hornrimmed glasses

No homo, bro

To: @archer-cinnamonroll-son 
From: Imagines of the RFA
Merry christmas!

”Bro, just kiss me. It’s a prank, it would be so funny, c’mon bro.“

 That’s what Seven half jokingly said.

They were both sitting on the floor in Seven’s “little hideout”, and were just hanging out like normal. Eating chips, drinking soda, and talking about everything and nothing. 

After all the happenings of hacking, Mint Eye, uncovered secrets, it was nice to have a normal hang-out together.

He didn’t expect Yoosung to actually kiss him.

That wasn’t just a little brush on the lips, or a peck, that was a kiss. Soft lips, that lingered a bit longer than they probably should’ve have.

Yoosung kissed him.



That wasn’t the plan. Yoosung wasn’t supposed to do that. He was supposed to be all flustered, and start yelling at him. And then Seven would laugh and make fun of him, and it would just be a little harmless quarrel before going back to the goofing.

“Oh. Uhm… Hahah, it’s still just a joke, man.”

Seven tried to play it off casually, as if he was not mentally dying over the fact that his best friend, or lowkey crush, just had k i s s e d him.

‘Lowkey crush’ was a lie, but it’s better to be in denial about some things. That’s what he thinks, at least.

Yoosung laughed, forcibly too. “Y-yeah, I was just joking.”

“Yeah. Totes. Yeah.” Seven agreed, a bit too eagerly.

A long, awkward silence ensued between the best bros.

It was very long.

And very awkward.

Yoosung pretended to be very interested in the ingredients descriptions of the empty, curled up Honey Buddha Chips bag that was lying besides him, while Seven had seemingly found something very interesting at the ceiling that clearly was so interesting he could not take his eyes off it for a second.

“…Hahah.. It was funny.” Seven awkwardly said, breaking the silence, still staring at the ceiling.
“Uhm, Seven..”
“Like, yeah. You totally got me.”
“Seven, listen—“
“You’re so gutsy, hahah. Like, I totally didn’t see it coming.”
“Seven, can you stop? For one second?”

The sudden sharpness of Yoosungs voice made Seven freeze. But he kept staring at the ceiling. There was no way he could look back with a straight face after that surprisingly strict voice.

 “Look, you.. weren’t joking.” Yoosung said.


“What’s that supposed to mean? Hahahh.”
Nervous, nervous laughter. Laughter that lasted a bit too long. 

“…And I wasn’t joking either.”


No. No way.

No way.

It had sounded so confident, bold, and took Seven completely off guard, but suddenly Yoosung started backpedalling as quickly as he could.

His shaky, a bit scared voice started tripping on its words, “Uh, I think. I.. I think? I mean, because I kind of liked it, and like I liked that it was with you, and not like Zen or Jumin or whatever, and uh, uh—“  He waved his hands in very incomprehendible, vague gestures.
“Y-yeah!” Seven nodded. “It was cool that it.. Was with you. And not them. You. Y’know.”
“..really cool.”
“Yeah. With you.”

More silence. 
This.. Was Sevens chance, right..? To maybe try to..?

“You want to, uh..” Seven tried hinting a little bit.
“I mean, if..”
“If you’re cool with it.”
“Yeah, don’t worry.”

But they just didn’t know how to get started. Who was supposed to start? What were they supposed to do? How was it supposed to escalate? What did the other one think? 

Yoosung fumbled a bit with the hem of his shirt, looking at Seven as if waiting for him to do something. Like he expected Seven to know anything about this.

 Seven mentally groaned. You kissed me, airhead. I don’t know how to do this. Jesus—Okay, okay. Okay. 

“Okay, let’s just. Not talk.” Seven clasped his hands together, deciding for both of them. “That’ll help. Because this is hopeless.”
“Yeah, good idea.”

They both tried leaning in for a new kiss, but– 

“Ouch, my face!”

Both were pretty new to kissing, and that showed when their face accidentally bumped into eachother.

“Oh, wait, if you go left and I go right.” Seven tried to explain.
”Waaait, this isn’t it either.”
“Okay uh, both lefts?”
“Okay, this is the right position, yeah.” 

“So. Three, two, one..”
“Yooung, I don’t think we need to count down to kiss.”
“Jeeze, I don’t know how else to do it!”
“Let’s.. do it like this..?” 

Seven gently put his hands on either side of Yoosungs waist, and both pair of lips brushed shyly against eachother, before settling. 

Yoosung, a bit nervous about what to do, decided to take a hold of Sevens shoulders, taking a hold of the soft fabric of his signature black hoodie, and let his hands lightly massage them the longer they did it.

It was a bit clumsy, a bit unsure about what was the best way, but despite that it was.. Very pleasant. Warm. Safe. 

“..You okay?” Seven asked, and treated back a little.
Yoosung nodded. “Yeah. It’s.. nice.”
“Okay. Good. Just, hold on a sec. Should probably take these off.” 

Seven took off his hornrimmed glasses, folding them together and put them a bit away on the floor.

“Wow, I can’t see anything.” He bluntly commented, not very fitting with the newfound, sweet-natured mood that had surrounded them.. “Where is your face? I can’t see it.” Seven squinted his eyes and let his hands roam all around Yoosung’s face, petting him and papping him everywhere.

“Ugh, Seven!”

Yoosung laughed, trying to slap the hands away.

“I can’t see you! Send help! SOS!” He shouted wildly, flapping his hands around to smack Yoosung playfully.
“I’m here, loser.”

Yoosung grabbed both of Sevens hands, wanting to pull him into a kiss in a cute, romantic manner, but the force of the pull ended up pushing them both clumsily to the ground, Seven falling in top of him.


 Both hearts were beating way too fast. Painfully fast. Achingly, loudly, almost to the brink of it getting hard to breathe. They almost were worried the other person could hear them.

It was just like a clichee shoujo anime, but Yoosung could swear he felt ten million times more flustrered than any of those protagonists.

Because honestly, none of those girls had ever seen Seven up close without his glasses.

Those small freckles on his nose, the little twinkle in his hazel eyes, there were so many things he hadn’t really noticed before.
It’s not that he wasn’t bad looking with his glasses. On the contrary, actually.
But he looked less adorkable, and more… Handsome? Hmm.

 “Wow, you alright?”

Seven cut off Yoosungs daydreaming, bringing him back to reality and the situation they were currently in. Which was, Seven having fallen with his elbows on either side of Yoosungs head, and both were having a very intense eyecontact as the moment. Yoosung blinked.

 “Yeah..!” A bit too shocked, a bit too confused, and a bit too excited.
“Sorry, I’ll get off—“ Not that Seven wanted to, but it probably was way too quick, and way to ”gay” for Yoosung.
“Uhh, wait, like. You can stay here. Down here. Like. If you want.”

Because this was kind of nice.

“I feel so seduced now, Yoosung Kim. You have convinced me.”

Totally trying to play it cool. Don’t let emotions show. Keep calm. Don’t get too involved.

“Stop teasing me! Goood. I’m trying my best here.” 
“Hahahh, don’t worry. We’re doing good, I think. It feels alright, so it is alright.”
“Right. That’s a good attitude.”

“Hey, Yoosung?”


“That shirt.. Makes you look really gay.”



“Remember earlier when you were kissing a guy? That made you look really gay.”

“Well, we look very gay together at least.”

“That’s a first step. Probably.”

“Yeah. Step by step.”