Neat old pair of cow horns with an antique pair of Teco Horn Weights still attached to them. 

Horn weights are used to alter the growth of a cow or bull’s horns in order to make them safer for their owners and handlers to be around. The goal is to put them on when the animal is still fairly young, usually around a year old or so, and have them and gravity encourage the horn to grow down alongside the animal’s face instead of pointing straight out from either side of its head. They come in a variety of weights (these each weigh a pound but a half pound is used more often) and are attached to the end of the horns with a pair of bolts that lock them in place. They are left on long enough for the horns to begin to grow downward and then they can be removed and used on the next animal.


Hey everybody!

This isn’t music related (obviously) but I really wanted to post on this blog because it’s my most popular. I’ve found my latest calling and it’s making these horns.


That’s my etsy! It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out or at least share this so that other people can see it!

cosplans for this summer/autumn!!!