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“it would be so much fun.”[x]


You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

so i was watching Hellboy II the other day and remembered how pissed i was that we never got to see Hellboy and Liz’s twins. and then i got to thinking.. what if Darcy was a twin..? o.O (in case you haven’t noticed, i love d. lewis and will cross her with every fandom i like).

like.. Darcy is one of the spawns that came from this..

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and this..

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so when Darcy gets overly emotional, her skin tints red and her entire body erupts in flames. or something. 

her brother can solely take after their father, complete with red skin, shaved down horns and tail which is why Darcy never mentioned him because he was terrified of what people would say since they didn’t take too kindly to his dad even when he was saving people.

enter Darcy wrapping the Avengers around her fingers and Darcy bringing her family around when she realizes that no one bats at eye at other people being different.

These chunky horned animals are raised for their meat, eggs, horns, down, and hides. While much more costly to raise than smaller animals, their versatility usually ends up paying in the long run. Young animals are hatched with a coat of bristly down, which is sheared until the animal reaches maturity and molts its coat permanently. Adults sport tough spiny hides, and brandish keratinous horns that grow constantly. During a single week in the autumn season, rural festivities are held around this animal. Around this time, they are fed a ripe fruit that ferments in their crop, producing a much sought-out liquor known as cropwine.


That’s enough…for now.

“Better Scourge sister”? Does Karkat mean GA? Nepeta wasn’t part of the Flarp game (and she’s switched to Blue team, but I don’t think Karkat knows that) and Terezi was on Team Charge, so that’s got to mean GA.

Come to think of it…

They both have sharpened incisors and horns that hook down the same way. Both of their zodiac signs are even variations on the letter M.

Whether he means Virgo or not, it is interesting that Karkat would use the word “sister” to describe their relationship. From the way it was described earlier, it didn’t seem like trolls had a concept of sisterhood, but maybe that word implies something slightly different in their culture.