canon to the fic and the imagination of the writer, BUT HEY I had to indulge myself one way or another (also this song was hugely inspiring and tbh fits really well with the theme of the fic?)

Now back to regularly scheduled YOI because I’ve been drowning in AUs lmao

EDIT: whoops those are Aries horns google lied to me hahahahahahah killme


Zodiac number one is Aries, ‘The Ram’- the ultra-confident premier sign. Bravery runs deep with Aries, and independence means that Aries can often come across as too assertive. Aligns with fire, ruled by the planet Mars. (Main colour is red)


Esoteric astrology has long portrayed Capricorn as the triumphant Unicorn of God. The symbolism of Capricorn evokes mystery, inspiration, and obscurity. Sagittarius arrows are being shot into the heart of Capricorn, a figure that streaks across the midheaven with the realisation of all dream. The sea goat progresses into the sacred unicorn, a symbol which reveals the Christ consciousness born in Capricorn. After nine months of gestation beginning in Aries, there births Capricorn. Ancient occultists associated the unicorn with Christ who resided in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and as a creature who could only be tamed by a virgin maiden whose breastmilk opens God’s kingdom. The unicorn is the spiritual rivers that flow in Capricorn. The two horns of the Aries goat, another fire sign, infuse with the third eye and create the unicorn horn in Capricorn. The horn of the unicorn, emanating from the centre of the forehead, the pineal gland, delivering the thoughts of God. This is the crystallization of the castles in the air built by Aries. As the ancient proverb depicts, “the Ram—when it has become the Scapegoat, has sought illumination as the Bull of God and has climbed the mountain top in the semblance of the Goat—changes its shape into the Unicorn. Great is the hidden key.”


[the art of Hajin Bae]

Reblog with your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus Sign, as well as your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny House, and your personality type!

Sun Sign: Libra

Moon Sign: Virgo

Rising Sign: Scorpio

Venus Sign: Leo

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Personality Type: ISTJ (Logistician)

INTJ, Slytherin, Horned Serpent, Aries - requested by @rheeves