hornrim glasses

joining in the fem!crowley discourse the one that seems the most Original Flavor to me is her as a cutthroat 80s esque businesswoman with a blouse, black blazer and smart black pencil skirt. she would also have shiny black hair just past her shoulders but still have douchebaggy sideswept bangs and sharp as fuck heels that click when she walks to make her taller and intimidate people. also her sunglasses would be cats eye frame. everything about her would just scream feminist power like shed probably also have a venus symbol keychain on her car keys

fem!aziraphale would be the butch one but shed be soft butch like sweater vests and tartan and bowties basically the kind of stuff dr who fangirls from 2011 would cum their pants over like deadass she would have a bowtie collection and probably suspenders too like you can just smell the gay on her. you bet your ass she has a pair of hornrim glasses. shed have a wavy pixie/bob cut that makes her look like a grandma. she wears light makeup but always steers clear of intense smokey eye and eyeliner or red lipstick like crowley loves to do. she also still has perfectly manicured nails